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Chapter 1596: Queen Lian

There were creatures of all races captured in Bliss Dungeon, including all the talented females from all the large fields. Each of them was pretty-looking, and even the weakest of them were half saints.

Some of them were held in iron cages, while some were held in prisons. They were presented like products for guests to choose.

Outside each of the iron cages and prisons a jade token was inlaid, which recorded the information of all the talented women, age, race, ident.i.ty, cultivation, body const.i.tution and so on.

Zhang Ruochen followed Chang Fengxu and walked past all the iron cages and prisons, and he noticed a blood-red slave mark on all their foreheads which sealed saint Qi and cultivation.

They all looked dead inside and would only look hostile when they saw Zhang Ruochen and Chang Fengxu.

They used to be the females of their times. Some were the princesses of an empire, some were saintesses of an ancient sect, and some were daughters of supreme saints. Many monks pursued them and regarded them as G.o.ddesses, but now, they were only menial slaves.

One could only imagine how resentful, angry, and desperate they were.

Zhang Ruochen sighed inside, but he forced a smile and said, “They’re full of grievances, aren’t they?”

“So what? With the slave mark, all their cultivation and power is sealed, so they can’t even kill themselves. They’re under complete control of slave masters.” Chang Fengxu smiled.

Hearing the name ‘Slave Master,’ the females in the prisons around Chang Fengxu all s.h.i.+vered, looking scared.

Ji Fanxin walking behind Zhang Ruochen couldn’t look more solemn, and she only got more and more belligerent as she walked past all the female slaves. She’d seen seven talented females from Thousand Pistil Field.

As the leader of the generation from Thousand Pistil Field, Ji Fanxin wanted to save them from everything.

“Calm down. Don’t expose yourself. The formation sealing the dungeon is very powerful, even you with your cultivation can’t break it.” Zhang Ruochen transmitted his voice to Ji Fanxin, as he worried that Ji Fanxin couldn’t control her emotions.

Walking deeper into the dungeon, Zhang Ruochen finally saw a talented female who was a saint king, trapped in a tower-shaped building.

Her information was outside the tower-shaped building. “Ruler Field, Queen of Snake Race, Queen Qingluo. She’s refined for twelve hundred years, and she’s a third-step saint king, worth forty million saint stones.”

That queen of the Snake Race had a human head and a snake body, with a slave mark on her forehead.

Zhang Ruochen then noticed Ji Fanxin had gone to another tower-shaped building by herself.

That fairy is such a headache. Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to be my maiden, yet she isn’t even following me around. Isn’t she worried that she’ll be noticed by the powerful beings from Yin and Yang Palace?

Zhang Ruochen immediately followed Ji Fanxin, shot her a glare and said, “Do you want to kill us both?”

Ji Fanxin stood outside a tower-shaped building without moving at all. It seemed she didn’t hear the voice transmission from Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen noticed something unusual, so he looked to the tower-shaped building.

There was a saint-king female held inside, and she was bound by a crimson iron chain. He couldn’t see her face because she was lying on the ground.

However, her information was recorded outside the tower-shaped building.

“Thousand Pistil Field, an emperor daughter from Peony Clan. Danling King, a fourth-step saint king.”

Is she Ji Fanxin’s senior sister?

Zhang Ruochen saw Ji Fanxin’s fingers glowing with saint light as that thought came into his mind. She was about to attack the tower-shaped building.

n.o.body would be able to control their emotions seeing someone close beings tortured like that. She wanted to save her.


Zhang Ruochen noticed Chang Fengxu was walking toward her direction, so he grabbed Ji Fanxin’s hand and dragged her in his arms, with one hand pressing on her back.

Ji Fanxin would’ve never expected Zhang Ruochen to be so bold that he touched her, and even grabbed her tightly.

This was preposterous!

Just as Ji Fanxin was about to struggle out of Zhang Ruochen’s grasp, she heard Chang Fengxu’s voice. “Are you interested in that emperor daughter from Peony Clan, Mister?”

There was another person following Chang Fengxu.

They were only ten steps away from Zhang Ruochen and Ji Fanxin.

Ji Fanxin was shocked. She immediately regained her rationality, retracted her saint Qi and let Zhang Ruochen hug her.

