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Gu Zun was fine with losing since he was already mentally prepared. Losing to an existence like the Dark Crow wasn’t too surprising.

“Imperial Queen, you better make sure the Ancient Ming is supporting you, or you will die a miserable death and Soaring Immortal will go down with you.” Gu Zun slowly spoke while standing next to the queen.

In his eyes, he was on the same camp as the queen and Soaring Immortal. They had no choice other than to work together.

Of course, he wasn’t optimistic at all and hoped that the Ancient Ming would show up again. This would give him a glimmer of hope.

Meanwhile, the queen and the four princes angrily glared at Li Qiye. The queen had nothing but hatred in her eyes as if there was an irreconcilable feud between the two of them and that she wanted nothing more than to tear him apart.

He smiled and looked at her: “It’s not too surprising that you are alive. However, you have committed two heinous crimes, worthy of death. First, conspiring with the Ancient Ming. Second, hiding in the grave of Imperial Queen Tun Ri!”

The queen didn’t actually die young back then. She faked her death in order to change her bloodline in the shadow.

Nevertheless, her whole blood experiment became exposed which led to the forceful search of the sect by the Dark Crow. Meanwhile, she has been hiding in Imperial Queen Tun Ri’s grave the entire time.

Even though the Dark Crow essentially excavated the entire place, there was one place he would never touch, the grave of Imperial Queen Tun Ri. It wasn’t only because she was the emperor’s wife but also because the Dark Crow used to adore her for she was once his most powerful disciple.

After careful rumination, Imperial Queen Ren Xian chose to hide in this particular grave and disappeared from the world. Everyone a.s.sumed she was dead.

A few ancestors wanted to find the mastermind but they failed to do so. They didn’t expect for her to be hiding there at all.

“One of us shall die today!” The queen was not afraid of the Dark Crow. Her imperial aura was still surging and she maintained her n.o.ble temperament.

She knew exactly who she was facing so she had no fear when the day came. It was inevitable in her mind.

Li Qiye said disapprovingly: “I don’t quite understand. You are a human and eventually became the queen yet you still chose to work for the Ancient Ming. How regrettable.”

“There are many things you don’t understand!” She uttered coldly: “The nine worlds do not revolve around your whim, the myriad realms aren’t your playground!”

“I’m aware.” After gazing into the hatred in her eyes, he smiled and said: “It’s all because of Immortal Emperor Ren Xian. He had always shown great restraint with considerable caution on this aspect but you, his wife, chose the opposite. This caused many regrets for both you and him. It wasn’t easy for him to build his reputation and he had contributed a lot to the human race, worthy of his t.i.tle. However, your choice of picking the Ancient Ming will bring eternal d.a.m.nation to Soaring Immortal. You are disgracing the ancestors of your sect, your position as an imperial queen, and the emperor himself!”

“Don’t you bring up Ren Xian!” The queen interrupted him at once: “I am walking on the path he didn’t dare to for his sake! This is a returning to the origin! The bloodline is innocent. He has never done anything wrong so the world should give him justice, same with you!” 

“Is that so? I want to see this so-called innocent bloodline! Even Immortal Emperor Ren Xian didn’t dare to say so back then.” He stared at her and said flatly.

“Why is it a crime to have a bloodline?!” The queen retorted: “Plus, you are not the arbiter of the world. You aren’t qualified to decide whether the bloodline of someone is sinful or not!”

“So you blame me for condemning his Ancient Ming bloodline.” Li Qiye smiled.

“That’s right, you have ruined his life!” The queen said harshly: “Because of your words, he had to make an eternal blood oath! He was a supreme genius but because of your att.i.tude, he became ashamed of his own bloodline, just that thin strand of Ancient Ming. In order to sever this bloodline to become a full human, he removed his bones and tendons time and time again! Each time was a tormenting experience. Even a man as heroic as him couldn’t help but scream! You weren’t there to hear his screams or becoming crazy! All of this was due to the thin bloodline! All of his pain came from your att.i.tude and words!”

Her regality and upbringing couldn’t stop her face from twisting with hatred and pain.

She was both his wife and best friend, always by his side when he had just started on his path. She schemed for him and accompanied him through thick and thin. Watching her lover suffering made her choose an extreme decision!

“Yes, I have never seen his suffering or heard his screaming.” Li Qiye said flatly: “You are right, I was the one who decided his fate and made him do the blood oath, but so what?”

“I have personally experienced the suffering of the nine worlds with my own eyes. Darkness engulfed the world and the myriad races were enslaved. Humans and spirits were only ants in the eyes of the Ancient Ming. They screamed and wailed in lamentation. Many were minced to pieces, their blood became ponds. Some became mere tools for entertainment!”

“Compared to this, the emperor’s suffering is nothing, not worth mentioning! I can kill an emperor and murder a thousand sects, as long as this brings an end to the Ancient Ming. It is completely worth it! I don’t mind or care for those who have to suffer in the process!” Li Qiye coldly finished.

“Who are sinners and who get to suffer aren’t up to you. People can’t judge, only the high heaven! As you have said earlier, your att.i.tude alone made him a sinner. This is an evil way, you’re a criminal!” The queen a.s.serted.

“I have never claimed to be a good person, only a butcher with hands stained of blood. Today, I declare you and your sect guilty. Thus, I shall destroy you all. This is what I must do, a reason for me to exist!” He chuckled and said.

“As for justice and fairness, you can ask the villainous heaven after death. Of course, that is if you can see him. But I’m afraid he won’t have any of that sorts either!” Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold at this point.

“Being unreasonable is the scariest part of a woman.” Gu Zun shook his head and murmured during the conversation. The queen didn’t hear him.

“Don’t be c.o.c.ky just yet. Who knows who will be the one doing the destroying?” The queen revealed a murderous glint.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “Being confident is good but you are too blind. You think your power alone is enough to kill me? You think just changing Soaring Immortal’s entry chant is enough for you to grow stronger? Even if you gamble the entire sect and have the power of an Emperor Rival, you are still only my prey.”

The queen became serious with her gaze. She didn’t expect for him to know this as well.

“Don’t be surprised.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Back during the previous search, I have checked your sect’s merit laws. The entry chant had been changed. Even though this new section wasn’t too conspicuous, it definitely hid the chant of the Ancient Ming. Others might not be aware, but don’t forget who obtained the manuals of this race back then!”

“So what if you know! It is all because of you that this is happening to Soaring Immortal!” She said coldly.

So it turned out that the queen had changed several entry chants to the sect and called them improvements. Of course, the sect didn’t know that this was her doing. Only the powerful ancestors who supported her pa.s.sed these merit laws down to their disciples for generations.


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