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The stone forest in Xiang Island was located at the very center – ladened with hills and peaks next to each other. It resembled a world of stones; these peaks looked like trees growing there.

Staring down from aloft, it looked just like a forest of large stones, hence its name.

There existed a great altar at the very end of the field with two peaks to the rear, seemingly protecting it from the weather. 

A stone stairway led up to the ridge of the peaks, culminating in a raised platform with a throne. The tables, chairs, and even the steps nearby seemed to have been carved out of the two peaks, originating from the same piece.

The two sides were multiple statues resembling guards with spears as their weapon of choice. They seemed to be protecting something as they lined up by the steps.

However, this place has not been cleaned in a long time. After years of rains and winds, it has lost its initial color and sharp edges.

It was normally very tranquil with no visitors until the feast today. The heroes and prodigies from all over the world livened up the area.

Preparation has been made quite early at the base of the steps. The servants darted back and forth to prepare – putting fruits and dishes on the tables for the guests.

Jianyao arranged an informal banquet instead of a meeting. The guests could sit down or walk around and talk in groups.

The lack of codes and formality made the atmosphere fun and exciting.

The invitees were all important characters. This was a great chance for them so they tried their best to stand out.

Woven mats were laid on the ground with no pre-arranged seating chart. The guests mingled – talking with old friends or making new ones.

As the feast was about to start, Jianyao raised her cup and spoke up: “The heroes of Nine Secrets gather today – a rare fateful event for all of us. No need to be reserved, we’re not leaving until we’ve had enough fun.”

“Cheers, Fairy Qin!” The guests raised their cup towards her. This was the climax of excitement at the feast.

After the toast, she walked around the place, still as beautiful, charming, and transcending as ever. She occasionally talked to certain prodigies and was in her elements.

She was the main target during this feast; eyes were following her steps.

Some geniuses took this opportunity to come and chat with her, or even shamelessly tag along. They didn’t wish to waste this rare chance of being close to the beauty.

All in all, the feast gave everyone an amazing opportunity to meet the talented and accomplished geniuses in the system since the quality of the guests was excellent. 

Thus, not all wanted to be around Jianyao. Some wanted to befriend the other geniuses.

Old friends gathered into groups and talked about all kinds of things.

Tang Hexiang, Yang Bofan, and Ma Jinming naturally had the biggest crowd around them. It didn’t matter if they were strangers at first.

Tang Hexiang remained relatively calm while Bofan was very amicable. As for Ma Jinming, he had a gloating expression while occasionally stealing glances at Jianyao.

Jianyao didn’t show slight towards anyone. She looked quite natural and open-minded. A frown or smile – either one – could still seduce anyone. Watching her made some geniuses lose their mind.

“Fairy Qin lives up to her fame.” One person sitting with his group by the corner said with admiration.

Those with a humble background thought of her as a fairy and didn’t dare to show their crush out of bashfulness and an inferiority complex.

“Fairy Qin is truly peerless. Who is actually worthy of her?” Someone from a third-ranked sect felt inferior while staring at Jianyao.

“Perhaps the future king.” Others felt the same way.

“Not many in our system, but General Tang might be one of them.” One spectator sighed while looking at the impressive Tang Hexiang in the distance.

Only a matchless man was worthy of Jianyao, and Hexiang was such a man. After all, hew as quite talented and was at the top of his generation, albeit not as much as Eight Formation True Emperor or Waterwatch Saber Saint.

Plus, he was a n.o.ble so if he were to become king in the future, he would be worthy of Jianyao.

“Eight Formation True Emperor too.” Another youth said: “He’s an emperor already with a promising future, far greater potential than General Tang, so he’s a more likely candidate.”

“But I’ve heard he’s engaged with Princess Hanyu already.” His friend replied.

“So what, it’s normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Plus, he’s an emperor, he can have as many lovers as he wants.” The third person didn’t disagree.

The humbled-beginning cultivators had a dejected expression. Though they had a crush on Jianyao, they knew they were only frogs wanting to eat swan’s meat.

“Wait a minute, Fairy Qin and the current king have a marriage pact.” Another recalled a key point during this conversation.

A genius immediately barked at him: “So? Can that piece of trash marry Fairy Qin? He can stop dreaming.”

“That marriage was only under the supervision of Lucidity King. He is dead now and his successor has lost the kingdom, so this marriage is no longer effective. It is only a piece of paper now, so no one will give a d.a.m.n, am I wrong here? Myriad Formation and G.o.dstep are not bringing it up at all. Let’s be real, the pacts aren’t worth a single coin to them, even more useless than a piece of paper.” A different genius nodded.

“And even if Calm Lotus Monastery wants to honor this pact, the king has to be capable enough to fulfill it. Look at him now, only a piece of trash.” Another prodigy said.

“Let’s stop this pointless debate.” A different cultivator shook his head: “Can’t you guys see? Fairy Qin didn’t invite the king and showed no interest in him. It’s clear that she doesn’t like him but that’s understandable. How could he be worthy of a supreme woman like her?”

Most agreed with this statement. The marriage pact was useless and that the king would be dreaming if he thinks he could marry Qin Jianyao.

The atmosphere became more and more exciting. So many geniuses that have only met each other began to call themselves brothers while toasting.

“How could I miss this fun party of yours, Fairy Qin?” A sweet voice resembling the pleasant ringing of bells resounded. It also carried an innate seduction causing people to go weak.

Just hearing her voice would make people imagine a s.e.xy demoness capable of stealing the soul.

A breeze accompanied by a sweet and refres.h.i.+ng fragrance came about. A girl was floating closer and landed on stone forest.

Slim and graceful, soft to the touch, each of her action flirted with the spectators.

Seduction was innate in this beautiful girl dressed in a red dress with cloud and flower patterns, barely hiding her fair skin beneath. Her hair draped on her shoulders like the waves and rippled with the breezes. One lost strand of hair on her cheek looked out of place, but it only demanded more attention to her enticing features.

Her figure couldn’t be described by the pen and ink. Large, soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s yet proudly arching without drooping. Her dress had a low neckline, allowing everyone to see the billowing waves in motion or the white and bottomless valley. Yes, one glance was certainly not enough and people kept coming back for more.

Long, fair legs accentuated her tall and thin figure along with her perfectly round and curvy b.u.t.tocks. The well-fitting dress had a ribbon tied by the waist, clearly served to emphasize and display her praiseworthy bottom. Everyone would be shocked at first before thinking about how they would feel to the touch.

Her apricot eyes, bright and animated, could hook the soul. Just a wink of hers made the heart beat faster.

Obviously, all eyes turned towards her. The youths couldn’t look away from her hot figure and s.e.xy temperament.


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