Fortunately, Zhang Ruochen was built enough to cover her completely, so the other two didn’t notice anything strange.

“I warn you… Don’t be so reckless, otherwise you’ll regret it when we get out.” Ji Fanxin acquiesced and leaned on Zhang Ruochen’s chest.

Zhang Ruochen held her waist, turned around and stared at Chang Fengxu with a smile. He asked, “This emperor daughter doesn’t have a price yet, does she?”

Chang Fengxu said, “That girl refined with Datura Flower G.o.ddess before. She has tremendous mind power, so even with the slave mark, we still can’t suppress her completely. We’re now frittering away her willpower, and will only sell her after the slave mark can completely control her.”


The emperor daughter in the tower made a blood-curdling scream.

Everyone looked to the building.

That emperor daughter whose hands and feet were bound had woken. However, the second she moved a single muscle, the iron chain released a great amount of flames and lightning, hitting her body.

That emperor daughter from Peony Clan screamed in agony and pa.s.sed out again.

Such a torture would crush even a saint king. All her willpower and drive would wither away, and in the end, she would be rendered nothing but a product, a slave.

Zhang Ruochen noticed that Ji Fanxin was shaking, and she was about to tear up.

She was Hundred Flower Fairy who was always regal and divine. She’d been living in a fantasy forever, and she had always been praised. Everyone she met was a monk who adored her, so this was the first time she saw something so evil.

Actually, Yin and Yang Palace was crueler than she imagined.

There was a man in gold standing beside Chang Fengxu. “A saint king who’s become a walking dead person is no fun. I’m interested in that emperor daughter as well. Name your price!”

Chang Fengxu looked conflicted. He said, “I can’t make a decision. Let me tell Her majesty, Queen Lian.”

Chang Fengxu walked to the bottom level of Bliss Dungeon. Zhang Ruochen, Ji Fanxin, and the man in gold stayed outside the tower-shaped building.

The man in gold was wearing a mask, and he had treasures that covered his forces and cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t tell his cultivation, but he could sense that he was definitely a saint king.

“Are you also interested in that emperor daughter from Peony Clan?” The man in gold stared at Zhang Ruochen and smiled disdainfully.

Zhang Ruochen said, “She’s a pretty slave, also a saint king. Of course I’m interested in someone I can’t buy somewhere else.”

The man in gold was irritated. He said, “I suggest you not compete against me. I’m better than you, in both wealth and power.”


Zhang Ruochen rarely met someone so reckless. He sneered without arguing back.

However, Zhang Ruochen felt that the man in gold looked kind of familiar when he looked at him. Had he met that man before?

After a short while, Bliss Dungeon became extremely cold. Even Zhang Ruochen s.h.i.+vered.

To his surprise, a beautiful and seductive woman showed up near him, and she was almost as pretty as Ji Fanxin.

Even the man in gold didn’t notice that bewitching woman, so he was startled and couldn’t help stepping back.

“Queen Lian,” said the man in gold with respect.

Was she one of the leaders in Yin and Yang Field, Queen Lian?

Zhang Ruochen looked at her, yet that Queen Lian didn’t look extraordinary in any way, except her ethereal appearance. She didn’t have powerful saint might, nor did she have overbearing eyes. She looked like an enchanting girl with no power.

Many men would go try to get her if they didn’t know her ident.i.ty.

As for Zhang Ruochen, he was intimidated by her, so he was on guard the whole time.

If he tried to make a move, he would be annihilated instantly.

However, Queen Lian seemed interested in Zhang Ruochen. She kept staring at him with her green eyes after arriving, which scared Zhang Ruochen. He wondered whether she had seen through his disguise or not.

After a long while, Queen Lian looked to the man in gold and said, “You’ve been our customer for a long time. I’ll give you a reasonable price, sixty million saint stones.”

This was a huge price. Not even a ninth-step saint king could easily afford that.

It was out of the man’s budget, so he hesitated.

Ji Fanxin pinched Zhang Ruochen’s waist with full strength as if she was about to tear his flesh off.

Zhang Ruochen said with pain, “I’ll pay for it!”


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