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Chapter 1333: Sacred Sect Nowadays

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

There were only two leaves left on Seven Star Sacred Tuber. One of them was blazing like the sun, while the other was cold and tranquil like the moon.

There were layers of formations around the divine medicine garden to prevent people from trespa.s.sing in the place.

He didn’t expect them to break the formation at all.

“d.a.m.n it.”

Zhang Ruochen rubbed his head and tried to calm himself. He thought, The divine medicine is immensely powerful. How are their bodies able to withhold them?

The most important reason why Zhang Ruochen had never taken the divine medicine before was the fear that he might be crushed by the strength of the divine medicine.

Princess White Li was also standing in the medicine garden and her tail was waving. She said, “The sky and land were just opened, and the chaos was just born. The rules here were changing drastically, and all the creatures living in the Universe World would be cleansed natally. We didn’t need to worry about the divine medicine overwhelming our bodies.”

“Are you saying you took one too?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Princess White Li pouted but didn’t refute that. She said, “I ate the white tiger leaf.”

Zhang Ruochen was really disturbed. He asked, “You’re a cat. Why would you eat the white tiger leaf?”

“White tiger leaf stands for power. After taking it, my body was more than just sanctified. My body const.i.tution is definitely at the top-tier level even among the Taigu remains,” Princess White Li said.

Zhang Ruochen knew from Princess White Li that the blue dragon was eaten by Guoguo, and the Xuanwu leaf was eaten by the monster ape.

Fortunately, the two most important leaves on the Seven Star Sacred Tuber still remained, otherwise, Zhang Ruochen might’ve exploded.

Zhang Ruochen transmitted his voice to Guoguo and monster ape, asking them to meet him under the Divine Sky-connecting Tree.

Zhang Ruochen and Princess White Li got to the tree first. The Divine Sky-connecting Tree had grown more luxuriantly.

Each of its leaves seemed to be breathing, and they were exhaling wood spiritual holy Qi.

The five elements Qi in the Universe World could be converted into each other. Wood spiritual Qi could be transformed into fire spiritual Qi, and fire spiritual Qi could turn into mud spiritual Qi.

They kept converting into each other, which meant the creatures practicing in the Universe World could absorb the holy Qi to refine themselves instead of having to resort to spiritual Qi in the sky and land.

Monks who could only reach the Fish-dragon Realm in Kunlun’s Field were likely to reach half-saint realm in the Universe World.

Which meant the Universe World was superior to Kunlun’s Field.

Kunlun’s Field was once dominant and prosperous before, much more so than the Universe World. However, it declined after the Divine Sky-connecting Tree was cut down.

The rules of sky and land in Kunlun’s Field were changing these days, which meant there might be a new spiritual root born, or even a saint meridian of the ground, a G.o.d…

Which meant it wasn’t accurate to say for sure that the Universe World was superior to Kunlun’s Field.

However, one certainty was that Universe World had a much better refining environment than Kunlun’s Field.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “How much memory have you recovered since becoming a saint?”

“Half. There’re still some memories that’re really blurry,” Princess White Li said.

Zhang Ruochen took out her memory pearl and threw it to her.

Princess White Li took her memory pearl, stared at Zhang Ruochen in shock and said, “I took the divine medicine without asking you, yet you’re giving me my memory pearl instead of punis.h.i.+ng me?”

Zhang Ruochen said with his hands behind his back, “You indeed committed a huge crime by eating the divine medicine, however, Sacred Sect is a just place. I won’t punish you for your transgressions this time. If you commit another one, however, I’ll punish you for it, as well as for this one.”

She had already taken the divine medicine, so Zhang Ruochen couldn’t just throw all three of them into a pill-refining pot to refine them. Even if he did, he might not be able to make the divine medicine.

However, there must be punishments for wrongdoings.

Zhang Ruochen wasn’t a lone man now, instead, he was the leader of Sacred Sect. Without clear and just rules, there would only be chaos in Sacred Sect, and the sect would never rise.

Princess White Li had joined Sacred Sect by swearing her loyalty to Zhang Ruochen. Zhang Ruochen decided not to punish her because she had made great contributions in the Universe World.

When Zhang Ruochen was absent from the world, it was she who had helped manage Sacred Sect and the people from Blue Dragon Dynasty. She had done a great job of managing the world.

After taking the memory pearl, the memories flooded back to Princess White Li.

She wasn’t emotional at all. Instead, she looked more aloof and said, “So, that’s what happened.”

“Are you still going to stay in Sacred Sect after knowing what happened?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

Princess White Li became nonchalant and aloof. She said, “You have an entire world and Divine Sky-connecting Tree with you, and you also have the inheritance of time and s.p.a.ce. You’re meant to be something great. Being in Sacred Sect provides me with the best refining environment and the most refining resources. Why would I leave?”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and smiled. “You’ve become much smarter since you gained your memories. You look like a person who can achieve something great now. Wait… A cat to be precise.”

