WebNovel Epic Of Caterpillar Chapter 364 – Morpheus's Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 10/30: Another World Cultures Are Interesting

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Chapter 364 – Morpheus’s Life-Attribute Dungeon Conquest 10/30: Another World Cultures Are Interesting




After the Life Dragon King showed himself up, he tried to command his p.a.w.ns to kill us, but my Aura made them so terrified that they could not even move.

Due to the strength of this Boss, I decided to be cautious and absorbed the bubble where my family was inside of my body, the Life Dragon King tried to attack me with a powerful electric shock, and I was worried if it could damage anyone, so I decided to defend myself by transforming into a sphere of armor and scales, I was immune to Thunder, but not all of my family. Better be cautious.

When its onslaught finished, I decided to release my Aura into a Domain, covering a large amount of s.p.a.ce, which made the dungeon seems as if it has fallen into the night.

I decided to use the shapes.h.i.+fting Skills that I had now, after the a.s.similation and the Flesh Manipulation Skills merged, without any cooldown overusing them, I just mixed them alongside other Transformation Skills and molded myself into the shape of a dragon. Although the form was extremely far from a conventional dragon, I couldn’t see myself in a mirror right now, but I was sure that I looked quite grotesque, to say the least.

I pounced towards the Dragon and used a series of Techniques with the large eight arms I had, each one wielding a Legendary Weapon, which I used to pierce through the giant Dragon hard scales, each one with the size of a medium-sized house. It could be said that its defenses were above Athos in this regard.

Its body was ma.s.sive though, and even when it seemed to be related to Wind Dragons, it moved too slow, using its clouds and windstorms to move, he released its powerful Aura towards me several times, but my Domain was able to easily suppress and devour it slowly.

My family, who was currently inside of my flesh, granted me their Magic Points and Aura, enhancing my power even more. I could feel an immense surge of strength and energy, so I just went wild and began to tear apart the Dragon’s flesh with the countless heads I had.

The Life Dragon King of Thunderstorms was quite the admirable adversary, but it wasn’t as intelligent as Athos it seems, and it struggled in vain, even when it used every power it could fathom to throw me away, I had already entangled its long body with my own, shapes.h.i.+fting it into a slime-like appearance, I inserted my venom into it as I inflicted several curses and other status effects, it couldn’t regenerate either escape, with despair on its golden eyes, it saw as I devoured its flesh and munched its giant head into pieces.

I considered the idea of letting its soul be reincarnated again into the Dungeon to resp.a.w.n later on, but seeing how it could resp.a.w.n when we weren’t here again, I decided to grab its Soul before it could be absorbed by the Dungeon and torn it apart, afterward, I ate the pieces.

[Calculating EXP gained…]

[Kireina] and her [Party] gained 8.725.558.744 EXP!] (From previously slain Monsters and this Boss)

[LEVEL 066/250 EXP 9.245.688.252/]

[Kireina] defeated the boss [Life Dragon King of Thunderstorms and Windstorms]

[Kireina] and her [Party] completed several conditions]

[Overkill], [Overwhelm], [No Item Used], [Detect Weak Point], [No Soul Spared], [Merciless], [s.a.d.i.s.t], [Eaten Alive]

[Therefore, [Kireina] and her [Party] have been granted with corresponding prizes]

[Kireina] obtained the item(s) [Ancient Reward Loot Box (S)] x2

[Kireina] obtained the item(s) [Mythical Prize Loot Crate (SS)] x1 (BONUS!)

[Kireina] obtained the item(s) [Ancient Life Dragon Thunder and Wind Glands Elixir (Legendary)] x1

[Kireina] obtained the item(s) [Legendary EXP Elixir ( (Legendary)] x1 (BONUS!)

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Weather Manipulation; Level 1]

I even obtained a remarkably interesting Skill from eating its Soul, so it was worth it in the end, even if in the future there won’t be a strong boss like this one to grind every time it resp.a.w.ns.

The Ryujin was terrified after seeing all of these scenes unfold, and only kneeled and prayed for my benevolence to not kill them.

They were calling me a ‘Dragon G.o.d’ or something like that.

I decided to let them interact with my family first, specially Sofelaia and Sofarpia, so I released them in a flesh bubble from within my body, but the Ryujin praised them as if they were all my children.

They barely gave any attention to the Centaur Twins.

When I decided to descend, I used my Uroboros Soul to devour my own body as it would be too hard to absorb all the ma.s.s, I just created by just using my body itself. Thanks to [Pain Nullification], what could have been something painful and inhumane was very relaxing, but it felt quite weird.

After most of the ma.s.s that made out my giant body was eaten by my Soul, I went back to my usual Vampire Fairy appearance.

The Ryujin saw this as my ‘human form’, and when I descended into their settlement, they prayed to me.

Although I tried to stop them, they kept going and di not accept any other way of calling me.

This is honestly getting quite repet.i.tive, why does everyone I get to know thinks I’m a G.o.ddess?

I mean, I recognize my strength, but there should be other mortals as strong as me out there, right?

