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Chapter 624: Arrogant Girl

It wasn’t until later when Li Qiye — inside the Dark Crow — weakened that he entered a deep slumber. At the very last minute, he especially called for her. He told her that if she wanted to seal herself as well for a long slumber, he would give her a hand.

However, the girl gently answered: “Master, this world is full of hards.h.i.+ps and the path towards the grand dao is paved with bitterness. I am already very satisfied to have spent so much time with you as we saw many colorful things in this world together. I am already content, so why the need to seal myself underground and never see the light again?”

Afterward, Li Qiye didn’t force the girl as he entered his deep sleep, never to see her again. Meanwhile, she went back to her old abode and established a country for the soldiers who had followed them to battle; this country was named the Giant Bamboo Country.

While crossing the rivers and mountains under the moonlight, Li Qiye let himself be consumed by memories for a long time before calming down. All these emotions eventually subsided and disappeared.

Tens of millions of years had pa.s.sed through the vicissitudes and storms of life. The pain had become layers of calluses that encompa.s.sed his heart and ran through his blazing blood.

Tens of millions of years had pa.s.sed as countless rains were drenched with the stench of blood and eternal farewells — Li Qiye had already gotten used to all of this.

Today, he simply became emotional from returning to an old place as his red-hot heart under all the calluses quivered.

He finally smiled while standing under the sky of this land; all the sadness dispersed with the wind.

“Bang, bang, bang!” While Li Qiye was looking at the scenery, a series of thunderous rumbles appeared behind him.

He turned around and saw a horse carriage flying fast in the air. This old carriage carried an insignia with the image of a bow. It was very ancient as if it had been through countless years. This carriage approached quickly like a bolt of lightning while emitting blaring noises. This old carriage almost struck Li Qiye as the driver at the helm shouted: “Get out of the way!”

“Whoos.h.!.+” A whip lashed towards Li Qiye like a serpent. However, the driver was not going to be successful whether he intended to lash him flying or have the whip coil around him and fling him away.

The moment the whip got close, Li Qiye put on a serious expression and pulled hard as he swept away the driver who was holding onto the whip.

“Boom!” The driver had yet to regain his mind before both him and the whip were sent down from the sky.

Meanwhile, the chariot was about to slam into Li Qiye at high velocity, but Li Qiye paid it no mind and simply swung his sleeve.

“Boom!” Both the carriage and the horse were blown away in the air.

As the carriage was about to break from the downward crash, a scowl emanated from inside. A soaring blood energy stabilized the carriage, sweeping through the world like a tsunami as it flew towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t move and stood there calmly like a pillar shouldering the heavens.

“Boom!” This tsunami of blood energy couldn’t move Li Qiye at all.

A cold and arrogant voice came from the carriage: “No wonder why you dared to touch my carriage, it seems that you have some skill.” The clear and frigidly arrogant voice gave chills to all listeners.

The carriage’s door was opened and a girl walked outside. She carried an arrogant and imposing aura, especially when she looked down from above.

‘Shaming both flowers and the moon’ was not enough to describe her beauty. She was as prideful as a n.o.ble phoenix. She was adorned with an archery dress and had an indomitable spirit amidst her arrogance. Her eyes were as bright as the stars in the night.

No one in this world could enter her eyes. Such a bossy atmosphere made others feel that she was a n.o.ble daughter who was used to pointing her fingers and getting her way.

This girl was like a phoenix who flew out of her golden nest with a n.o.ble bloodline. Everything in this world was below her, so she could only look down on them.

However, this arrogant girl wasn’t only a pretty phoenix with dazzling feathers and a curvaceous body with alluring features, she also had the qualifications to act in this supercilious manner.

Her tsunami-like blood energy proved that she was fairly strong on top of having a n.o.ble background. It was difficult for such a person to not have some arrogance, especially when she had the skills to back it up.

Perhaps her n.o.ble background could even scare someone to death!

With a glance, Li Qiye immediately knew that this girl was a golem, a golem with a complete human body, and it was one from birth at that, so it was easy to imagine how great her origin must be.

