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Li Qiye stood there, as free as ever, though his allies have retreated. He was now facing the army of the divine court all by himself.

“Just a few millions, no need to put in a lot of effort. Just one hand is enough.” Li Qiye smiled and spread his palm.

The legion of the court became infuriated after being shown such disdain. They have been victorious for some time now, especially when under the leaders.h.i.+p of Metalkin War G.o.d.

In recent years, they have trampled over numerous sects. The territories bathed by blood because of them were too numerous to count.

Cultivators s.h.i.+vered in fear just from hearing the name of their legion.

Today, Li Qiye believed that he could sweep through them with one hand. Thus, this fierce legion wanted nothing more than to rush over and fight him to the death so that he could witness their might.

“The legion of the divine court shall be unstoppable! Blood shall rain for us!” The soldiers started shouting and unsheathed their weapon straight at Li Qiye with great bloodthirst.

They were quite proud, still ready to fight despite knowing the strength of their enemy. This was rather commendable.

“A great commander and a mighty legion, no wonder why the divine court has been so successful in recent years.” One spectator said.

Leaving aside the issues of morality for the war G.o.d, he was indeed made for the battlefield, always fearless regardless of the enemy.

“Not a bad chant, but unfortunately, the blood raining down will be yours.” Li Qiye clapped while laughing.

“Let’s see what you got!” The war G.o.d roared and released his twelve palaces into the air.

“Clank-” The progenitorial armor shrouded him once more.

“Boom!” He leaped in the sky and gathered momentum before thrusting his spear straight at Li Qiye.

His ma.s.sive figure didn’t hinder his speed at all since the thrust was as fast as lightning, aiming straight for Li Qiye’s throat.

A sure kill move! Extreme speed to the point of being undetectable. The strongest masters would still have a hard time dodging it.

People felt their own throat becoming cold. A few started bleeding on their neck. The spear intent seemingly pierced through everyone. Some felt a sharp sting and wanted to scream but no sound would come out.

This thrust alone could kill ten thousand experts – a truly fatal move.

As the tip was mere inches away from Li Qiye’s throat, he retaliated with a finger flick. This explosion was akin to the explosion of a million universes. This blast illuminated the entire world.

The spectators became momentarily blinded as his finger touched the spear tip.

“Boom!” The spear immediately crumbled into countless pieces and the war G.o.d got blasted into a mountain, destroying it in the process.

The crowd couldn’t believe this horrifying scene since it was impossible to describe with words.

Remember, the war G.o.d was one of the strongest emperors right now but he couldn’t withstand a single flick from Li Qiye. No one would believe this story but it was indeed unfolding before their very eyes.

“Are we dreaming? I think I’m seeing things.” One elder continuously rubbed his eyes but everything in front remained the same.

Li Qiye really did send the war G.o.d flying with one flick. If he could do this to a twelve-palace emperor, the majority of the crowd wouldn’t qualify to be ants in front of him.

“How, how can this be?” Many ancestors were dumbstruck.

Meanwhile, Violet Dragon Empress felt suffocated. Her legion including Celestial Dragon Venerable started having cold sweat. If the empress didn’t stop them back then, all of them would have been crushed by ants. Their legion wouldn’t be able to do a single thing to him.

“This is power, true invincibility. In that split second, he performed a spatial profundity so his fingertip contained three thousand worlds and endless power, a million times stronger than your best moves.” A high ancestor at the Supreme Everlasting level could see through this and took a deep breath.

“Boom!” Debris scattered as the armored war G.o.d rushed to the sky again, looking awfully tattered. This first exchange was a complete loss.

His expression became quite serious and no longer dared to be reckless. That spear-thrust earlier was only a scouting move to see Li Qiye’s strength.

“No need to rush, I can send you to the Yellow River whenever I put in a little effort.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The high ancestor earlier was correct. That flick looked simple but it contained mysteries from the nine heavenly scriptures.

“Death is a grand event too. Go ahead and say your last words now or delegate whatever you want to be done for someone else to do. I’m giving you all enough time for this.” Li Qiye continued.

His nonchalant comment gave off the impression of a weak scholar, the exact opposite of what he had done earlier. This stark contrast was quite strange yet still felt so natural when found on Li Qiye. This made everyone watch with bated breath.

“Taking your head as an offering for my son are my last words.” Guan Yunshen still wanted to fight.

“And if you can’t? I’m afraid this wish is impossible.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I have lived several hundred thousand years so my life isn’t exactly wasted.” Guan Yunshen coldly uttered: “Not attempting to avenge my son at all is far worse than dying.”

“You’re a good father but you have failed in educating your son.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The crowd started thinking after seeing Yunshen’s unyielding determination.

Everyone knew that he didn’t have a son until old age and truly doted on the kid. This made his son too overbearing and arrogant, resulting in early death.

Nevertheless, he was worthy of admiration for being ready to die just to carry out a matter of principle. Perhaps he had lived long enough; the only thing on his mind was vengeance.

“I pity the fathers of this world. However, he’s dragging others down with him.” A spectator said.


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