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Chapter 847 – Preparations And More Rise To G.o.dhood




[Day 302]

[Kireina] gained Divine Skill Points due to the prayers of your believers!] (Added!)

[Kireina] gained Divine Dungeon Points due to the combined energy gathered by your Dungeons!] (Added!)

[Divine Skill Points and Divine Dungeon Points have been converted into their corresponding Ranks!]

I open my eyes as I stretch my arms around, phew, yesterday was rather an intense dual cultivation session…

Especially because the moment I raised some of my wives to G.o.dhood, they immediately wanted to “try out” their new divine bodies, and no, they did not mean through battle, but intense and steamy mating.

If I were a normal fairy, I would have already been crushed by my wives might at the bed.

Good thing I am strong enough to fight back against their fierce bed onslaught.

Alongside that, we spoke with Smirkes and Gravern before that, and I learned a bunch of stuff.

I have also planned to raid those three Dark Flames or whatever they are called and get into their Divine Area.

The plan is to actually just steal the whole thing and grab all those juicy Divine Materials for me.

I have a ton of Living Deity and DemiG.o.d Realm Divine Materials, but I need the juicy ones, the G.o.d Realm ones to make my new mechs into True Rank Divine Realm Artifacts.

I have been planning new blueprints for new and upgraded mechs using my Path Jewel abilities, but I really need those Divine Materials to make them the real deal!

Using Pseudo-Divine Materials will only bring me Chinese knock-offs that will get blasted into pieces in the next battle and will not bring any substantial power to me.

The mechs were pretty useful against Thanatos, but they began to be torn apart in the middle of the fight, imagine now if I fight all of Zeus’ family plus Realm Menaces, their Heroes, the Dragons, and then these Mad G.o.ds of the Lower Realm!

I mean… I think I can kill them one by one, but many things could go wrong, so I want to prepare better than ever.

Actually, I would happily receive them if they came here, but I want to prepare a bit more.

In fact, the crazy mad G.o.ds already are planning to raid me, which is what I want.

If we all consume these guys, our cultivation can be boosted a ton.

But we need proper tools, which I am already crafting…

Do not take me for a coward or anything, nor take me for someone that backs down her words, I want to fight as many of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds as possible, but I am just being an extra layer of cautiousness. Just to be sure to completely crush them.

Alongside the mechs, I am planning on updating my Spears, Khaos, and Ginnungagap to True Rank Divine Realm Artifacts as well.

If I get them to that realm, these guys will not be able to break them anymore, and I can use them to form the new and upgraded Gungnir!

Maybe I should also make Gungnir a Path Jewel? I did not think about that…

I am still setting up things for their upgrade.

According to all the knowledge I have gathered and also Hephaestus knowledge and experiences, I have to create a “Crafting and Upgrade Formation”, which is made using several Divine Materials, Skills, Magic, Runes, and Divine Techniques, which creates a different and new s.p.a.ce where the enhancement of items, weapons, and more becomes incredibly efficient and fast.

The Materials I need for them are within my possession, which, according to Hephaestus knowledge, are Blazing Crystal Flowers, Volcanic Enhancement Stone, Blazing Divine Worm Blood, Sun Parasite Eyes, and Lava Dragon’s Tongues, all such materials can be harvested in the Abyssal h.e.l.l of my Divine Realm, but they are in low quant.i.ties, but it should be possible to make a medium-sized Crafting and Upgrade Formation for everyone to use.

After that has been done, we can begin upgrading my spears to the next level.

I have also gathered their required materials, which I am capable of immediately discerning thanks to Hephaestus Divinity as a Blacksmith and weapon/armor upgrader.

Both Spears are at +++ Rank of the Heavenly Realm, what I want to do is upgrade them to True Rank of the Divine Realm, which will also require me to upgrade them to Demi Rank first…

Divine Realm Artifacts have four Ranks, Demi, True, Great, and Supreme… To match my power and decimate my enemies, I want my precious spears to be at True Rank!

Well, we can see what we can do there and then.

One of the new Divine Realms that will help the most is probably Charlotte, as her Divine Realm has Magic Technology Divine Materials, which are incredibly unique. With them, there is the possibility of crafting amazing Mechs Artifacts.

The sad part is that they are very weak, at Living Deity Rank…

But well, all of my wives are gaining Attribute Particles through our breeding sessions, so they are slowly breaking through the Ranks of Living Deity, Charlotte in this little time has already reached Rank 7 purely through intense s.e.x!

I know that it sounds wrong, but when you are the Sin of l.u.s.t, that is the way to go.

However, whenever they reach DemiG.o.ddess I do not know if they will be able to advance as fast through eating my Soul Fragments and Dual Cultivation…

Oh well, anyway, talking about my wives, yesterday, five others became Living Deities, and they were…

Kaguya became the Beast Deity of Radiant Sun Flames, gaining the Authorities of [Fire], and [Day]. Her appearance did not change as much as before, and she kept looking as beautiful as ever, however, I would say that she became quite thicker, and also a tad bit taller. But G.o.d d.a.m.n, Kaguya’s thick thigs are something amazing to behold… and rest over. And due to her cute, gentle, and motherly personality, I love to get spoiled by her- I think I am going too off-topic here.

