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Chapter 1355 – Bravado

Though he knew she was pus.h.i.+ng herself, Vahn didn’t want to make things too difficult for Aoko. As much as he enjoyed watching her strip down in front of him; her body really was quite phenomenal; he didn’t want to force her into a difficult situation. If she managed to strip down while he just sat on the sofa with a bemused Arcueid, it would damage her pride and increase her frustration to levels he would rather not experience.

With this in mind, Vahn caressed Arcueid’s side a bit before having her hop off his lap. She seemed to recall Aoko’s words at this point but, perhaps feeling uncertain, she tilted her head adorably while asking, “Can I stay…?” in a sheepish tone. Aoko’s permission didn’t carry the same weight as Vahn’s consent so, while it would pain her to be left out, Arcueid still asked his opinion.

Aoko heard Arcueid’s words, her face forming a slight frown, but it was Vahn who answered with a relaxed smile, “Of course. Unless you are uncomfortable with it, I would never exclude you, Arcueid.”

Though she never imagined Vahn would actually have her leave, Arcueid couldn’t help but smile in response to his words. Then, with considerable ease compared to Aoko, she allowed her dress to vanish into motes of light; her panties and stockings the only things remaining. She had ‘learned’ from her previous experience with the other girls that Vahn seemed to enjoy clothed s.e.x so, wanting to meet his expectations, Arcueid took the ‘lesson’ to heart…

Arcueid really did have an amazing body but, while her height was slightly greater than that of Aoko’s, their proportions were almost identical. Both women had bust and waist sizes of 88 and 55cm respectively but, edging out a small victory for herself, Arcueid’s hips measured a plump 85cm, just over one centimeter larger than Aoko’s.

This was where Aoko’s smaller stature actually a.s.sured her the victory as, when a person was shorter, their proportions were comparably larger. She had a pleasant thickness at all the right areas, causing her panties to bite into her fair skin in a tantalizing manner; exacerbated by her efforts to innocently try to keep them concealed from view…

It might have been due to his c.u.mulative fatigue, but Vahn couldn’t help but release an exuberant laugh upon seeing Aoko’s bashful behavior. Having two inordinately beautiful women standing in front of him filled Vahn with so many pleasant emotions that he simply couldn’t contain them any longer. Though his laugh earned him a glare from Aoko, she seemed to realize he wasn’t actually laughing at her; he was just happy…

Now with a somewhat silly yet affectionate smile on his face, Vahn unabashedly repeated the words he had used several times in the past, stating, “You are both beautiful beyond compare. I’m not just saying that, either. Other than the precious moments I experience with my children, it is times like this when I am most grateful. Thank you, Aoko, Arcueid…words can never truly express how I feel in moments like this….allow me to show you with my actions.”

With his words stunning both women to silence, Vahn briefly focused his mind, fueling the tiny pink fragment in his soul; the representation of his s.e.x Divinity. As a result, his clothes vanished in a flair of rosy pink light, revealing his rather embarra.s.sing raiment. At the same time, out of consideration for Aoko, Vahn modified his appearance slightly so that he appeared to be in his late teens. Over the course of the next few hours, he would progressively age himself, altering her perception until it no longer mattered what form he took…

If his words had left an impression on them, Vahn’s appearance left the duo at an absolute loss as to how they should respond; Aoko especially. When she saw Vahn’s lean figure and lighter complexion, her heart actually skipped a beat as a slight feeling of breathlessness welled up inside of her. It didn’t take a genius to realize Vahn had changed forms specifically for her but, seeing his current form, she didn’t have the heart to insist that he change back.

Beating Aoko to the punch, it was Arcueid who grabbed Vahn’s changed body, tightly embracing him as she mused, “You look handsome and cute~” then, perhaps fearing she had upset him, she quickly added, “I like your big form as well…”. This caused Vahn to release another chuckle, his hand sneaking around to Arcueid’s backside to squeeze her b.u.t.t as he parroted, “I like your big form as well…”

Though her face turned scarlet, Arcueid remembered her earlier conversation with Aoko, after giving Vahn a quick kiss, she escaped his clutches before skipping over and hiding behind her red-haired companion. This caused Aoko to feel emboldened as, even if Arcueid wasn’t exactly on her side, the illusion of them versus Vahn became more prominent when they were standing like this. Aoko was even tempted to cross her arms and taunt him a bit but, with nothing but her panties and a pair of calf-length socks to protect her, her hands were occupied covering her front…

