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Chapter 1044: The Legendary Lesser Imperial Devil World

Despite not knowing how to get up there, Sikong Toutian still swallowed his saliva greedily while looking at the Nihility Temple. He said: “I heard Immortal Emperor Fei Yang went there once and even took a stone Buddha statue away. Is that true?”

“About that, what else does the legend say about it?” Li Qiye asked with a grin.

Sikong Toutian went on: “Rumor has it that the emperor went there and was so eloquent that he managed to take away a stone statue willingly. It left the Nihility Temple and the Buddhist Funeral Plateau to go with him.”

Li Qiye smiled: “This legend can be considered true. However, there are a few minor details unknown to the world.”

Sikong Toutian immediately became spirited and asked: “What kind of details?”

Li Qiye answered with amus.e.m.e.nt: “There was a secret. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang indeed won. However, he didn’t bet on the ultimate gamble. To be precise, he only tricked a stone statue to leave with him. But nevertheless, the emperor was indeed amazing, using just his 3-inch tongue in order to take that statue. This could absolutely be praised as one of the greatest achievements of his life.” [1. http://www.visiontimes.com/2017/03/15/chinese-popular-phrases-a-3-inch-tongue.html]

“I have heard about it before.” Sikong Toutian was startled: “Legend states that there is an extremely heaven-defying item in the Nihility Temple that even Immortal Emperors coveted. The ancestors have talked about the ultimate gamble before; Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was someone who took the wager.”

Li Qiye gently nodded: “Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was indeed brilliant. Across the eons, even if he was weaker than Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng or Immortal Emperor Fei, his brilliance is comparable to Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.”

“In those days, the emperor really did enter the Nihility Temple to make the challenge and partic.i.p.ate in the ultimate gamble. Unfortunately, he was not the victor.” Li Qiye stared profoundly at the temple and slowly recalled the past: “Nevertheless, the emperor proved himself to be extraordinary. In the end, he left the temple with an invincible momentum. It could be said that one couldn’t leave unscathed after partic.i.p.ating in this gamble, it was truly difficult even for emperors.”

“Pretty amazing.” Sikong Toutian’s blood was boiling. He excitedly rubbed his palms together at the thought of a gamble of the emperor level. This was taking it to the limit and prompted him to say: “The ancestors told me some more. Later on, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai never dared to enter the Buddhist Funeral Plateau again for the rest of his life.”

“You can put it that way. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t return.” Li Qiye spoke: “However, even if he could, it wouldn’t be a good thing for him. That event casted a shadow over his mind, so he didn’t wish to go back.”

“Just who are the people in the Nihility Temple? How are they able to make an emperor never want to return to the plateau? To make them not even dare to take half a step inside?” Sikong Toutian was amazed and murmured in awe.

“No, not people, just one item.” Li Qiye muttered: “It’s just as you have said, an item coveted even by emperors.”

“Is it located in the temple itself?” Sikong Toutian began to salivate again like a little thief looking at a supreme treasure.

“Yes and no.” Li Qiye answered: “The pot isn’t in the Nihility Temple. However, in order to see it, one must go through the temple. The temple is the key.”

“It must be an immortal pot.” Sikong Toutian swallowed hard and smirked: “If I could just touch this kind of immortal pot, my life would be fulfilled.”

“You touching it?” Li Qiye glanced at him and lightly said: “Without considering whether you can get up there or not, even if you could, this doesn’t guarantee a chance of seeing the broken pot. Now let’s a.s.sume that you could see the pot. Not to mention touching, if you just looked at it a bit, heh…” Li Qiye laughed deviously at this point.

“What will happen?” Sikong Toutian felt an itch and had to ask: “Will I die just by looking at the immortal pot for a bit?”

Li Qiye smiled: “You won’t die, it would just be a fate worse than death! Not just anyone can touch this thing; it is a double-edged sword. If you can control it, then it can grant you everything. If not, then it will suck you dry! At that point, death will no longer seem scary and instead be a sweet relief! The worst part is that you won’t be able to die even if you wanted to. Not only that, your incessant torture will last for a very, very long time!”

