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Chapter 762: MotionlessTranslator: s.h.i.+rais.h.i.+ Editor: TheAlliance

Taking advantage of the burst of power, Jasker fiercely stomped on the ground and forcibly stopped himself. His body then instantly disappeared, only leaving a large hole behind.

Jasker’s body transformed into a flowing, red light that exceeded everyone’s reaction speed to once again appear in front of Lin Yun. The warhammer in his hands was bursting with an invisible flame and made the surrounding s.p.a.ce twist.

The warhammer once again ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Yun’s head.

Lin Yun was still standing in the same spot, and even though he didn’t even raise a finger, a deep blue Ice s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of him.

The Ice s.h.i.+eld instantly blocked Jasker’s warhammer and a rune flashed… It was another Ultimate Chill. The blue light swept over, and Jasker’s body was once again covered by a layer of ice.

But this time, the slow effect of the Chill spell was a lot weaker, and Jasker’s speed was only slightly reduced to the point of barely being visible.

The Ice s.h.i.+eld exploded, and behind the fragments was a sphere of ice. A large amount of ice burst out from that sphere.

It turned into a terrifying waterfall of ice ruthlessly colliding against Jasker.

Jasker was sent flying once again.

Weiss was a bit stunned.

‘How could Mafa Merlin be so powerful? An ordinary Ice s.h.i.+eld with a Chill, and hidden behind that s.h.i.+eld, could that have been a Frost Nova? But Frost Nova has explosive power, how could Mafa Merlin control the direction of the explosion? Let alone having it completely burst towards the front?’

The situation kept changing at a pace so fast that Weiss already couldn’t keep up.

Jasker broke out of the ice once again, but his skin appeared to be bleeding as the surging heat burst out of his body.

He angrily roared, “d.a.m.n b*stard, I’ll make you pay the price! Die!”

His face was blood red, as if the color had been painted on. A berserk aura spread from his body into the surroundings, raising the temperature around him.

He arrived in front of Lin Yun once again, only to be met with another Ice s.h.i.+eld, but this Ice s.h.i.+eld was rapidly rotating.

The warhammer collided with the rapidly rotating Ice s.h.i.+eld and caused blue lightning to crackle. Jasker glared as he firmly held his warhammer, the veins on his arms seemingly ready to burst.

Another rune appeared, but it wasn’t just a Chill this time. It was a Freeze!

A sharp sound echoed as Jasker once again was sent flying back. But this time, it wasn’t just a layer of frost on his skin. He was completely frozen into a huge block of ice.

The block of ice flew out and tumbled for several dozen meters, but they could see that Jasker was like a fireball within the ice and they couldn’t even see his figure. They could only see a vaguely human-shaped flame inside the ice.

The army of Firerock Dwarves acted at this time. They let out loud roars as they rushed forward, and in an instant, several hundred mallets flew towards Lin Yun at the same time, like a blue river of lightning.

Lin Yun faintly squinted without moving from his spot, and everyone felt powerful mana fluctuations bursting from his body!

The shadow of a huge wheel appeared several meters behind him. The wheel seemed to be made of countless runes piled up together, and there were several parts that were hard to discern, which were made of several unclear runes.

The wheel rotated, and the huge runes on top made the onlookers dizzy. Pieces of data were floating and drifting every moment, and if anyone under the Archmage realm tried to make the calculations with them, it wouldn’t take more than three seconds before they lost their minds.

But at this moment, Lin Yun’s expression remained unchanged as he looked at those several hundred flying mallets, his wheel languidly rotating.

In an instant, the endless runes rotating inside burst out like a blaze, and as they sprayed out, Frost Spikes s.h.i.+ning with several hundred profound colors appeared in front of Lin Yun.

Thunderous booms echoed as the Frost Spikes collided with the several hundred mallets.

Every single mallet collided with a single Frost Spike, without any extras.

And while the mallets were colliding with the Frost Spikes, every Frost Spike shone with the rune of a Chill Spell.

“Crack… Crack…”

A series of shattering sounds echoed as the flickering lightning disappeared, replaced by falling shards of ice forming piles as they hit the ground.

At this time, the flames of the huge ice cube in the distance seemed to have reached their pinnacle as they loudly exploded. The ice was blown apart, and Jasker’s enraged face appeared.

The heat emitted from his body was still bursting out, and his skin was filled with cracks like the earth with blood seeping out of them. As it leaked out, the moisture contained within kept evaporating, and only scabs kept falling from Jasker’s body. It looked terrible.

“B*stard! Die! Die!”

Jasker went completely insane. A blaze could be seen in his eyes as he rushed over once again.

This time, Lin Yun faintly glanced at Jasker and let out a single sound.

In a split second, the temperature within the air quickly dropped, and snowflakes started falling down, before an icy blue rune fell and hit Jasker.

The heat within Jasker’s body rushed out and made his body keep distorting. The boundless heat transformed into an invisible barrier that withstood those continuously falling those icy blue runes.

But then, a blue gas appeared between Jasker and the blue runes. The power of the heat and ice fiercely collided and made the mana in Jasker’s surroundings rebel, escaping his control.

It only took one second for that ice rune to be imprinted on Jasker’s body. Jasker flew into a rage and his expression froze as a huge ice cube appeared, freezing Jasker within.

The group of Firerock Dwarves was also rus.h.i.+ng over. Lin Yun let out another sound, and a gale rose up. Countless cyan Wind Blades converged together into a tempest that ruthlessly struck the group of Firerock Dwarves.

Angry roars and painful wails burst out from them.

At the start, they could still rely on their armor to resist, but their armor’s defensive power kept weakening as the Wind Blades left holes in them.

After a few seconds, half of the army fell to the ground, unable to stand after the tendons in their legs or feet were cut by Lin Yun strange tempest.

Lin Yun let out another sound, and a fiery rune flew out. The rune kept transforming and turned into several dozen runes that formed a Flame Spear. As it flew out, the Flame Spear kept splitting apart, forming several hundred Flame Spears in an instant.


As the sound of the Flame Spears piercing through the air echoed, the chaotic army of Firerock Dwarves was nailed to the ground, painfully groaning. They all struggled, only to discover that the flames of the Flame Spears were growing. The smell of burnt flesh slowly rose up.

In less than ten seconds, the elite Firerock Dwarves were all lying on the ground.

As for Jasker, he roused the heat from his body once again to get rid of the ice trapping him, but this time, his figure distorted and a burning flame shone brightly in the ice.

Then, the ice loudly exploded, and Jasker exploded along with it.

The Firerock Dwarves’ talent and const.i.tution would allow them to slowly acc.u.mulate heat to use at crucial times to increase their strength, but there was a limit. Each time that heat was roused, it would become stronger and stronger.

No Firerock Dwarf under the Heaven Rank would dare to rouse that heat three times in a row, because the power would explode them from the inside.

Weiss was thoroughly stupefied by the way Jasker died.

‘This… This…

‘Turns out Mafa Merlin wasn’t unaware, he was just toying with Jasker! From the start, he hasn’t even lifted a finger, and he still managed to deal with Jasker and the army…

‘He is too strong, that power is definitely comparable to that of a 9th Rank Archmage!

‘Heavens, I understand… Mafa Merlin didn’t intend to kill Jasker, and he gave him an opportunity. That guy wouldn’t die as long as he stopped attacking. But as long as Jasker kept attacking, the heat within his body would be roused again and again, until he eventually was unable to resist that formidable power. He would be killing himself…’


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