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Chapter 3852: The Biandu’s Reaction

A furor broke out at Black Wood Cliff over Li Qiye’s decision to stay on top of the ancestral peak.

“Is this brat crazy? Actually taking over the Biandu’s peak, he must be tired of living.” An older expert became startled.

Everyone knew that the peak belonged to the Biandu despite a lack of physical presence. It had immense significance and served as a symbol of their ancestors’ prestige.

In history, a few courageous souls tried to take over the peak. Their result was obvious – tragic death.

“At least it’ll be a show, he’ll wish for death once captured.” One youth snorted after finding out.

The Biandu’s supremacy and mercilessness in Black Wood were well-doc.u.mented. Just dying was a good end. Sometimes, clan extermination was the outcome.

Li Qiye’s action was no different from slapping the clan’s face. The latter would never let this go until ample punishment is dished out.

“The guy is no fool, what is giving him the confidence to provoke the Biandu?” One ancestor had a different opinion.

Though they still haven’t received the news from Buddha Emperor Plateau, they could tell that Li Qiye was special after the divination ceremony.

The destruction of the crystal ball fortified this notion. A few ancestors thought that Li Qiye was a dragon waiting to soar.

However, the Biandu wasn’t one to be trifled with, especially not in their own territory. Many big shots have tried and ended up dead. Li Qiye’s action so far was nothing short of a direct declaration of war against the Biandu – truly a reckless choice.

Thus, these ancestors didn’t understand. Li Qiye might have a strong background but that wasn’t enough. Even Vajra Dynasty couldn’t do anything to the Biandu here.

“So overbearing, he has to be the heavenly genius.” One youth speculated after hearing the news.

This wasn’t well-received. A genius disagreed: “He’s the heavenly genius? He can’t even hold a candle to Young Lord Biandu or the Wild Child of the East.”

“If he’s the one, why didn’t the Grand Seer say something?” Another added: “The Grand Seer said that the purpose of the ceremony was to find the heavenly genius so an announcement should have been made. That’s why I’m sure Li Qiye isn’t.”

All in all, conversations about this topic could be heard all over Black Wood.

Meanwhile, the Biandu didn’t sit still either. Not reacting would be detrimental to their authority and reputation.

They sent a powerful group led by their butler up the peak. Normally, an ancient and powerful clan like this shouldn’t have a role like a butler. That’s something for the new rich or the clans in the mortal realm.

However, the Biandu had this position. Historically, only those outside of the clan served as the butler.

In other words, this “butler” was the one to deal with problems. If something bad or unexpected were to happen, their clan could arguably be absolved of any responsibility.

Of course, not just anyone can qualify for this position. The current butler right now was already a famous cultivator in Black Wood prior.

“We got a show now.” Many became excited to see the group moving up the peak. They followed right behind, not wanting to miss the show.

“That Li guy is going to get obliterated by the butler, it’s gonna be ugly.” One youth snorted.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye still crouched next to the rotten stump in order to remove the barks. Some have rotted beyond words and removal seemed easy.

This was not the case. Ordinary people had no chance of removing even one.

He didn’t mind getting dirty and focused on this task, seemingly carving a work of art.

Yang Ling thought that the young master shouldn’t do menial tasks and wanted to help. However, he shook his head and smiled: “You can’t do it. Just one mistake and it’ll lose its chance.”

She didn’t know what he meant by “chance” here. Nonetheless, she didn’t want to ruin his plan and only watched him, hoping to learn something.

By this point, the group led by the butler of the Biandu has arrived. The curious spectators came right after.

The majority of the latter wanted to see Li Qiye humiliated or even killed by the Biandu.

“You’re Li Qiye?” The butler looked around and saw a palace erected nearby. His expression soured right away.

To build on top of their ancestral peak was a deliberate provocation. He needed to flatten the palace and capture Li Qiye in order to answer to his masters.

However, Li Qiye ignored them without responding. His hands were covered in dirt.

The spectators found this entertaining.

“He’s being a little careless now, not paying attention to the butler from the Biandu.” One expert said.

“If he gave a d.a.m.n about the Biandu, he wouldn’t have built that palace.” Another added.

The butler was in a terrible mood. He was already famous before taking this position. Many here in Black Wood showed him nothing but respect.

After becoming the butler of the Biandu, he gained more authority and dealt with numerous issues in the region.

Now, an outsider dared to ignore him? This was utterly humiliating.

“Li Qiye, destroy this palace and surrender yourself. I will take you to the Biandu.” The butler said gravely.

His tone was already polite enough. Otherwise, he would have captured Li Qiye first. Crippling the guy or not during the process would depend on his mood. Alas, since he represented the Biandu, he needed to show benevolence.

Once again, Li Qiye completely ignored him, not bothering to give him a single glance. His hands didn’t stop moving to remove the barks.


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