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Chapter 425: Lich Barton

Translator: s.h.i.+rais.h.i.+ Editor: TheAlliance

That change was too weird…

He obviously slammed the Undead Essence into the Book of Death, wanting to have the Book of Death absorb it, but he hadn’t expected this to happen.

This wasn’t logical…

Lin Yun stood there, holding the Book of Death in a daze, a grave expression on his face. The change that happened to the Book of Death was completely beyond his expectations. The Book of Death frequently absorbed Undead Essence before, but this strange phenomenon had never occurred before. Even the notes Bane left behind didn’t mention this.


He suddenly recalled that before they arrived to the Tulan Mountain Range, his Book of Death only possessed the Sage Chapter and the Truth Chapter. Now, there was also the Element Chapter. The changes that occurred to the Book of Death might very possibly be related to the Element Chapter. After realizing this, he felt that this change might be something positive.

After taking a deep breath, he tried to pour mana into the picture of the Undead Horseman. That wisp of mana was instantly absorbed.


A deafening roar echoed as a three meters tall Undead Horseman emitting a frightening aura appeared out of nowhere next to Lin Yun.

“d.a.m.n it…”

Lin Yun paled, but he didn’t hesitate. Three Ice Walls instantly appeared alongside a Runic s.h.i.+eld. But after casting these defensive spells, he discovered that this revived Undead Horseman didn’t plan on attacking him.

‘What’s going on…’

He looked down and found out that the picture of the Undead Horseman in the Book of Death had disappeared. Lin Yun then looked at the Undead Horseman with an extremely surprised face. He just noticed that a spiritual connection was established with the Undead Horseman.

This meant that the Undead Horseman existed as a Summon and would obey his orders.

It’s just that a level 36 Summon was a bit too powerful… It would make many mages crazy with envy, even at the peak of the Magic Era.

He was almost certain that the strength of this Undead Horseman was comparable to 6th Rank Sword Saint.


Lin Yun reluctantly severed the connection and the Undead Horseman turned into a death mist before entering the Book of Death and condensed back into the Undead Horseman’s picture. During those few dozen seconds the Undead Horseman had been summoned, Lin Yun had felt the huge consumption of maintaining the Undead Horseman.

‘It looks like I have to speed up the progress on the Bone Plane…’ Lin Yun bitterly smiled. With a Flame Flash and the Book of Death in his hand, Lin Yun rushed towards the undead sea, throwing Flame Burst after Flame Burst. Each Flame Burst would turn a vast amount of skeletons into ashes.

With the change in the Book of Death, the death power it used up increased by a few levels, the Undead Essence produced by the Black Wasteland was no longer enough.

As the Skeleton Warriors collapsed, one Undead Essence after the other rushed out of the ashes, pulled by that mysterious force. But the Book of Death was more overbearing and tyrannical than that mysterious force, whenever an Undead Essence appeared, it would be transformed into death power and stored.

With a short incantation, a wisp of flame turned into a fire arrow, flying toward the final Bone Devil and exploding onto its skull, scattering sparks everywhere. Shattered bones spread everywhere as the Bone Devil didn’t even have time to roar before its Soul Fire darkened.


They all sighed in relief. This three hours long fight finally ended and close to ten thousand Skeleton Warriors as well as Bone Devils were destroyed. A sea of bones spread around them, giving off an eerie feeling as the surroundings were shrouded in an aura of death.

“d.a.m.nit, how come so many undead appeared…” Weiss cursed loudly before sitting on the ground, still panting and fearful. A three hours fight was quite long, even with the power of a 5th Rank Archmage.

But his situation was quite special, he had to muster a large amount of mana to block those two Withering Flames’ corrosion at all times.

In fact, the others were relatively better than him, excluding Lin Yun of course…

Weiss recalled that extremely intense fight and his heart shook, especially the end of that fight, that ring emitting the black light almost scared him to death.

With his insight, he could tell that this black beam could seriously injure a 6th Rank Archmage, he truly didn’t know how that young mage could have such a terrifying thing.

