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Chapter 981 Scroll

“Sir Morgan, you carry six pieces of spatial equipment on your body, but that necklace reaching your chest should be the most important one, right?

“Eighty magic scrolls, with the biggest being a meter long. It should be a scroll of the earth system, Earth Shelter, the most powerful defensive spell under the 9th Tier.

“There are six Level 40 mana crystals: three Level 40 ice mana crystals, two Level 40 wind mana crystals, and no earth mana crystals.

“Oh, those should all be mana crystals from magic beasts killed outside the Raging Flame Battlefield. It should have had three earth mana crystals originally, right?

“There are also forty sets of darkness magic robes that seem to increase casting speed and reduce cooldowns.

“There are also over a hundred and eighty lace panties of all kinds of colors, some of which seem wet…

“Eh, Sir Morgan’s hobbies are quite extensive, to carry lace panties around… Oh, I remember, n.o.blewomen love those kinds of patterns, and those with decorative designs should belong to female mages. As for the wet ones…”

Morgan froze as he heard that and roared in a deep voice, “Stop! Stop! You win, Mafa Merlin, don’t say anymore…”

After hearing Lin Yun’s words, a few of the mages of the Henry Family stopped in the middle of their actions and ogled at Morgan, some of them commenting in whispers.

“I heard that a strange magic beast had sneaked into the Family before… It specialized in stealing the panties of female mages, especially the unwashed ones. As long as they didn’t pay attention, they would be stolen…”

“Wasn’t it a plain panty thief? I heard that it was later captured and beaten to death by those terrifying women, dying such a terrible death that even corpse-eating Dark Ravens couldn’t bear to eat the corpse…”

Morgan’s face went pale, and he discreetly let out a Silent Boundary before looking at Lin Yun with red eyes.

“Mafa Merlin, you win. I’ll hand over the mana crystals, so don’t say anything else.”

Lin Yun strangely smiled and extended four fingers.

“Four. Three earth-attributed, one ice-attributed, non-negotiable.”

Morgan clenched his teeth and understood everything. ‘Mafa Merlin still wants that Frost Ape’s mana crystal back…’

“Okay, deal! But you have to say that you were joking just now, that it’s untrue!”

‘d.a.m.nit, that Mafa Merlin is a monster! His pet can directly see through my spatial equipment, that d.a.m.ned b*stard. Even the thirteen layers of Hidden Defenses can’t stop it.

‘I can’t let him continue speaking, or those women will definitely kill me upon my return. Even if I don’t die, I’ll definitely be castrated. Those berserk women are too scary…’

After scattering the Silent Boundary, Lin Yun convincingly said, “Sir Morgan, that was just a joke, please don’t take it seriously…”

Morgan secretly looked around, he wanted to give the mana crystals back, but he couldn’t do it openly.

‘I can’t take them out immediately, or these guys will think that Mafa Merlin was telling the truth and that I’m just trying to silence him.’

“Ahah, Sir Mafa Merlin, you are really witty. Turns out you knew about that funny matter of our Henry Family…”

After two forced chuckles, Morgan avoided Lin Yun like the plague and rapidly retreated to the Merlin Family’s side. He then deceitfully gave a Spatial Ring to Arnaud.

“Arnaud, give that thing to that d.a.m.ned Mafa Merlin. d.a.m.nit, how did he find out that I swapped out the three mana crystals?”

Morgan looked very vexed. Arnaud, who had been anxiously looking at Morgan, let out two hollow laughs but didn’t say anything.

He walked to Lin Yun and gave him the Spatial Ring.

Lin Yun swept a glance inside, finding that the three Mud Lizards’ mana crystals, as well as the Frost Ape’s mana crystal, were all present. It was the mana crystal that Morgan had stolen before. There were also the potions as agreed… In fact, there were even more potions than they’d agreed upon, as well as some precious materials.

This was clearly Morgan’s bribe to keep Lin Yun silent.

He put that ring and the three mana crystals that Morgan had used to try to trick him into his pocket.

“Sir Mafa Merlin, there is something I’d like to discuss with you.”

Arnaud didn’t immediately leave after handing over the Spatial Ring. In fact, he had a very solemn expression.

Lin Yun was in a good mood after getting some benefits and casually nodded.

Arnaud thought about his words carefully before speaking. “Sir Merlin, you don’t have a great understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield, so you might not know that our human side is definitely disadvantaged in this place.

“The compet.i.tion between the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom is only a positive internal compet.i.tion.

“To be blunt, it’s just for the sake of benefits, and there is no need to go as far as killing each other. That is why we only used a point system in this compet.i.tion.

“But there is no leeway against the Raging Flame Beastmen. As long as these idiots come across us, the only possible outcomes would be their deaths or our deaths. There is no third option. There is no possibility of coexisting peacefully with the Raging Flame Beastmen.

