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Blue Flames!

Cold Blue Flames!

So cold that it makes the bone ache. Not the warm golden flame but a cruel and cold one.

Jon looked at the spell that he evoked.

It was the only thing he can use, the only Magic that he can evoke.

It wasn’t a normal experience.

He had to go out and look for more Forsworn in the Reach, sacrifice them and gain such power. He finally got to use the Sacrifice Magic and the result was this great. Of course, he had to have a pact with a Daedric Prince.

What he gained was this Cold Blue Flame, a flame that would obliterate the mortals and ravage their essence. The Cold Flames of the Fourth Sinus of Takubar, a pocket realm in Oblivion adopted by Coldharbour where the blue cold flames run wild.

It was beautiful in every way Jon can ever think of. Feeling such a blue cold flame would make people appreciate the blessing of the golden warm flame. The ash, supposedly grey in color, became snow white blue hint of glow.

Jon had to give something for this power, to get a part of his own corrupted just like how Vaermina corrupted Alina’s eyes. His Guardian Dragon Blessing was now corrupted too.

“This is the power granted to you by the Lord, mortal. Be thankful.” A nasty voice interrupted Jon’s thoughts.

“Shut the f.u.c.k up, Xikil.”

Jon replied harshly at his black and red skinned companion with two horns who he barely endured the presence of. A Dremora from Oblivion is not the best companion one can ask for.

That Dremora was responsible for holding the [Soul Sigil Stone], an artifact that helps Jon fulfill his pact with the Daedra.

“Hurry up and find more, mortal. These are just ten mortals you killed. Summon me once again when there is more prey, hahaha!”

The Dremora disappeared with a burst of disgusting laughter.

Jon sighed in his heart and carried looked at the mace in his hand, it took him four days and he finally made it. He can use what he used to have but he can use magic once again.

It all happened last night.


[Last Night – Markarth, the Abandoned House]

“Hey, I am bored. Are you not bored yet?”


“If it was Sheogorath, things would have been much different, you know! My intestines and all would be flying around and put back repeatedly.”


“Fine, if you are going to play hard to get then make a move. I mean you are the Lord of Domination and you can’t even play Monopoly? I am ashamed for you.”


“… You know I can do this all day, right?”


“Oh! He finally speaks.”

{Enough with your pity games, surround yourself now!}

“Based on what exactly? You and I both know how this game work and I still have something I want your help with. I caught that friend back there for your sake, I a.s.sume letting him complete the rite will be very pleasing for Boethiah to see. Isn’t that right, Logrolf?”

*m.u.f.fled groans*

“See, Logrolf agrees.”

{So that’s it? That’s your game?}

“Yes. I help you, you help me. Everyone walks away happily… except for Logrolf, he doesn’t seem like walking away any time soon.”

{Hahahaha! So you were fooling around my altar for three days just to get to this point?}

“Fooling around? You may be right… at least you got to enjoy it.”

{HA! Mortal, you are acting so bold. I am now trying to pick which one would be better to break, you or Logrolf?}

“As far as I am concerned, all you can do is some light and sound effects, that’s if you are not going to call a champion of yours to get rid of me. Now, shall we talk business?”

{Humph! What do you want, Mortal?}

“Let’s see… I am sure you already know who I am judging by how you Daedric Princes love to wager on us pity mortals doing things for you.”

{Yes, Yes. I am aware, you are a Laborer of Azura’s.}

“Well, you are right and as if you may have known, I have faced some bad luck lately. You see this vine growing on my body? I want to get rid of it but I can’t… well, I’ll be needing the help of a Mighty Daedra.”

{Is that it? I can help you but I won’t.}

“… What? Why?”

{You mortals and your pea brains! Azura gave you a task to cure yourself, why come to me?}

“… I, I thought…”

{You thought you can make a deal? Who do you think I am? Clavicus Vile?}


Things seemed to have gone out of Jon’s expectations. Even with a bargaining chip like his, the Daedric Prince he is communing with refused to help him.

Jon looked at the hateful altar in front of him with hate. It has been three days since he returned from the Battle of Kolskeggr Bridge and he was trying to secure a way out of these vines by any and all means.

His best shot was with the powerful Daedric Princes. His choices are limited to two Daedra and they are more horrible than the other one. It was either the Mistress of Decay, the Devourer of the Dead, and the Spirit Daedra the one known as [Namira] or the King of ****, the Prince of Schemes, and the Harvester of Souls the one known as [Molag Bal].

Between the Lady of Cannibalism and the Lord of Strife, Jon had to choose the later for reasons varied but not important anymore. It seems that Molag Bal is not helping.