He turned his head and saw the young mage sitting not far. Weiss thought for a bit before walking over with a smile, “Erm… High Mage Merlin. Sorry to bother you, that Undead Horseman was called Lagulin, right,”


Lin Yun frowned, he threw an indifferent look at Weiss and lightly nodded, “He was someone of the 3rd Dynasty, one of Baiers’ followers who died in the Tulan Mountain Range.”


Hearing Lin Yun’s answer, Weiss frowned, “That should be right, I remember that in the 3rd Dynasty, during Emperor Zhantui’s time, there was a famous Sword Saint called Lagulin, he also had a rather high status, he was the guardian of the court and Emperor Zhantui even gave him pointers…”

Lin Yun inwardly shook his head when he heard that, ‘No wonder Emperor Zhantui died ten years after returning, it looked like he was too broken-hearted… Not only did his son betray him, but even someone he helped unhesitantly betrayed him…’

“Are you the ones who killed Lagulin?”

As Weiss and Lin Yun talked, the black smoke rose up in the surroundings and a sharp voice echoed. That voice felt sharp and gloomy as it carried a sinister aura of death.

As those words fell, the black smoke thickened and an immense death power spread. They could all see a bony silhouette coming out from the black smoke, two throbbing phosphorus lights looking at them like pupils.

The newcomer’s body was filled with death power, it donned a black robe and held an ancient white staff. But there was no flesh on his face, it was all bones.

This was an undead.

“Lich… It’s truly a Lich!”

They were all stunned when the Lich appeared, cold sweat drenching their back as they were scared by the Lich’s death aura. Lin Yun even frowned.

The shaping of an undead was an extremely complicated process, an undead like a Lich was something very rare in Noscent. Archmages could turn into Lich after their death. And the Undead Horseman Lin Yun had fought a few hours ago had been a Sword Saint during his life, when turning into an undead he directly became a high level Undead Horseman.

In fact, undeads’ power depended on their strength during their lives.

Just like Heaven Mage Baiers, after his death, his body turned into an undead. He was exceptionally powerful, thus the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf reminded them that they definitely couldn’t provoke it.

“Answer, quick. Are you the ones who killed Lagulin…” His two phosphorus fires were fiercely throbbing. While the Lich sharply spoke, black mist leaked from his body. This was the frightening part of undeads, they could absorb death power, and their power would increase with every absorption, “Humans, you are quite bold, you actually dare to trespa.s.s into the place His Highness Baiers’ is eternally resting at, and you killed Lagulin. I, Barton, will definitely kill all of you…”

After saying this, his phosphorus fires fiercely throbbed, just like eyes, they swept through everyone before a powerful mana fluctuation was emitted from Barton’s body. He raised his bone staff and a white radiance flashed, sending boundless death power towards them.

“Barton… Turns out he also became an undead…”

Weiss, standing next to Lin Yun, paled when facing that death power, “During Emperor Zhantui’s era, Barton was one of the Empire’s Court Mages. He was said to have gone missing when he was standing at the peak of the Archmage realm, even touching upon the Extraordinary realm. His power should be equivalent to Okland’s Star Sage. I truly didn’t expect Barton to not have gone missing, but to have died here and turned into an undead.”

In fact, when he heard the name Barton, Weiss knew that things were far from good.

How frightening was the undead formed by the death of a peak Archmage? After turning into a Lich, it regained magic knowledge and battle experience he had acc.u.mulated during his life. Moreover, he was no less intelligent from an ordinary person and had absorbed death power for a few millennia.


Hearing Weiss’ introduction, Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning, the Lich in front of them was comparable to Jouyi in terms of power, no wonder he was giving everyone such pressure.

That Lich would truly be hard to handle.

With his power alone, he was a lot stronger than Undead Horseman Lagulin. Lagulin had been level 36, Lin Yun could handle him on his own. But that Barton was level 37, moreover, he was proficient in magic and had been in this undead world for several thousand years.


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