“Countless years ago, before humans came to the Raging Flame Battlefield, this place was called the Raging Flame Pasture. Every time it opened, it would be harvest time for the Raging Flame Beastmen.

“Over countless years, they gained a very good understanding of this place, far beyond what we know. Some would say that their understanding is over a hundred times greater than ours.

“More importantly, the Raging Flame Beastmen can obtain the support of a kind of mysterious power in this place, so the strength they can display is far superior than when in the Raging Flame Plane.

“Whether it is the Odin Kingdom or the Andlusa Kingdom, we won’t be able to match those Raging Flame Beastmen if we don’t unite. And even if we do, we will still be at a disadvantage.

“Thus, we have to cooperate. The more people we have, the more chances we will have to resist the Raging Flame Beastmen…”

Arnaud sincerely explained to Lin Yun, but he still had yet to reach the main part, so Lin Yun squinted and interrupted, “Sir Arnaud Henry, please just say what you want to say.”

Arnaud choked. He bitterly chuckled before saying everything. “Sir Mafa Merlin, I noticed that your fight against the Mud Lizards was quite effortless. Apart from the fact that you and your subordinates are extremely powerful, far more powerful than the power of the Henry Family, there seems to be some special way of fighting involved, tailored to battle the Mud Lizards.

“Moreover, you seem very skilled in that special way of fighting. Everyone’s division of labor, the frequency of the attacks, the spell casts, everything must have gone through some strict calculations.

“If I’m not wrong, that kind of fighting method should be applicable to all magic beasts of the Raging Flame Battlefield.

“I’d like to obtain that fighting method. Of course, I’ll give you a satisfactory price. I wouldn’t be shameless enough to request it for free…”

As Lin Yun expected, this was what it was about. Their fighting style was tailored for the Raging Flame Battlefield’s beasts and was the fastest and most effective way of reaping their lives. It would be strange if no one noticed.

Moreover, Lin Yun didn’t plan on hiding that fighting strategy. In fact, hiding it was impossible, as it wouldn’t be very difficult to see through it. But now, someone was coming to get fleeced, so how could Lin Yun let him off?

“Okay, sure, I can tell you the method.”

Arnaud gulped as Lin Yun easily agreed. He stared in confusion, not understanding why he agreed so readily.

“Real… Really? Ah, Sir Mafa Merlin, what do you want? Don’t hesitate to put forward a condition, I won’t make a counteroffer as long as it’s not overly excessive.”

Lin Yun extended one finger.

“First, after I tell you the method, you’ll have to give me a mana crystal for every five Heaven Rank Magic Beasts you hunt, rounded up. Even if you don’t reach five, I shall still get one.”

Arnaud considered it.

‘Asking for 20% of the mana crystals isn’t overly excessive. With that method, our hunting speed would greatly increase, and most importantly, our losses would be greatly reduced. Even if we were attacked by six magic beasts again, we wouldn’t fall into such dangerous circ.u.mstances. Our safety would be greatly increased.

‘Even if we have to pay a fifth of the mana crystals, we should be able to get far more than what we could have gotten before, and the losses would be greatly reduced.’

“Okay, this is possible. We can give you 20% of the mana crystals we get, with one mana crystal given even for an incomplete set of five.”

Lin Yun extended two fingers.

“Second, and most important condition. Tell me every secret you know regarding those mana crystals. Then, we can start our transaction.”

This time, Arnaud slightly hesitated, only nodding after a few minutes.

“Okay, I can tell you. But you have to guarantee that you won’t spread these secrets. Our Henry Family spent a huge amount to get a hold of that kind of information.”

After Arnaud finished, Lin Yun took out a scroll emitting bewitching fluctuations. This was a special scroll used to establish contracts. The mana fluctuations had been specially added by Shawn.

The scroll was blank, and the details of the contract could be added at any time.

Lin Yun quickly wrote the contents of the contract and let Arnaud check it.

“This is our contract, and the contents are what we just discussed. With this, both of us can be at ease. If someone violates the terms of the contract, their soul will be offered as a sacrifice to a Greater Abyssal Overlord. I believe that those Greater Abyssal Overlords interested in souls definitely wouldn’t let off a delicacy delivered to their mouths.”

Arnaud glanced at the scroll and sighed in relief. Although he couldn’t renege on his debt, he felt even more relieved that Lin Yun would teach him the fighting method.

After the contract was signed, the scroll automatically ignited and dissipated in flames. The two inexplicably felt as if a terrifying pair of eyes were looking over there. Clearly, their contract had already attracted the attention of a Greater Demon Overlord. As long as one of them violated the contract, their soul would be taken away by that Greater Demon Overlord.


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