Since things couldn’t continue like this, Aoko did, eventually, muster up the courage to stop hiding her panties from view; regretting having failed to remove them earlier. This was due to the fact that, despite her usual punk-rock style, she often wore panties with various prints on them. Today, without thinking, she had worn a pair with a small caricature of a cat beneath a red ribbon. Worse still, the back had a large paw print on the right cheek with the words ‘cool cat’ written above it in cursive…

Surprising Aoko quite a bit, Vahn didn’t have an aversion to her somewhat childish panties at all. His eyes showed the same appreciation and adulation as before, mockery and amus.e.m.e.nt nowhere to be seen in his gaze. What Aoko didn’t know was that Vahn was actually ‘very’ accustomed to panties with print patterns, most of which were infinitely more embarra.s.sing than a cartoon cat. Rather, the girls in the Menagerie had popularized wearing panties with a caricature of his own face on them so it didn’t phase him in the slightest to see Aoko’s adorable choice in lingerie.

Feeling emboldened by Vahn’s reaction, Aoko’s smile returned as she closed the distance between them and, ignoring her fear entirely, lightly pressed against his exposed chest. She tried to guide him to sit back on the sofa but, before she was able to succeed, Vahn’s smile curled up at the edges as he deftly s.n.a.t.c.hed her hand and said, “We should move to the bed. The sofa is a little small…besides, it takes especially durable furniture to handle what we’re about to do…”

Though he grabbed Aoko’s hand with his right, Vahn’s left hand had been free to roam so, toward the end of his words, he borrowed the technique he used to tease Tsubaki in the past, caressing the unsuspecting Aoko’s stomach and sending a ripple of stimulating energy through her body. This caused her eyes to widen into full-circles but, before she could retaliate or lambast him, Vahn caught her in his embrace, carrying her like a princess to prevent her from falling to her knees.

Most women were surprisingly weak to being held in a bridal carry so, despite her momentary anger, Aoko fell silent almost instantly. As for Arcueid, she seemed to find Aoko’s state amusing, issuing a silent chuckle before asking, “Should I change the scenery a bit…?”

Understanding her intentions, Vahn nodded in affirmation to Arcueid’s question; their surroundings changing almost instantly. Tier 5 was known as the Realm Soul tier so, with few exceptions, anyone that had reached Tier 5 was effectively able to create their own world. Within that s.p.a.ce, they had an almost inexhaustible amount of power and, based on their comprehension of various Laws, the form such realms could take had virtually no limits.

Seeing the familiar crystalline bedchamber, Vahn couldn’t help smiling in appreciation while Aoko, still held in his embrace, awed at the beautiful sight. Things were developing in a different way than she had expected but, compared to just using a normal bed, this was inarguably better. Rather, for a brief moment, she was tempted to use the Fifth Magic, creating her own unique world. Though she had a lot of bad memories related to that s.p.a.ce, it was still a very beautiful place…if possible, Aoko wanted to make some good memories there in the future…

After transitioning to the surprisingly comfortable bed, Vahn set Aoko down and, as if new life had been breathed into her, she immediately pounced on him, saying, “It hasn’t even been a few minutes since the last time I told you not to tease me…I’m really going to have to teach you a lesson, Vahn…”

Since he knew Aoko would have an easier time feeling as if she were in control, Vahn had allowed her to push him down without any real resistance. As a result, he had the buxom red-haired beauty staring down at him, her blue eyes sparkling as she hovered only centimeters away from his face.

In response to her threatening words, Vahn maintained a calm smile on his face as tilted his chin up in a taunting manner and mused, “I wonder if there is anything you can teach me…? Are you certain that is bravado driving your actions?” Then, adopting a slightly serious tone of voice, Vahn added, “Don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”

Though she had been egged on by Vahn’s taunting, Aoko became resolute when she heard the last part. If she were being honest, she had absolutely no confidence in what she was doing as, prior to this, she had never done anything more than rather tame kisses. Vahn had changed this in recent days but, compared to s.e.x, those things all seemed exceptionally tame in comparison…

Despite her inhibitions, Aoko would never shy away from a decision she had made. She followed through on every decision she made and, while this sometimes led to bittersweet experiences, she had never truly regretted anything in her life. This was something she was unwilling to compromise on so, after pus.h.i.+ng against Vahn’s chest, she moved closer to his hips, muttering, “Just watch how I teach you…”

Before Aoko would do something potentially regrettable, Vahn moved to a seated position as she adjusted her own. This brought a small frown to Aoko’s face but, preempting any of her complaints, he stated in a guiding tone, “I know what you’re thinking, Aoko. Don’t believe everything you read in books. Some guys like that, and it really is a pleasant thing, but it requires a bit of experience to pull off. I’d rather kiss you than have you do something neither of us will truly enjoy…”