Well, these people have been isolated from the outside world for years, so I suppose it’s understandable to think in such ways.

Hopefully, when I travel to the Feline and Canine Kingdoms, they don’t treat me like a G.o.ddess, it would be too troublesome to raise too much attention, especially from enemy forces like Thanatos or the Central Continents.

Anyways, when things finally calmed down, the Chief of the Ryujin came to greet us.

Most Ryujin or East Dragon Centaurs, have slim humanoid upper bodies with thin claws resembling gauntlets as hands and scales over their back and shoulders. They have beautiful emerald or golden eyes, while coral-like horns made out of an emerald-like material decorate their foreheads. Their hair is usually in between white, black, and green.

Their lower halves are of long serpent-like dragons, only having the first pair of dragon legs in the form of large dragon claws, the rest of their lower body extends several meters into long green-scaled tails. Unlike the West Dragon Centaurs, their scales are thin and slim, s.h.i.+ning brightly when receiving the light of the sun.

They are capable of moving like Lamias by using their long tails and slide like snakes, which most of them do, whenever they aren’t floating in the air with their natural ability to fly without wings, granted to them by the large emerald orbs attached to their chests, these are their ‘Wind Orbs’.

The Chief of the Ryujin was unlike most of his people. His upper body was not thin but burly and exuded a great manliness, with bulging muscles covered in rock-like scales, his shoulders also had large emerald horns. His lower half-dragon legs were strong as well, covered in countless rock-like scales, while his tail was thick and powerful.

He was an evolved race of Ryujin, as he was a respected warrior, he was deemed without talent over magic because he didn’t possess a Wind Orb when he was born. So he trained his physical prowess to his limits and learned the way of the West Dragon Centaurs weapons and the training of their skin and scales endurance by making them go through hards.h.i.+ps, like breaking them apart and then regenerating them constantly until they grew st.u.r.dy like steel.

He then evolved into an Armored Ryujin, due to his armor-like scales and then an Armored Ryujin Tyrant. After evolving, he gained the ability to use Wind Attribute Magic without any Wind Orb, and slowly became both good at physical fighting and magic manipulation. His name is Yinglong and he’s also the father of several children.

“I welcome you, Dragon G.o.ddess Kireina, to our humble village,” he said, kneeling like everyone else.

“Sigh… Yinglong, is it?”

“Yes, I am honored that the Dragon G.o.ddess recognizes my name!”

“Well, I’ve come from the West Dragon Village, due to their instructions, I was able to find your Village… And by your G.o.d, Morpheus’s request, I will bring you to my Empire as honored citizens!”

The Ryujin heard such words and became even more fanatic, there was an old Ryujin who began to create a stone statue of me immediately.

It was very awkward to speak to them so much, so I left a lot of the talk to Sofelaia and Sofarpia, who hugged their lost brothers just as they did with the previous Dragon Centaurs and the Kelpie.

“To be able to encounter with the Dragon G.o.ddess Kireina and also with our lost siblings! This is truly a predestined day! Such gloriousness!”

“Our lost brethren!”

“Look, they’re so fluffy as well…”

“That is true! And look at those strong and burly legs!”

“Aah~ Their fluffy ears are different from the Sphinx, but still so cutee~!”

“Indeed! They are very adorable! Hahaha!” said Yinglong, agreeing with his children and siblings, who were overwhelming the twins with hugs and small shows of affection by caressing their hair.

“Uwaah! Not again!” exclaimed Sofelaia.

“C-Could you please don’t touch- Giiiiiiihh~! N-Not my tail…!” said Sofarpia, reprimanding a young Ryujin girl that pulled her tail curiously.

Zehe who was pa.s.sing by was also a.s.saulted in this way, her fluffy arms, legs, ears, and tails were caressed by the people, there was a little boy who came with a comb, who began to caress her tail with it.

“W-Wait a second! Uwaaaah! W-What is this feeling?!”

All of the fluffers were not spared from the Ryujin’s strange tendencies.

Kaguya and Geraldine were also caught and caressed, everyone seemed enchanted by Kaguya in specific, who had very fluffy tails of great size.

“W-Wait, Amiphossia-sama! Nya! D-Don’t! Nyaaaaaaa!” exclaimed Geraldine, while Amiphossia just gave her an apologetic smile.

“You’re being too loud, Geraldine-san, it feels very good, my tails are so big, its always hard to clean them, thank you very much, kind people,” said Kaguya, in a very refined voice, she was accustomed to me attacking her tails and caressing it to my heart’s content.

It seems that the Ryujin developed a strange hobby of caressing the Sphinx soft and silky hair in their meetings, and since they haven’t seen them in a while, they were containing themselves.

I let Mao and Wall out, as they went to explore around with the rest of my Chimeras, Catterpillar was caught by the people and caressed by their hair combs as well.

“Nyaaarrr! I will never forget this! I have been betrayed by my brothers!” she said, as she saw her Chimera siblings running away, there were some fluffy ones like Eldritch Goat who were caught as well.