Princess White Li said, “I’m just curious. If we’re at the same level, could you still defeat me? If you can’t defeat me, why would I still be loyal to you?”

“Do you really think you’re invincible among those at the same level after the divine medicine?” Zhang Ruochen smiled, as he wasn’t afraid of the challenge of Princess White Li at all.

Princess White Li was a Taigu remain, having a much stronger const.i.tution than monster ape and Guoguo.

And now, even monster ape and Guoguo had gone through a great surge in their body const.i.tutions, not to mention her. It was natural that she wanted to challenge Zhang Ruochen.

Princess White Li said, “With my body const.i.tution and saint way, I can even defeat Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon with ease, not to mention you.”

Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon was ranked in second place on the ‘Half-saint Rank’ before, and it was invincible among the Taigu remains. Princess White Li had been nothing compared to him before.

However, she was confident that she could defeat Sky-swallowing Demonic Dragon, which showed a drastic improvement in her cultivation.

“You’ll have your chance. When you get out of the Universe World, I’ll fight you for sure,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Ruochen himself was the Universe World, so he couldn’t get inside with his real body. He could only show up as his dividing self, so he couldn’t fight Princess White Li.

And then, Princess White Li started to tell Zhang Ruochen about what was happening in the Universe World and Sacred Sect.

There were more than thirty million human beings living in the Universe World, and most of them were the aboriginal people from Blue Dragon Void World. Only a few of them were monks from Kunlun’s Field.

There were thirteen saints in Sacred Sect, including Princess White Li, Guoguo and monster ape. Ghost King Bloodmoon was the most powerful one.

Some of them had been level-nine half-saint savage beasts and aboriginal people when they were recruited into Universe World, and after the bestowment of the opening of sky and land, they easily became saints.

Zhang Ruochen nodded and said, “Nice. Sacred Sect is already powerful enough to rival some of the top-tier sects and ancient families. However, there’re still not enough people in the Universe World.”

Zhang Ruochen reckoned that he could get in touch with some of the old officials from Sacred Central Empire. He was open to recruiting anyone who was loyal to him.

As long as the Universe World and Sacred Sect prospered, he could rival Chi Yao and the First Central Empire.

The only downside was that the Universe World had lost the fast-track of time after Universe Spiritual Map cracked.

After all, the Universe Spiritual Map was a valuable of time and s.p.a.ce instead of a real world. It couldn’t rival Universe World in many aspects.

There were less than ten valuables of time and s.p.a.ce in Kunlun’s Field, and each of them was able to change the flow of time like the Universe Spiritual Map. Certainly, all of them were owned by the greatest powers, so it was almost impossible to get any one of them.

Tianlun Mark was the most powerful out of all the s.p.a.ce valuables, much more precious than the Universe Spiritual Map.

I need to get the Tianlun Mark from Chaotic World Mountain. If I can have it, I’ll have the valuable that can fast-track time by thirty times. Only after that will I have a chance to catch up with Chi Yao, Zhang Ruochen thought.

Monster ape and Guoguo walked toward Zhang Ruochen as he was thinking. Apparently, they knew why he had summoned them here.

Monster ape kneeled down on one knee and said, “My… My lord.”

Guoguo rolled its eyes and pointed at monster ape with its claw, “It’s all monster ape’s fault. I didn’t want to take it in the first place, but it kept shoving the medicine down my throat. If I refused, it would beat me. When you were not here, I was beaten ten times every day…”

“Are you saying you took ten saint medicines every day?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

“No! I’d never do that! It was that monster ape who kept shoving them down my throat, so I had to follow. I’m not as strong as it, so I couldn’t beat it at all. Look, all I have is fat, and all it has are muscles. How could I have resisted it?”

Guoguo pinched its body while crying. It looked really aggrieved.

“You, you have no shame… You were the one who started it… Don’t believe it, my lord… It’s shameless… shameless…”

Monster ape wasn’t good at debating, so all it could say was ‘shameless’…

“I know exactly who started it, just like I know both of you took the divine medicine, which means you’ll pay for your wrongdoing,” Zhang Ruochen said.

Guoguo’s eyes bulged, and it couldn’t stop grinding its teeth. It fell on the ground and whimpered, “I knew it… I knew we were gonna be made into pills in the pot…”

“d.a.m.n it… d.a.m.n it… I told you guys we shouldn’t eat it… Our lord is punis.h.i.+ng us… You guys doomed me…’

After hearing what Guoguo said, monster ape also fell on the ground due to horror, shaking the earth.

Zhang Ruochen got angrier after seeing them like this. He said, “When did I say I would throw you into the pot? Follow me to Xianji Mountain first, then you’ll know how to make it up to me.”


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