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Chapter 1426: Dreamland

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Darkness and frost fell. The yellow desert turned black, and was connected to the sky. Outside Heiss City, it was already doomsday. Normal mages couldn’t possibly survive in this place. Those who weren’t mages would surely die the moment they came to the outside world. They certainly couldn’t survive the night.

On the city wall of Heiss City, many numb people looked at the horrible scene outside with fear. They all left the city wall as quickly as possible.

Lin Yun walked on the street. n.o.body looked at or cared about him. Everyone smartly kept their distance from him after realizing he was a mage. Even though mages were the strongest people in the city, n.o.body paid any attention to him.

Mages had to leave Heiss City to hunt anything that might be usable. Many of those places were only accessible to mages. Only the real mages could go 30 kilometers out of Heiss City.

However, there were plenty of mages who left Heiss City, and never returned by the end of the day. n.o.body was confident that they could see the next sunrise…

Lin Yun looked at the lethargic Heiss City, and suddenly realized that Noscent was already dead at this moment. What remained was just its body. All the people here were waiting for their final relief. They had lost all their hope, which meant that Noscent was hopeless too.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it wouldn’t matter whether the real destruction ever took place…

The fat kid stayed on Lin Yun’s shoulder, pretending that he was dead. He had been truly terrified. On his very first free mission, he had met such a scary opponent like Lin Yun. Then, he had been taken to the deeper world of the Kingdom of Nightmares against his will. In this world which was about to collapse, the numb and desperate ordinary people gave him a lot of pressure too.

Now that the fat kid was pretending to be dead, Lin Yun simply ignored him, and walked all the way to the center of Heiss City. He stared at the enormous Shelter Tower, and observed it carefully. He had observed it in the past, but back then, he hadn’t been as knowledgeable.

He had read a lot of books, but never put them into practice back then. He had been just an alchemist apprentice at best. Also, his alchemy expertise couldn’t improve, because his mage level hadn’t improved.

At this moment, he saw the Shelter Tower again. The seemingly simple tower that was a kilometer tall represented the best of Noscent’s technology. But even so, it was not really complete.

Examining the Shelter Tower carefully, Lin Yun knew that the Shelter Tower had run out of its power. In a couple of years, when its dwindling light was gone, Noscent would be completely destroyed.

The dense runes on the Shelter Tower became completely dim. Lin Yun even saw that most runes had completely lost their effect due to the lack of power.

If the runes were still useful, the Shelter Tower could’ve protected a much larger area than Heiss City. Things were better during the day. At least the area within 30 kilometers was at peace. But when the night fell, the city wall would be the boundary of two entirely different worlds.

Observing the Shelter Tower for a while, Lin Yun turned around and left. What mattered the most in the construction of the Shelter Tower was methodology and materials. If there were enough materials, the construction shouldn’t be very hard.

Leaving the Shelter Tower, Lin Yun went to the decaying library of Heiss City. These days, there were occasionally one or two people who came to the library for books, but they quickly left after they found what they needed. The enormous library was dead silent for most of the time.

The library was the greatest treasure left from the heyday of Noscent. It contained the most valuable essence in the past tens of thousands of years. Yet, it became useless garbage right now.

The magic books from the past had lost all their magic power, and become normal books. The most powerful curses had become garbage that n.o.body bothered to look at.

The library had been built so that Noscent would have a chance to rise again after surviving the apocalypse. There were also legacies of many top experts, who wished that someone could succeed their heritage.

Unfortunately, Noscent didn’t survive the final destruction. Still, the knowledge that was left wasn’t completely useless. At least, it was useful for Lin Yun, and it might avert the second apocalypse.

Seeing the decaying library again, Lin Yun stood in silence for more than 10 minutes before he finally entered the library.

He opened the books that were covered in dust. The magic power in the books had completely disappeared. Many of the well-preserved books turned so vulnerable that they could easily be torn apart when they were opened.

Those books would’ve been destroyed if the place hadn’t been so desolate that there weren’t even ants or rats anymore.

Lin Yun opened a random book, and saw things he had read in the past. His memory had sunken to the deepest part of his brain, and he was unable to recollect it even though he wanted to. Here, he was given an opportunity to reread the books.

Confirming that what he saw was real, he started to look for records regarding the Kingdom of Nightmares.

There were simply too many books here. Despite tens of thousands of years of purging and compressing, the number of books was still shocking. He had spent at least 70 percent of the time reading books here since his transmigration. After he became a magic apprentice, he needed less time sleeping, which gave him more time to read. Nevertheless, it was not until the year before the doomsday that he finally browsed through all the books. He read some of them carefully, and skimmed through the rest.

But even the memories of the books he skimmed through had deeply sunken into his brain. He usually couldn’t dig them out, but in this world that was based on his memories, the knowledge reappeared in the form of books.

It was not easy to find a book that he had read 20 years earlier only for fun. After confirming the shelf where the book was stored, it took Lin Yun three days to find the book that was related to the Kingdom of Nightmares.

The book was half a meter thick, and only a tiny part of it was about the Kingdom of Nightmares. Soon, Lin Yun found the page with the content according to his memories.

After reading the information about the Kingdom of Nightmares, Lin Yun put on an awful expression.

The book kept a record of things about other places and special places, including the Kingdom of Nightmares. When he read the book for the first time, he only enjoyed it as a novel. After all, everything that happened in other planes didn’t matter to Noscent at all when it was embracing its doom.

He had only read the book for fun, so he didn’t remember all the things he saw, certainly not every detail.

When he read the book for the first time, he was just a low-level Magic Apprentice, and all that he remembered was what he could immediately use back then.

As his level improved and his soul was empowered, what he read in the past sometimes popped up from the depths of his memory. However, most of the things had sunk so deeply that he couldn’t find all of them even though he reached the Heaven Rank.

Now that he had read the details of the book again, Lin Yun put on an awful expression.

The deeper world of the Kingdom of Nightmares was certainly a projection that was based on one’s memories. Everything here was a projection that was based on his memories. There were very few things that weren’t.

To leave this illusionary world, he had to find the thing that didn’t belong there. It would be the key to the gate for him to leave this world.

However, the key was different for each individual. It was not fixed.

The key was usually hidden in the most important place in this illusionary world, which was likely the place where one spent the most time.

It could be a tiny crack on the wall, a piece of paper, and even just an ant…

Lin Yun closed the book and looked around. He couldn’t help but hold his forehead with a headache.

Needless to say, the key to leaving the illusionary world was right in the decaying library. It might even be in one of the books.

The illusionary world couldn’t possibly be a closed world, because everything here was from Lin Yun himself. There had to be an exit, and there was surely a way to find the critical item, even though it might cost a lot of time.

He had read all the books here in the past. That was his basis. He could look for a book that didn’t belong to this place, or the content in a book that didn’t belong to the book.

It took him 20 years to read all the books. Even though he could read faster now, it would probably still take at least 10 years.

Besides, he had to read all the books carefully this time, whether they were serious books or just for fun.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun put on a bitter smile, and picked up the book on the top of the shelf.

Fortunately, there was no need to feel anxious after he entered the deeper world. The time he spent in the illusionary world was like a dream. No matter how long he stayed here, it would just be the time of a dream in the outside world..


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