To be born with a complete flesh and blood body… Perhaps her ancestor was an extremely heaven-defying existence, maybe even an Immortal Emperor.

The arrogant girl’s eyes narrowed after seeing Li Qiye just standing there without answering; she asked coldly: “I’m talking to you, you hear me?”

Her focused eyes were as sharp as arrows. Even the slightest change wouldn’t be able to elude them.

After hearing her harsh inquiry, Li Qiye lazily looked at her and responded: “I hear you, what now?”

The arrogant girl coldly continued: “Daring to stop my path and flip over my carriage, what kind of punishment do you think is suitable? Will you obediently kneel and beg for forgiveness, or will you wait for me to break your hands?”

Li Qiye’s lips slightly perched after seeing her bossy att.i.tude. He looked at her with one eye and said: “Is that so? Which eye of yours saw me blocking the road? This land is vast, so how can you say that this is your path? Does your house own it? I was standing right here so you were the blind one running into me. If you are suicidal, don’t bring someone else down with you! And now, you’re speaking as if you have the moral high ground? Do you think that you can act so cavalier just because you are strong or because you have a powerful family?”

“Of course. If you think you are so skilled, then I don’t mind… Since you don’t know life from death, do you want to break your hands yourself, or will you wait for me to take your head?” With that, Li Qiye lazily raised his hand.

When it came to arrogance, who in this world could be more outrageous than Li Qiye? Today, Li Qiye was in a bad mood already, so he didn’t mind a.s.sisting someone who wished to die.

The arrogant girl trembled from anger. She had always been arrogant on top of having enough power. No matter where she went, both the younger and older generations either gathered around to flatter her or ran away in droves.

Today, a guy out of nowhere had the nerve to bl.u.s.ter before her, so how could she not tremble from rage?

“Good, very good, well said.” The girl was driven to laughter from rage as she glared at Li Qiye and arrogantly said: “It seems that I am the unreasonable one. Very well, if you want to argue, then this young lady will entertain you. Don’t think that I am a bully! I won’t use my clan against a n.o.body junior like you!”

“Bully?” Li Qiye laughed and said: “Very well, if you want to settle this, then we can talk it out.”

He looked at her and slowly said: “You think you are reasonable? Acting in such an aggressive manner? A little girl like you who doesn’t try to build her character and instead acts like a phoenix raising its tail, don’t you feel like you are grossing other people out?”

“Aggressive?” The girl didn’t back down and coldly countered: “Which eye of yours saw me acting aggressively? I was only speeding along from north to south, so when was I acting like a bully? This is the vast sky with countless possible paths; I was only going down one of them, so how could that be aggressive in any way?”

Even Li Qiye was a bit surprised by her swift response. He didn’t expect that this haughty girl wasn’t slow-witted and was actually very quick and clever with her words.

The girl sneered and continued on: “Plus, even if I was acting like a phoenix raising its tail, what does that have to do with you? You are only a pa.s.serby so I can do whatever I want. This is my business, do I need to ask you for permission?”

This proud girl was not only pretty and strong, she also had a sharp tongue with a first cla.s.s ability to debate. She had an imposing momentum, making it clear that she would not back down against anyone!

“I disgust you?” The girl added one last argument: “You are not even equal to an ant in my eyes, so who cares if you are disgusted or not? Should I care for your opinion?”

The proud girl was really cruel with her words and didn’t show any mercy at all. Anyone who was lacking even a little bit of confidence would run away at once.

Of course, Li Qiye, who had seen countless storms, was not afraid of anyone. He only smiled and said: “You are right about one thing — my opinion doesn’t matter to you. However, you are a girl standing here and running off your foul mouth, so how could we actually reason this out?”

Li Qiye was not a petty person and had always been more lenient towards girls. However, this leniency was limited to the girls who followed him; the sensible ones who had a sense of propriety.

As for the prideful, arrogant, and aggressive girls who always thought that they were right, Li Qiye didn’t mind being a villain and would not show them any face. He would dominate them with rude retorts.


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