Hearing Vahn allude to her inexperienced filled Aoko with a small amount of resentment but, with the temptation of kissing being too strong to pa.s.s on, she ultimately snorted through her nose and said, “Fine. Since this is my first time, I’ll make an exception. In the future, I’ll be sure to practice a lot though. You can’t complain later on…”

While internally asking what he would dare complain about, Vahn just nodded his head in response to Aoko’s rather bold claim. Then, in much the same manner as before, he allowed her to push him to the bed, this time pressing her own body against his. From there, they moved on to a bout of rather awkward kissing but, rather than complain, Vahn enjoyed Aoko’s exploratory actions. This was made even more interesting when Arcueid the spot on his other side, effectively squeezing her way into things without asking permission a second time…

Arcueid was marginally better at kissing than Aoko but this was primarily due to the fact she allowed Vahn to lead the action. Aoko constantly tried to guide his tongue around with her own, even going so far as to lick his teeth while inexperiencedly probing around. Fortunately, she was a quick learner, especially with his hands wandering around her body and getting her into the mood.

Having no real experience, it was pretty difficult for Aoko to gauge when to move on to the next step so, while Vahn certainly didn’t mind, they ended up just making out for nearly half an hour. Eventually, the ‘itch’ in Aoko’s body reached a point where she could no longer ignore it. When Vahn moved to continue kissing her, she extricated her body from his, wiping a bit of drool from her mouth as she said, “Arcueid, please move. I’m tired of waiting…”

Since Vahn had been kissing her moments prior, Arcueid was in a slightly dazed state. Aoko’s request momentarily confused her but, remembering what they had discussed previously, she inched away from Vahn’s body before taking a seat; longing and patience fighting for dominance within her heart and mind. Part of her wanted to keep Vahn for herself but, understanding Aoko’s desires, Arcueid simply didn’t have the heart to get in the way…

With Arcueid moving to the side, Aoko unhesitantly tugged at the small golden hooks that kept the white cloth around Vahn’s hips in place. There was visible uncertainty in her eyes but, as if it had no influence on her actions whatsoever, Aoko made one final pull at the white cloth, stating, “Let’s see what all the…fuss…is about?”

What little knowledge Aoko had about s.e.x came from books and a single video she had watched out of curiosity. Even that had a mosaic to cover the actual naughty bits so, seeing Vahn’s dragon raising its head proudly, almost as if to taunt her, Aoko was momentarily at a loss. The thought that Vahn had ‘adjusted’ his size out of consideration didn’t even cross her mind as it was a lot bigger than she had expected. She couldn’t even begin to fathom how the relatively small white cloth around Vahn’s waist had kept it hidden…

Once the initial shock wore off, Aoko peered over at Arcueid to gauge her reaction. She didn’t seem all that surprised by the size of Vahn’s member so, rather than ask if this was normal, Aoko foolishly swallowed her grievances before adopting a wry smile and saying, “Its only this much? Well, it is…” Though she had been intending to say more, Aoko’s words trailed off as the size of Vahn’s member noticeably increased, something she had both witnessed and felt with her left hand.

Aoko knew Vahn could change his form freely so she promptly decided against trying to make any jokes about his size. It already seemed abnormally large so if it got any bigger, Aoko was afraid it would split her in two…

After taking a few deep breaths to calm herself, Aoko inspected her own state to confirm that she was adequately wet. Then, using her own fluids, she adopted a confident smile, watching Vahn’s face as she began coating his member. She wanted to make sure it was properly lubricated, something even school girls learned was necessary.

With Vahn’s member glistening with her own fluids, Aoko had the distinct impression she had done something naughty but, without further hesitation, she moved to straddle his hips. Then, after a tense couple of seconds, she managed to guide his startling hot glans into the proper hole. This had been made more difficult by the stimulation she experienced throughout the process but, refusing to ask for help, Aoko eventually figured things out on her own. She took one final deep breath, not minding the fact that Vahn had grabbed her hips, before slowly lowering herself; jaw clenched in antic.i.p.ation of the coming pain…

After ‘protecting’ her virginity for thirty-five years, Aoko finally had a comeback to all of her sister’s hateful comments whenever they argued. What surprised her most of all was that, despite expecting a phenomenal amount of pain; there was a brief moment of numbness, a considerable amount of pressure, a very momentary pain, and then a peculiar vibration. Following that, a strangely agonizing heat began to spread through her body as Aoko finally learned what compelled all the girls around Vahn to stay with him…

(A/N: Alternate t.i.tles: ‘If you’re happy and you know it, clap some cheeks~’,’A very unique kind of ‘battle’ attire…(OwO)’,’Ignorant Lamb vs a s.e.x G.o.d’s pet Dragon…’)



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