Her white-colored squirrel tails became a single and big one now, with red-colored tips, her squirrel ears and long silvery-white hair also go with it amazingly well. Her eyes are crimson red and blazing with a fiery aura of divinity too. Her authorities seem to boost her power when being bathed in the light of the sun.

Nixephine became the Girtablilu Deity of Arid Deserts and Golden Sand, with the Authorities of [Earth], and [Desert]. Her size became even bigger now, reaching over ten meters. Of course, she can also reduce her size so there is no problem there.

Her lower half, however, became way bigger, and quite powerful, her entire exoskeleton became some kind of metallic divine material of incredibly bright golden colors. And part of her upper half body gained such exoskeleton as well, seemingly as if she were wearing a very s.e.xy and revealing golden armor now.

Her stinger became incredibly sharp and now secretes quite the deadly poison, even if she is not poison attribute G.o.ddess. Her beautiful glossy chocolate-colored skin became even more beautiful, and her a.s.sets simply intensified as her height did… her black hair now had gold-colored ends, and a refined beauty combined with an exotic s.e.xiness.

Her authorities are Earth and Desert, and she can generate a domain that summons a desertic world which she can control and shape however she desires to unleash amazingly powerful earth attribute spells.

Nefert.i.ti became the Light Spirit Deity of Iridescent Golden Sunlight, with the Authorities of [Spirit Light], and [Fire]. Her appearance remained mostly the same, but she gained an even more refined and divine beauty.

Above her glossy chocolate-skinned body, she gained many golden tattoos, making her want to exhibit such a luscious body with quite the provocative clothes to my eyes. Her golden eyes had become golden, and they s.h.i.+ne quite brightly each time she activates her abilities.

Her Spirit Light and Fire Divinities go hand in hand, as she uses the light of the sun to enhance her capabilities and unleash enormous fireb.a.l.l.s or giant cannons of burning golden light.

Oga became the Oni Deity of Blazing Muscles and Burning Blood, with the Authorities of [Fire], and [Strength]. Although she did not get as big as Brontes or Nesiphae, you could say that Oga is now kind of a giant. Reaching a height of almost 10 meters, she is really a big girl.

After evolving, her skin, muscles, and bones became even stronger. Her entire body radiates an enormous powerful aura of blazing flames and undying strength. Her eyes blaze with energy and her energy seems to be completely endless now… I say this because we had s.e.x for over 15 hours yesterday and she could have kept up for more, even.

Her beautiful muscles, especially those in her abdomen really know how to grasp my member quite strongly… Anyways, not many changes in her appearance, really, just height and well, the enormous beauty of a muscular blazing oni girl, what more could I ask for?

Her authorities of Fire and Strength are well-deserved of her amazing use of fire to enhance her body, to the point that she begins to release a lot of steam whenever she boosts her body ready to battle… which she can do now as a divine technique of sorts.

And last but not least, my beautiful Sofelaia became the Centaur Deity of Heavenly Light Armament, with the Authorities of [Holy Light], and [Armament]. Yep, she got to raise to G.o.dhood before her twin sister, which will do so today. Her abilities enhanced even more now, and the changes in her body were rather noticeable.

First of all, she became taller than Morpheus himself, reaching around 4 to 5 meters in height! I and most of my children can easily fit in her wide back, and there will be

a lot of s.p.a.ce to spare…

Her horse lower half became completely white-furred, with very soft and silky short white hair, and a long, golden, and fluffy tail that seemed to have been made into a drill-like shape, her hooves became metallic too and s.h.i.+ned with golden colors. And her b.u.t.t became even bigger and round, so last night I really could not stop but appreciate it a lot through various foreplays…

Anyways, her upper half became substantial to her lower body, so it was not as if her torso was small or something, and she now packed a lot of muscles in her abdomen, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s had become quite enormous too, surpa.s.sing her sister, and her long golden hair was rather beautiful. She can also generate angelic wings with holy magic, resembling a Pegasus.

Her authority was what surprised me the most, as she got Holy Light and Armament! She can absorb the light of the environment and then materialize it as holy armaments, such as weapons of all types and full body armor, becoming a fully armed paladin ready to take over any enemy.

Of course, to properly use her powers, she needs a good artifact and also Divine Techniques, which she plans to get through the fusion of Skills and Divinity, like many of my wives will do.

Ah, well, there is that cheat that I did not mention, but if we fuse enough Skills, we get skills with similar power to Divine Techniques.

And if we use Divine Energy with them… they might be just as stronger.

That is the plan for everyone else. But I can create Path Jewels, so it is fairly different in my regard.

Nonetheless, this is something very unique that only my family and allies can do, as not even G.o.ds can get as many Skills so easily as we do, even as G.o.ds, they won’t get Skills from eating Divine Beasts or whatever!

Even with Divinity Devouring, it will not be as easy. Divinity Devouring helps you a.s.similate Divinity, but not to get Skills from what you eat, although there might be a chance, it is abysmal compared to what my Chaotic Sin of Gula can do, which is shared with everyone who has my Blessing…

In fact, there is a certain power within my Divinity and the Blessings I give.

Everyone not only can use Gula… but every Sin and Commandment I have!

I mean, not literally but, they get a nerfed effect of them!

So they can even steal skills, partially!

And a bunch of other cool stuff.

Although it is not as incredible, they all come in handy.





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