Sikong Toutian s.h.i.+vered and added: “Just like being condemned to h.e.l.l with zero chance of reincarnation?”

Li Qiye didn’t answer him. He looked into the distance and spoke: “The lotus is coming out, so it is time for me to take action.”

Sikong Toutian quickly patted his chest and said: “Boss, I will stay back to watch over the place.”

Li Qiye nodded and stepped into the sky, instantly disappearing in the horizon; he headed for Spirit Mountain.

“The Buddhist lotus is about to come out.” In fact, this news was spread all over the plateau around this time. Many people were searching for it.

At first, the younger generation didn’t know what it was. However, after being told by their seniors, they immediately went to find the lotus.

Whenever the Lesser Imperial Devil World opens, a Buddhist lotus would appear. It had a great effect in the lesser world, so everyone wanted to have it.

Not far from Spirit Mountain was a withered valley. Not long ago, the entire place had sunk. However, it was now a welcoming golden spring.

“Splashh!” Golden spring water oozed from the valley. In just a short period of time, the valley turned into a large lake. Under the sunlight, the water that was already golden became even more dazzling.

In just half a day, countless experts rushed to this place. This was because they predicted the lotus, as well as the entrance to the Lesser Imperial Devil World, would appear here.

In a short moment, both the sky and ground surrounding this lake filled with people. Blood energy was surging everywhere. Both young and old were crowding here.

In the four directions, some stood alone in the sky while others used huge vessels to make s.p.a.ce. The strong ones took up a peak all by themselves while the cool ones sat under the shade of the trees…

In this place were many experts, including Heavenly Kings and Virtuous Paragons. Naturally, the famous geniuses wouldn’t miss this for anything.

Jikong Wudi, Heavenly Emperor Lin, Zhan s.h.i.+, and the Jewel Pillar Mortal King were all here. It could be said that they were the first to get here. Even Bing Yuxia came to play. Seated on her divine chariot while adorned with male attire, she looked around and said: “It seems like I’m not late.”

She took up a spot, but others didn’t dare to compete with her.

The group of geniuses all had their own territories. Other experts, both young and old, weren’t willing to fight them for it.

Among these geniuses, one would naturally become the Immortal Emperor in the future, so no one wanted to offend them. Not to mention, the powers behind them were quite powerful as well!

The undercurrents of both the lake and atmosphere simmered. There were a few powerful paragons here as well as a few G.o.d-Monarchs unwilling to show their faces.

Some of these paragons had already embarked on the path of the grand era. They wanted to seize the lotus as well. However, Jikong Wudi’s group was not afraid of the old paragons since they were well prepared.

Many noticed their confidence and couldn’t help but tremble. This meant that the group of geniuses had powerful dao protectors present as well.

In terms of cultivation, this young group couldn’t necessarily compete with older paragons, especially the grand era paragons and G.o.d-Monarchs. However, their secret dao protectors were dreadful to just about anyone, including G.o.d-Monarchs.

“We’re missing G.o.ddess Mei and Bai Jianzhen.” Someone murmured after looking at the young group.

“If G.o.ddess Mei and Bai Jianzhen come, then all the young people most qualified to become the emperor in the Mortal Emperor World will have gathered here.” Even the older generation had to admit this.

“There’s Evil Buddha as well.” Another blurted out.

At this time, someone shouted: “Evil Buddha is here!” People looked around and sure enough, Evil Buddha was flying here. Below his feet was an auspicious cloud, giving him the appearance of a Buddhist Lord that had ascended.

Li Qiye landed on a peak with many eyes on him. Recently, his reputation was sky-high and had even overshadowed Jikong Wudi’s group.

The Mortal King was giving him a particularly cold glare. However, he was surprisingly able to contain himself this time and didn’t make a move.

“The battle is about to begin.” Some people smelled blood with this gathering. They left the large lake to avoid being involved.

Even under the prying eyes of so many, Li Qiye remained calm as he stood alone while looking at the glittering golden lake with a faint smile on his face.


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