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Chapter 756: Vortexes

Translator: s.h.i.+rais.h.i.+ Editor: TheAlliance

Using the mana as a medium, he was able to draw a faint wisp of power to cast the Banish spell!

The gap between ordinary summoning spells and this kind of spell was really too great. Banish forcibly tore through s.p.a.ce and ignored Planar Paths. Someone that was banished couldn’t return the same way.

And that wisp of power tore through the planes and banished the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan to the Abyss. Moreover, from the aura coming out of the Planar Gate, they should have ended up in a relatively deep area within the Abyss.

Lin Yun frowned, not looking happy at all.

If an ordinary person was banished in the depths of the Abyss, they would definitely be doomed. But Lin Yun was certain that these two wouldn’t die, and moreover, they would certainly be able to escape from the Abyss.

Banis.h.i.+ng them made the situation safe for the time being, but it would cause problems later on.

With Lin Yun connecting to the heart and using a wisp of its power to cast that spell, it was inevitable that it would leave an imprint behind. And that imprint had definitely been sensed by the Black Dragon Warlord and Duncan… especially Duncan. He had been connected to that heart for over a millennium. Although the connection had been severed, he would still have more of a reaction than others.

The two had lost their restraints, and they might become even more powerful in the Abyss, considering their Abyssal bloodlines. They would be able to follow that imprint to slowly make their way back.

They would definitely be able to chase him back to Noscent, so they would inevitably cross paths again, as they weren’t the sort to leave things like this unsettled. By that point, they would both possess Extraordinary Power.

Lin Yun sighed. There would be some problems later, but fortunately, they had been banished into a relatively deep part of the Abyss. The Abyssal lifeforms there were definitely very powerful and rus.h.i.+ng out of the Abyss wouldn’t be that easy…

Just as Lin Yun left the Night Valley through Teleportation Array, he was startled as he glanced at the Dark Elven Clan.

He could feel three formidable auras within the Dark Elven Clan quickly weakening. Even from so far away, he had a reaction.

Lin Yun frowned a bit and promptly used Flight to fly towards the Dark Elven Clan.

These three auras belonged to Jiali, Gulidan, and Harris.

‘Did something unexpected happen?’

As he thought of this, Lin Yun hurried over, flying at an extreme speed towards the Dark Elven Clan. When he arrived, he discovered that the Dark Elves hadn’t perished and the mind-controlled invaders had already disappeared. Ash Beastmen and Dark Elves could be seen cleaning up the battlefield.

And it looked like these Dark Elves and Ash Beastmen weren’t hostile. They were only silently sweeping through the battlefield and gathering the corpses together, all of them looking unhappy.

About half of the Dark Elven Clan was destroyed, and the outskirts had been completely wiped out. The buildings had turned into ruins, and only ashes remained from the Ancient War Trees.

These people remained silent when they saw that Lin Yun came back and let him rush inside.

“Merlin, you came…” The 2nd Elder walked over with a heavy expression.

Lin Yun followed the 2nd Elder deeper into the Dark Elven Clan when he suddenly saw the central area that hadn’t been affected by the chaos of the battles. To his surprise, the vegetation within a wide area was decaying.

As he went further and further inside, the decaying vegetation became more and more withered, until all that was left were rotten ashes.

The aura of death and decay spread through the air, feeling like an omen of the apocalypse.

Lin Yun frowned as he approached a stone house. He noticed that all the buildings and vegetation beside that stone house had turned to ashes. Even stones seemed to be eroding at a rapid pace.

Jiali, Gulidan, and Harris were in the courtyard at the center of that stone house. They were sitting on the ground, and that terrifying aura was spreading from their bodies.

The faces of the three Heaven Rank powerhouses were ashen, and there was no vitality coming from their bodies. From twenty meters away, Lin Yun could feel the decaying aura corroding his own mana and vitality.

It felt a lot better after using a Mana s.h.i.+eld, but the Mana s.h.i.+eld was consuming mana four to five times faster than usual.

Lin Yun frowned, shock filling his eyes. With one glance he could see that the three Heaven Rank powerhouses were dying. Their lives were already dissipating, and they were now holding on only with the power of the Heaven Rank.

Strictly speaking, these three were already dead!

“How could it be? Who in the G.o.d Nation can kill the three of you?”