{But for you to bring me the one who desecrated my altar, I guess I should reward you.}

Jon rolled up his eyes.

“I don’t need your mace. Too eye catchy.”

Jon completely shut off Molag Bal, he knew the reward of this quest already and knew many things about Molag Bal himself. The Daedric Prince loved schemes and backstabbing as well as domination, but what is not known is that Molag Bal loves being defied and fought against, those who surrender too easily are of not entertaining anymore.

Still, Molag Bal had something that Jon desired.

{Really? Then what if I tell you that I can help you in a way. You see… I can give you a mean to use Magic once again.} Molag Bal didn’t hide the malice in his tone.

Jon narrowed his eyes and looked at the dark demonic altar in front of him.

“I am listening.”

{Haha! Simply use my mace in a way that… Let’s say, different than its real purpose. My Mace can trap souls. Rather than sending them in pity Black Soul Gems, you can use a different way to send those souls directly to me and I… will grant you a set of spells you can use. Something picked by a Daedric Prince.}

Molag Bal’s offer ended here.

Jon kept thinking for a few seconds.

“And what about the parts you are not telling me?”


“You left a lot of blanks in that agreement, anyone would have been fooled but not me. You want me to use a mean I don’t know about to send Souls directly to you and get a power I don’t understand. Sounds like the Recipe of Disaster itself. Don’t you agree, Logrolf?”

“Ut..ma..oose!” (cut me loose)

“See? Even Logrolf agrees!”

Jon detected where Molag Bal’s scheme is.

{Humph! Mortal, you are annoying. Take the mace, bring me souls, gain power. Pity mortals don’t get to negotiate.}

“Oh! That so? Surprisingly, I agree. Still, not only you offered me your Mace but also power. I didn’t see that one coming to be honest. I will agree to the offer if you answer this one.” Jon said looked to the Altar that was shaped like Molag Bal’s head, “Why help me this much?”

{That’s what you want to know? Fine, let’s say that Sheogorath and Vaermina have put a huge bet on you completing your Labours. I saw those two doing so and I did like them. Malacath and Dagon are betting against you so it would worth it to see them losing splendidly.}

“Wait! I understand why Dagon is betting against me but Malacath? Well well well, looks like the Orcs are going to need a fifth Orsinium. Is there a free place in Coldharbour?”

{Hahaha! Nice one. So, you take my deal, Mortal?}

“Just make it more appealing.”

{Fine, here is the deal. For every soul you d.a.m.n to my realm, Coldharbour, I will give you enough Magic power by the Blessing I shall grant you. 10 Souls and I will give you a magic spell you can use, 100 Souls and I will give you another spell of much use to a man of your talent, 1000 Souls and you will gain power very befitting of you. Those three powers are the only things I will grant you beside my Mace.}

“And how will I send the souls to you?”

{That won’t be a problem you need to worry about, Mortal.}


Jon became silent for some time. Dealing with Molag Bal is no ordinary matter. A pact may happen but there is some scheme being brewed too. Something Jon can’t foresee.

“What about this Vine around me? Will I be able to get rid of it?”

{That’s Azura’s Labour, mortal. I can’t interfere.}

“Tsk! I just need to figure out what she meant that the cure is in the Reach.”

{Is that what she said?}

“She said: ‘Heal as soon as you can, the secret lies in the Reach no place else. By Blood, by Curse and by Sacrifice; you shall recover’.”

{Oh! Azura and her way of speaking! Hateful as ever.}

“Shouldn’t you Daedric Princes be high and mighty when you talk to us puny little weak pathetic mortals?”

{As much as it pleases me that you admit it, you need to be one bored Daedric Prince to talk that way. Only the Twilight Rose of Vanity uses such a way in speaking thinking high and mighty of herself.}

“I thought she is one of the good guys.”

{Good Guys?! HA! HAHAHA! That’s a new one. Azura of all Daedra? She’d curse an entire race on a whim, raise the sea in a fit of anger, chock the life out of you puny mortals once she was really enraged. You don’t know what you are dealing with, Mortal. I may be honest to my cause but there are worse rulers than I, much more.}

“Fine fine, do you have any idea how my Labour work?”

{Hahaha! Were you listening at all, Mortal? You Labour is simple and you were rather doing it splendidly well without even noticing. By Blood, by Curse, by Sacrifice. That’s your answer.}

Jon tilted his head.

“Isn’t that the Hedge Magic?”

{AAARRGH! You mortals are STUPID! Azura wants you to Shed Blood, to Place Curse and to Sacrifice your Enemies in the Reach! Azura is offended for your sake, mortal!} Molag Bal quietened for a second then spoke again, {Azura wants destruction!}


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