“W-Wait a second! I am a grown man, y-you can’t just…! Uwah!” he said, as he gave up and rested in the floor while being attacked from all angles…

I decided in the meantime to gather the scattered flesh of the Life Dragon King, with the help of Nesiphae, Nixephine, Brontes, and Rimuru, we gathered a giant mountain of meat, which we disinfected from any poison or curses left behind with Rimuru, my Shapes.h.i.+fting and Amiphossia’s Heavenly Medicine Magic Spells.

Rimuru had recently learned to divide her body into clones, similar to me, so whenever we had to cook a lot, she would divide herself into a large team of chefs. Unlike me who could give each of my Slime Clones an independent mind, she shared the same mind with all her clones, like a Hive Mind, so she was perfectly coordinated.

She had also begun to teach cooking to my other wives, aside from Lilith, Mady, Adelle, and Gaby. Oga, Charlotte, Ismene, Acelina, and Aarae were now learning how to cook delicious food.

“I have to learn how to cook delicious meals for my future husband~,” said Aarae with a lower voice, my wives glanced at him with gentle smiles.

“Ah~ Love is a wonderful thing, isn’t it, my beloved son?” said Gaby, as she began to grill large meat skewers while deep frying giant slices of meat covered in breadcrumbs.

“That’s right, that’s right… Although I would like to find a special one as well…” Valentia was butchering the large pieces of meat from the skin and scales but seemed to agree, although she didn’t have any love interest at the moment.

She has a lot of companions and admirers back in the Empire, but I wonder if she really likes any of them romantically. Perhaps her size may give her a hard time finding a partner… not like I want her to; she is too young yet! Also, even if she finds one, I won’t let her do any nasty things…!

“Talking about love, I miss my s.h.i.+ny Boy Evan…” said Amiphossia, as she looked over the horizon.

“Ah, Evan is already back in the Empire, he came back yesterday, my daughter,” I said, giving Amiphossia higher spirits over finally meeting her boyfriend back.

“Ah! Really?! I will shower him with kisses whenever we are back! Hopefully, he doesn’t run away from me into another exploration, fufufu” Amiphossia said, happily while licking her lips.

“Kissing? You two had already kissed?!” I said. I was rather bewildered by such news.

“Yeah…” said Ami, looking at the ground.

“Kireina, don’t be so harsh… what’s wrong with a little peck here and there?” said Nesiphae, defending Ami.

“Okay… Kisses are fine, I suppose”

I guess its fine, I don’t be so strict… Kissing is a nice way to show love for each other. Also, now that Amiphossia had learned several body shape-s.h.i.+fting skills, she can reduce her size to match Evan and hug and kiss each other more comfortably.

The night fell and the delicious smell of grilled dragon meat filled the entire village, which gathered surrounding a large table made of stone.

I also shared my Walking Cactus Wine and other types of alcohol that I can produce. After obtaining [True Body Manipulation; Hermaphroditus] I was able to generate such things more easily than ever. By manipulating the natural juices within my body and adding fragrances and flavors from herbs while also fermenting them with [Bacterial Nest].

Yinglong was sitting beside me with his family, celebrating the delicious meals while conversing about their religious beliefs and their daily lives.

“I wonder if Kireina-sama can create a new race like Tiamat-sama did with Morpheus-sama… I’ve seen that you already have several children, most probably, some of them are from new races! Are you interested in giving your seed to my daughters, Kireina-sama? I beg of you!”

“A-Again with this… The West Dragon Village chief asked me the same thing, Yinglong…”

“Oh?! So Trianesna and her daughters already got Kireina-sama seed?!” Yinglong said, bewildered.

“N-No… I declined. Also, what’s with you guys wanting my seed so much?”

“Ah, it’s just a tradition that we held, whenever we do meetings between the villages, we usually ask for the seed of the visitors, so our grandchildren are born with their blood, and this way, we can generate bloodline bonds”

“I see how it is…”

Another World culture is quite interesting…

“I’ll think about it”

Yinglong golden eyes s.h.i.+ned brightly as his muscles seemed to tighten in happiness.

“Uuooh! Thank you very much, G.o.ddess-sama!”

And like this, we make our first contact with the Ryujin, we informed them about Morpheus’s request and their migration to my Empire, they all seemed happy about following their G.o.ddess (me). Being thought to be a G.o.ddess has its benefits in this regard, I suppose.

[Kireina] learned the following Skills]

[Divine Emerald Horns that Summon Thunderstorms and Windstorms]

[Environment Life Infusion]

[Kireina] acquired the [Kelpie Empress] and [Dragon Centaur G.o.ddess] t.i.tles!]

[The Levels of the [Automatic Dungeon Mapping; Level 5], [Dungeon Maintenance; Level 5], [Sin of l.u.s.t Destructive Awakening; Level 2], [Tyrannical Empress Glorious Command; Level 4], [Love Connection; Level 5], [Transcendental Battle Arts; All Weapon and Fist Grand Master; Level 4], [Transcendent Battle Arts: Logic-Defying Army Annihilation Catastrophic Onslaught; Level 2], [Calamity Abyss Demon Phantom Head; Breath of Extermination; Level 1] Skills have increased!]





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