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Chapter 4018: Let’s Cooperate

Li Qiye’s group didn’t get far before Jian Sanqiang caught up to them. [1]

“Little Brother, where are you going?” He had a bright smile as he asked.

Due to his gaunt frame, his smile wasn’t that attractive. Nonetheless, it appeared earnest and sincere.

“What?” Li Qiye glanced at him.

“My name is Jian Sanqiang.” He continued: “I live near the river with no parents or children, no wives and concubines either…”

“Senior Jian, our young n.o.ble isn’t interested in your family tree.” Xu Yiyun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Jian Sanqiang was naturally more powerful than Xu Yiyun since he was from the previous generation. However, he was interesting in that he never pretended to be a wise master in front of the juniors. He traveled alone and did whatever he pleased without caring about conventions.

Due to his eccentric style, some truly despised him while others felt the opposite.

Of course, some vagabond cultivators took pride in him. It wasn’t easy for a lone man to reach his level in the cultivation world.

Vagabonds had neither resources nor connections. The majority crawled at the lowest stratum; just surviving was difficult.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m sincerely trying to befriend the young fella. I’m just letting him know that I’m not a bad person…” Sanqiang smiled.

“So what are your three good points?” Li Qiye smilingly asked. [2]

“Well…” Sanqiang let out a hollow laugh before answering: “I’m not too sure, my mother was the one who named me. It’s not like I could have asked for the meaning while inside the womb.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “But I can certainly speculate. Hmm, one of them is definitely sincerity when working with others, that has to be my best point. Working with me means absolute victory, a win-win situation. So yes, I’m the perfect teammate.”

His face didn’t even turn red after the advertising spiel.

“Teaming up for what?” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised by his response.

“Little Brother, I can see that you are peerlessly talented, blessed with incredible comprehension, capable of seeing the immortal dao at first sight, eyes bright enough to illuminate the ages, innately immaculate down to the bones, a once-in-an-eon genius…” Sanqiang was not ashamed to be a sycophant despite being strong enough to fight against the six kings.

Yiyun got gooseb.u.mps while listening to him, thinking that the guy was being too blatant and unnatural.

“Senior, you’re making me shudder.” Yiyun said: “What is your intention?”

“Miss, you’re mistaken. I always tell it how it is and never flattered anyone once in my life. The young fella is indeed peerless. Dao lords and supreme geniuses can’t compare to him…” Sanqiang felt no shame while currying favor with a junior.

“Fine, I’ll accept your praise. State your intention already, no more bulls.h.i.+tting.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled.

Sanqiang wasn’t offended by Li Qiye’s disrespectful cursing at all. He smiled and said: “Little Brother, are you interested in a business deal? When we succeed, we’ll no longer have to worry about anything for the rest of our lives. Limitless money, beauties, treasures, all in your pocket…”

“And?” Li Qiye seemed immune to his poisoning.

“You know what I’m talking about, let’s work together for the Preeminent Legacy?” Sanqiang finally revealed his goal after wasting half a day.

“So you want to use me to become the richest in the world.” Li Qiye said.

“No, I want you to become the richest in the world.” Sanqiang said righteously.

“Oh?” Li Qiye smirked.

“Little Brother, you are the most gifted in history so tomorrow right at the start, we’ll go there together. You open the legacy and I’ll be your guard on top of providing as many jades and coins as necessary…” Sanqiang said with vigor.

“What’s in it for you?” Li Qiye asked.

“Hehe, my request is virtually nothing. I’ll take care of the capital and security, you just need to open the legacy, then we’ll split six to four. You six, me four, how about it? Keep in mind that after so many years, this legacy has reached an incalculable level. Even sixty percent is enough to make you the richest in the world.” His eyes lit up at this point.

Sanqiang was somehow confident in Li Qiye’s ability and was the first to request teaming up. This prompted Li Qiye to chuckle.

“What do you think? It’s not a bad deal at all, you get the majority.” Sanqiang smiled but Li Qiye didn’t respond.

“Okay, you get seven, I’ll just take three? This is as far as I’ll go.” He had no choice but to increase his offer.

The guy still didn’t respond. Sanqiang became nervous and gritted his teeth: “Little Brother, you win, you get eight and I’ll just get two parts. This is really as far as I’ll go, I can’t do any better. Think about it, you’re not spending anything out of pocket and will still be the richest, why would anyone not agree to this?”

He felt a sharp pain inside because the deal was becoming worse for him.

“What if I can’t open it?” Li Qiye smirked and stated: “I might waste all of your money only to fail. Have you thought of that?”

“Uhh…” Sanqiang felt as if someone had just poured cold water on him.

He thought extremely highly of Li Qiye and was willing to go all out. Just two parts of that legacy would be enough to make him richer than virtually all sects.

“So be it, if you can’t open it, I’ll accept my loss and attribute it to bad luck. I just have to start over, that’s all.” He said with determination, albeit a bit unwillingly.

“That’s a good mentality to have.” Li Qiye replied: “In the case of success, what if you kill me and take everything?”

“Absolutely not!” Sanqiang strongly refuted: “Who do you think I am? Sure, I’m a little greedy but you will not find a sliver of dishonesty and treachery in me! I value my word the most!”

“I suppose I can believe you.” Li Qiye replied.

“So you’ll team up with me? We can do it for sure.” Sanqiang became excited again.

“Haha, you’re overthinking this. I don’t need anyone else’s money to open that legacy. I’ll spare you a few coins after winning.” Li Qiye laughed and walked away.

Sanqiang could only watch the group’s departure in a daze.


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