How could Lin Yun not be shocked? How could Heaven Rank powerhouses die so fast!?

Facing Lin Yun’s inquiries, Jiali, Gulidan, and Harris bitterly smiled, but none of them answered the question.

“Could there still be someone stronger than you in the G.o.d Nation? Someone capable of killing you?”

Suddenly, Lin Yun felt something in his heart, and before Jiali even answered, he asked with an extremely grave expression, “Is it him?”

Jiali remained silent and Gulidan’s expression seemed complicated, while Harris lowered his head with a bitter smile.

After some time, Jiali slowly nodded.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun didn’t know what to say.

Jiali raised his head and looked directly at Lin Yun. Without a wisp of despair in his voice, he said, “Mafa Merlin, the three of us cooperated to open the pa.s.sage for you. You can go there at any time, but our fall isn’t something anyone could prevent or halt. Death isn’t something we are worrying about. Our only worry is about the future of our races.

“The three great races have experienced countless hards.h.i.+ps in the past few years. Being able to survive till today wasn’t very easy. For the three of us to die at the same time, this is a huge blow to our three races. Normally, after such a catastrophe, the three races would no longer have a leader, leaving their future in doubt.

“Fortunately, you came. I consulted with Gulidan and Harris, and we hope that the clansmen of the three great races can be entrusted to you. I hope you can look after them in the future and ensure that the names of the Dark Elves, Ash Beastmen, and Firerock Dwarves don’t just become history.

Lin Yun hadn’t expected Jiali to speak such words.

On the side, the Dark Elves’ 2nd Elder and the Ash Beastmen’s Flame Dragon Warlord were both greatly alarmed.

“Great Elder, how could this be, this can’t be possible! You can’t die!”

“Tribal Chief, this isn’t true!? Surely this can’t be real?”

The 2nd Elder and the Flame Dragon Warlord were endlessly shocked, unable to accept it for a while.

Jiali’s expression turned serious as he looked at the 2nd Elder. It looked devoid of sadness or happiness, but the aura of death could be seen getting stronger and stronger. “My life has already disappeared. Falling is a foregone conclusion that no one can stop. Moreover, I just saw through the fog of time and glimpsed at a bit of our future. I saw the Dark Elves following Mafa Merlin and standing at the peak of Noscent, making the name of the Dark Elves resurface in that world.

“I believe that Gulidan and Harris should have seen the same.”

Gulidan had a solemn expression as he looked at the Flame Dragon Warlord. “Jiali is right. I’m reaching my limits, so I used my life and power to see through the fog of time and saw the same thing. The Ash Beastmen will be Merlin’s followers and return to Noscent’s summit. I hope you can all follow behind him in the future, and I hope that the Ash Beastmen’s loyalty and blood will never waver.”

Harris took out a communication Magic Tool and said the same thing. His words were sent back to the Firerock Dwarven Clan.

Jiali, Gulidan, and Harris looked at Lin Yun. Their faces covered with the aura of death were filled with imploring expressions.

Lin Yun gloomily sighed before nodding.

“Alright, I shall agree to lead them out of the G.o.d Nation.”

When Lin Yun agreed, a hint of a smile appeared on Jiali’s face.

In an instant, the three of them surged with terrifying power… Extraordinary Power.

Spatial fluctuations suddenly appeared as visible ripples could be seen spreading. Lin Yun, the 2nd Elder, and the Flame Dragon Warlord were all pushed and sent flying towards the back.

After they were sent flying over a kilometer away, that power became extremely weak.

In the distance, the three were filled with death aura, which covered them completely. The Extraordinary Power burst out from their bodies and turned into a flood.

A seven-colored flood surged above Jiali’s head, containing all his mana mixed with runes.

A crimson flood appeared above Gulidan’s head. That flood was full of berserk power that surged from within his blood. The power from his bloodline also started following that flood to spray out.

And for Harris, a burning hot aura spurted from above his head. One after another, tendrils of lightning curled around the flood of red mana and surged towards the horizon.

The three floods of mana containing extreme power rushed towards the sky and turned into three huge inverted vortexes.

A seven-colored vortex, a crimson vortex, and a red vortex filled with lightning.

This was the mightiest surge of power in their entire lives. With that formidable power, their lives dissipated, but the three didn’t immediately die.


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