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Chapter 573: Continuous Summoning

Translator: s.h.i.+rais.h.i.+ Editor: TheAlliance

After going through his magic staff, Lin Yun’s spells became even more formidable. It wasn’t something an ordinary High Mage could imagine. Even the most common Flame Burst could compare to a 5th Tier spell, let alone that many.

Zeuss was really shocked by the power of the Mountain Python. He wouldn’t have been able to do as well as Mafa Merlin. He clearly understood that this young mage was more powerful than he had thought.

But he then saw a few dozen dazzling blue lights coming from the Mountain Python’s b.l.o.o.d.y maw just as Lin Yun cast his flame Bursts. Those were Frost Bombs, 6th Tier Ice Spells, one of the innate magic abilities from the Mountain Python Bloodline.

Then, Zeuss’ expression greatly changed.

It wasn’t just him, even Lin Yun couldn’t help looking surprised.

After all, Frost Bomb was a fairly complicated spell within the 6th Tier. The casting time could take as long as eight seconds, and even the most powerful Archmages would need at least three seconds to cast it. But the Mountain Python instantly cast the Frost Bomb, and not just one, but a few dozen of them.

Lin Yun didn’t have many methods to counter this unreasonable casting ability. He could only rely on his two Magic Tools, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the draconic staff, and shoot down the Mountain Python’s terrifying spells. The earth-shattering spells kept exploding in the sky. Deafening noises echoed, and dazzling radiance blinded the onlookers as this world of ice was flooded by spells.

“What are you two still doing there?” While he was engaged in battle with the Mountain Python, Lin Yun still took the time to look down at the puppet and Reina and give them some instructions.

As a Dragon Roar echoed, Reina led the puppet and pounced on the Mountain Python.

In a flash, deafening roars could be heard as Reina flickered with a silver-white radiance, her mountain-like body ruthlessly ramming against the python’s tail.

A loud “bang” echoed as Reina knocked the tail a few hundred meters away, and before it even fell, Reina’s body flashed over with a loud Dragon Roar as she ruthlessly rammed it once again, sending it back another six hundred or so meters.

Seeing this scene, disbelief flashed on Zeuss’ face. The power Reina displayed far surpa.s.sed that of Arthus and Rhett… It wasn’t far from an 8th Rank Archmage like himself.

But it still wasn’t over. Before Zeuss could calm down, he saw the puppet brandis.h.i.+ng its arms, and several hundred Flame Spears instantly shot out. The disk-shaped sea of flames carried an intense smell of sulfur. Countless explosions burst on the Mountain Python’s head.

At that moment, raging flames exploded and gales whistled as the frantic mana submerged the entire Mountain Python…

“Amazing…” Seeing the puppet’s powerful casting abilities, Zeuss heart was shaken. This puppet was terrifying. Even Zeuss himself couldn’t cast such a huge amount of Flame Spears instantly. This was terrifying…

‘Are all of Mafa Merlin’s subordinates that abnormal?’

Zeuss hadn’t thought that this young 6th Rank Archmage could rely on a Frost Dragon and a puppet to face the Mountain Python.

But as this 8th Rank Archmage was contemplating this, he felt the surrounding s.p.a.ce distort. He raised his head and saw a dark-red radiance flickering on the body of the Mountain Python. Its skin instantly turned red as it was covered in burn marks. But the scales were opening towards the outside, and sharp Frost Spikes were formed within. And there were several hundred of them. Zeuss knew that every single one of these Frost Spikes had the power of a 5th Tier Ice Spell.

Zeuss was suddenly scared into a cold sweat, because he clearly knew what this meant.

It meant that the Mountain Python had gone mad.

Once a Mountain Python went mad, its power would double, and not just its magic power, even its physical power would greatly increase.

Just as Zeuss thought about it, the Mountain Python, who had been suppressed by the Frost Dragon and the puppet, instantly burst with unimaginable destructive power. s.p.a.ce was torn, and the ground caved in. Reina was sent flying by the tail in an instant, and Lin Yun recalled the puppet because it could not withstand the magic bombardment of the Mountain Python.

‘Finished… We are finished…’

Rhett was deeply afraid. He had no confidence that they could resist that Mountain Python. It didn’t take long before one of the powerhouses of the Merlin Family’s team was sent flying. Even if the Watson Family helped, just how useful would they be?

‘But, why is the young mage that calm?’

Zeuss’ gaze lingered on Lin Yun, a strange expression on his face. But at this time, he suddenly noticed that there was a black book in the young mage’s hands.

That book was emitting a mysterious feeling. When he took it out, the flow of mana in the surroundings was clearly affected. Zeuss watched as the young mage opened the book.

When Lin Yun opened the Book of Death, the flow of mana in the s.p.a.ce around him could only be described as gorgeous, and a huge flame mark that looked like a hexagram star appeared in front of him.

A loud, quaking sound echoed as black mist gradually rushed forth and formed a shape. Without wasting any time, an Undead Horseman came out of the hexagram star.

“Undead?” The nervous sweat dripped from Zeuss’ forehead when he saw Undead Horseman Lagulin.

Using his insight as an 8th Rank Archmage, he could naturally see that the Undead summoned by Mafa Merlin had the power of a level 36.

“h.e.l.l…” Zeuss raised his head once again and cursed.

But he saw Lin Yun open his Book of Death once again as a new hexagram star appeared, and then Lich Barton came out to stand next to the Undead Horseman.

Seeing Lich Barton and Undead Horseman Lagulin, Zeuss’ face had become deathly pale.


Compared to an Undead Horseman, a Lich was even rarer. Zeuss had never heard of anyone ever being able to summon a Lich…

The most important part was that this Lich was emitting a far more formidable aura than the Undead Horseman. In other words, the power of the Lich was higher than level 36, possibly reaching level 37 already.

In that split second, Zeuss Watson’s heart froze. It looked like he hadn’t paid proper attention to Mafa Merlin.

But Lin Yun didn’t care what Zeuss was thinking. At this moment, he was already controlling the Undead Horseman and the Lich, having them charge at the Mountain Python.

Using the fiercest offensive and disregarding every obstacle, he split apart the Mountain Python’s elemental defense with the physical power of these two summons.


When the two summons finally reached the side of the Mountain Python, black energy exploded on the Mountain Python’s head. That was the Undead Spell of Lich Barton, but the mana it used was far from simple. The Mountain Python had a large, yellow mark left on that area that was continuously corroding its skin.

The attacks of these powerful Undead beings had intense corrosive power.

The Undead Horseman raised his bony hand and a spear made of black gas formed before stabbing towards the Mountain Python, shattering some of its scales.

In a flash, the Mountain Python received an extremely serious injury.

But at the same time, just as the Mountain Python let out a sinister roar, a cracking sound echoed in the s.p.a.ce in front of it as a shocking rift appeared. The ice elements spat out by the Mountain Python instantly froze the two Summons. Then, it shot out an Ice Spike that skewered the two Summons.


Under such a fierce attack, both Lich Barton and Undead Horseman Lagulin were shattered before turning into smoke, disappearing into thin air.

“What a pity…” Zeuss saw this and regretfully shook his head. The level 36 Undead Horseman and the level 37 Lich were easily destroyed by the Mountain Python. It was such a waste of manpower.

Zeuss felt that he could have used them more effectively. At least he wouldn’t have had the two Summons directly attack the Mountain Python.

But before he could finish his thought, his regretful expression disappeared and was replaced by one of shock.

‘h.e.l.l… How can you still summon… How could you still summon?’


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