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Chapter 3664: The Benefits Of Being Handsome

Untethered Monk was definitely a money-grubbing businessman. When paid, he could flatter someone with a deluge of praises. Otherwise, he would still put on a bright smile.

However, to get him to lose money? That’s more unbearable to him than flaying off his flesh.

That’s why the crowd was stunned because this monk was losing money on top of praising Li Qiye for his looks repeatedly.

Those who have dealt with the monk before couldn’t believe it, thinking that they had misheard.

“Did he drink the wrong medicine today?” An old cultivator murmured: “He would argue over one coin with the monk of wisdom. The sky is about to be turned upside down today.”

“Not just the monk of wisdom, even his master couldn’t get anything from him when visiting Wish Ward.” A different expert smiled wryly.

“The old monk must be getting old. How is this Li Qiye handsome? That means I’m pretty much an immortal.” Another said.

“I’m the most handsome in history then.” One more added.

It was one thing for someone like Stallion Silver Spear to be flattered in this manner. Alas, Li Qiye’s normal appearance stood at the opposite end of the spectrum so the monk’s flattery became ridiculous.

“Gotta be the case of liking someone similar, right?” One expert speculated.

Otherwise, they didn’t understand why the monk acted so strange.

As speculation ran rampant, Li Qiye was already standing at the golden spring. He became sentimental as various emotions popped up. This was another thing that has survived the ages.

All eyes were on him. The majority didn’t think that he would perform a miracle or anything.

“The brat’s dead.” One youth snorted: “This is the consequence of opposing the princess.”

“He thought too highly of himself.” One older expert said: “No one else got anything so why is he an exception? He chose a bet with no chance of victory, so reckless and suicidal.”

They thought that he had no advantage to speak of compared to those who have tried previously.

“I hope he can do it, it’s the only chance for us to see the princess naked.” Another youth murmured.

This was a wretched and despicable thought, albeit quite true. The youths here had a crush on the princess but they knew only top prodigies like Stallion Silver Spear had a chance. Thus, Li Qiye’s victory became a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“You’re right.” His peers started fantasizing and supported Li Qiye.

“What are you waiting for?” Zhang Yunzhi snorted since Li Qiye was just standing there. “You can’t delay this forever, today is your last!”

He could already see Li Qiye’s head touching the ground, hence his beaming smile. This brought him untold pleasure.

“Hurry up, delaying this is useless. I won’t spare you anyway.” The princess coldly uttered, stating her murderous intent.

“What’s the rush? Think about it, you’ll be embarra.s.sed soon enough since everyone will see you naked. I don’t think you can handle it.” Li Qiye stretched and lazily said.

“Your words alone are worthy of death!” The princes turned red and shouted.

“Just wait, I’ll let you suffer a terrible death. I will flay you slowly for three days and three nights, your agonizing moans will be music to my ear. You will wish for death at that point.” Zhang Yunzhi gritted his teeth, wanting to start the torture already.

“Fine, fine. Save the fierce comments, I’m starting.” Li Qiye smiled and reached into the water while the crowd held their breath.

Some became nervous; others overwhelmed with antic.i.p.ation. More were ready to gloat at his failure and inevitable misery.

Yang Ling, on the other hand, clenched her fists tightly. Sure, she was completely confident in Li Qiye. Alas, once the moment came, she still became awfully tense.

“Splas.h.!.+” Li Qiye finally pulled his hand up before the curious gazes.

“Clank!” He spread his palm and revealed a glow with a pleasant ringing.

They saw that he was holding an old piece of jade with numerous cracks, seemingly from falling on the ground previously. Nonetheless, it still issued a majestic and gentle l.u.s.ter.

Time came to a halt; no one uttered a single word in the square. Mouths were wide open in disbelief.

Most of them have tried and they didn’t get even a speck of sand from the bottom of the spring. That’s why Li Qiye’s jade piece shocked them all – truly a miraculous feat.

“Yes! I knew Young Master could do it!” Yang Ling broke the silence with her excitement. She then heaved a sigh of relief, feeling quite proud because of Li Qiye.

“Wow…” The crown prince had cold sweat all over: “The son of miracles, it’s true… There has to be a reason why the ancestor gave him the saber.”

He thought that Li Qiye was superior or special in some way. That’s the only justification since the ancestor absolutely wouldn’t give the saber to a random person.

In the present day, very few people recognized the saber since it was rarely given out. This was especially true for the young princes and princesses. What if his third brother didn’t know about it…

“Amitabha.” Untethered Monk actually stopped laughing and put on a solemn expression. The guy always had a smile regardless of the situation. This meant that something big had happened.

“How can this be?!” One spectator calmed down and shouted.

Some even roughly rubbed their eyes, thinking that they were only seeing things.

“I’m at a loss for words, we’re seeing a miracle right now.” One person sighed.


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