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Li Qiye smiled and didn’t bother preparing. He stood there without a care in the world: “Go for it, let’s see how G.o.dly your archery is.”

“Good!” The centaur G.o.d roared thunderously; his vitality instantly erupted.

One could hear the draconic roars as the muscles on his arms bulged up into visible lines, looking just like dragons.

As he pulled back the string, his body itself seemingly served as the bow and became tense to the limit – ready to exert the strongest force at any moment.

“Buzz.” The string was finally pulled to the limit, creating a beautiful crescent arc! Everyone felt as if he was pulling the great veins of the world. The worldly power began to gather on the bow.

An arrow materialized with the shape of a dragon tooth – sharp and white with a bony s.h.i.+mmering.

This arrow clearly was created from some type of divine bones. Moreover, after it touched the string, one could hear crackles coming from tiny, violet lightning bolts. The arrow seemed to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the power of lightning.

Everyone felt that it possessed maximum speed even before being shot – virtually impossible to dodge.

“Dragontooth Arrow, he must really be furious to use it.” One person quietly said.

This was the centaur G.o.d’s sure-kill arrow, made from the tooth of a violetbolt earth dragon. Its speed was improved with the lightning’s empowerment.

“Die!” He roared and shot the arrow.

The sound of it breaking the air came a long time after the release. Everyone felt their throat hurting as if they had been pierced.

“That’s frightening.” Numerous students shuddered. They only saw a purple flash, akin to a lightning bolt striking Li Qiye.

Only the ones strong enough could see the lightning-shrouded arrow crossing through the void. Its unstoppable might encompa.s.sed speed, power, and lightning.

Everyone saw an illusion of it already piercing through Li Qiye’s throat.

“He’s dead for sure.” One student was certain of this.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Everyone finally heard the traveling sound of the arrow. Time seemed to be coming to a stop.

They saw something unbelievable enough to make their jaw drop to the ground – Li Qiye grabbing the arrow inches away from his throat.

From start to finish, he didn’t do anything impressive – no invincible merit law or powerful merit law. However, he still successfully stopped it.

It felt as if the arrow was moving extremely slowly and Li Qiye just needed to raise his hand to catch it.

“Boom! Boom!” Lightning bolts ran rampant on the arrow. However, they extinguished after he gripped the arrow.

“How, how can this be?” Astonishment struck the crowd.

“The, the centaur G.o.d is a Ceaseless Eternal…” One student couldn’t believe it.

“No, he’s an Amaranthine Eternal.” His friend prudently reminded him.

“That shot earlier is undoubtedly at the amaranthine level.” A powerful student added.

However, Li Qiye still caught it with his bare hand, hence the disbelief from the crowd.

People could accept him stopping it with the Sword of Repentance, an ancestral weapon. In fact, they could also accept him using a great merit law or the power of the light to stop it too. At the very least, the latter was within the realm of possibility and imagination.

Unfortunately, what he did was unfathomable. The Ceaseless, no, Amaranthine Eternal performed an impressive shot. The two emperors present might not be able to escape unscathed.

The two of them narrowed their eyes, becoming serious.

“Can anyone explain to me what happened just now?” One spectator thought that Li Qiye had performed some devilish art.

“Too slow.” Li Qiye smiled and closed his fist.

“Crack!” The draconic arrow was broken.

The centaur G.o.d grimaced at this sight. He was barely a Ceaseless Eternal in terms of cultivation, but his archery was impressive enough.

This dao alone allowed him to see the door of the amaranthine level. He knew how fast and strong that shot was just now. If these two emperors didn’t have an ancestral weapon in response, they would certainly be wounded by his strike. Thus, he couldn’t believe that his foe stopped it with one hand.

“This is considered a divine arrow? Only a little bit faster than a snail. Gotta change the name to lessen the humiliation.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Try another one!” The furious centaur G.o.d roared.

“Buzz.” He pulled back his bow again but didn’t add an arrow this time.

The bow became resplendent and exuded a blinding light. People couldn’t open their eyes and everything turned dark.

The bow disappeared as well. It seemed that the centaur was wielding the mysteries of the world, not a physical weapon.

Everyone became tense as if there was an invisible grip pulling back the fabrics of realities, morphing them into the shape of a bowstring.

“Buzz.” He pulled back and summoned an ocean behind him.

“An ocean of arrows!” Everyone saw it clearly.

Countless arrows made up this ocean – dragontooth arrows, ma.s.sive arrows with a majestic aura, some as small as a strand of hair with a golden glow…

Their sudden emergence made the crowd gasp in horror.

“Die!” The centaur roared and unleashed his ocean of arrows.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Explosions detonated as the ocean became wild and out of control, breaking the proverbial dam and drowning everything else. The world started trembling as a result.

The number of arrows was unending. Even the strongest defensive line would eventually succ.u.mb to the barrages. The best movement techniques wouldn’t be able to dodge the fate of being pierced by a thousand arrows and turning into a porcupine.

“d.a.m.n!” Many became horrified and quickly retreated, thinking these arrows could pierce through the core of the earth.


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