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Chapter 2970 – The Battle for the First Rank

“Piercing Sky!” Qin Qinglang shouted and threw a flurry of attacks.

Jiang Chen was calm and faced the attack with his fist. Metal clas.h.i.+ng sounds were heard as his fist clashed with Qin Qinglang’s lance. Jiang Chen’s st.u.r.dy body shocked the audience, the fierce lance could not cut through Jiang Chen’s fist.

Jiang Chen’s technique wasn’t extravagant as he just threw punch after punch with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.

Qin Qinglang’s lance kept on changing, yet Jiang Chen was unfazed and pushed Qin Qinglang back with his terrifying fist.

The situation changed instantly for the worse. Qin Qinglang’s initiative was thrown off by Jiang Chen’s sudden change. The might of the lance was suppressed by his fist. Jiang Chen then formed the True Dragon Seal with both his palm, and then destructive palms came raining upon Qin Qinglang.

“No!” Qin Qinglang’s expression changed drastically.

His heart was filled with anger and dissatisfaction. However, Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm instantly destroyed his lance. Then, another palm came without a pause, Qin Qinglang was then thrown out from the field, his bones and meridians were damaged.

A single seal, a single palm, defeating Qin Qinglang!

Everyone was shocked, how can a newcomer be this terrifying?!

Although Qin Qinglang was burning in anger, he had lost, it was a fact, and he’s not a sore loser. In the end, he was thrown out from the field by Jiang Chen and lost his honour.

“Too strong…” Lu Dong gasped.

Ten of him could not stand up against Jiang Chen. That terrifying might was not something that even he could face.

Donghuang Tai’a and Lu Dong looked at each other. Jiang Chen was no longer their goal because he was too high for them to reach. The moment they look forward, he’s already long gone, it’s not something that could be replicated.

“Little Chen, good luck, I believe that you’re the best.”

Yan Qingcheng smiled. Jiang Chen had also succ.u.mbed to that graceful smile of hers.

“I can even face the world with you at my side.” Jiang Chen smirked.

Qin Qinglang was just a pebble beneath his feet, there were many Qin Qinglang that tried to stop him but none of them were able to.

“Newcomer? Who said that newcomers ain’t worth sh*t? Hahaha, Jiang Chen managed to enter the top-3! I think Jiang Chen has the chance to defeat Xiao Qinglong.”

“Me too, I look highly upon Jiang Chen, he’s too scary, like a savage beast.”

“I suddenly have a thought, if a newcomer got to the first rank, will it be an unprecedented event for the Profound Connection Divine Palace? Haha.”

“If so, it will be pretty amazing! Usually, it’s pretty rare for them to even get into the top-200 and almost impossible to enter the top-100. This is indeed unprecedented.”

The newcomers and the senior disciples had high expectations for Jiang Chen now. His name would spread throughout the Profound Connection Divine Palace if he really managed to defeat Xiao Qinglong. He’s just a newcomer that entered the Profound Connection Divine Palace for a hundred years.

At this moment, Yu Chenglong silently watched Jiang Chen with a complicated heart. Just a hundred years ago, Jiang Chen’s a green newcomer but now Jiang Chen had already surpa.s.sed him. It’s uncertain whether he’ll defeat Qin Qinglang, however, he’d certainly lose against Jiang Chen

“Good luck.” Yu Chenglong sighed.

Yu Chenglong’s loss wasn’t unjustified, everyone improved, it’s just him being weaker, that’s all.

“Boy, pretty impressive, I wonder if you’re able to take on my Azure Dragon Heaven Toppling Seal.” Xiao Qinglong sneered.

“Your hope has finally been realised. It’s time to settle things today.”

Jiang Chen and Xiao Qinglong glared at each other, the both of them not backing down as no one knew who’s going to come out victorious in this clash.

Chen Long silently watched Jiang Chen. He wanted to fight Jiang Chen because he thought that Jiang Chen had more cards to play.

“I hope you can defeat Xiao Qinglong. Otherwise, Xiao Qinglong is not much of a challenge for me when it comes to the final round.” Chen Long said indifferently as he watched Jiang Chen from afar.

The battle between Jiang Chen and Xiao Qinglong was finally starting.

“This fella is unpredictable, Xiao Qinglong will not be able to win easily.” Lord Lin said with a smile.

“He might defeat Xiao Qinglong, but it’ll be impossible for him to defeat Chen Long. He could last over 50 rounds against Hierarch disciples of the inner-palace. Half-Step Hierarchs in the inner-palace are just fodders for him.” Qian Renji said with a heavy expression.

This Chen Long should’ve long entered the Inner-Palace, it’s just that he’s waiting for the spark to break through, and by then, less than 5 people could face him in the inner-palace. He’s a born overlord.

“Yeah, it’s already a great feat to reach the top-3 but it’s not easy to defeat Chen Long.” Lord Lin laughed and shook his head.

Obviously, both him and Qian Renji were pretty confident in Chen Long as Jiang Chen was still too weak. Perhaps, he could clash against Chen Long when he reached the Peak Divine King Realm or even the Half-Step Hierarch Realm. However, by then, Chen Long would have reached the Hierarch Realm.

“Now, both of you have a choice, rest for ten days or commence the battle today, it’s up to the both of you.” Qian Renji said towards Jiang Chen and Xiao Qinglong.

“This degree of battle? It’s not even a warmup. Let’s settle this now, there’s no need to wait for ten days.” Xiao Qinglong shook his head and said.

“As you wish.” Jiang Chen said.

“Alright, since the both of you agreed, let us start the battle.” Qian Renji said.

The battle immediately started!

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