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Chapter 2821

Sea Moon Gorge

Sea Moon Gorge!

This was a huge white gorge. At this moment, Jiang Chen looked from afar, completely looking solemn. What was hiding there? Who was the guy Yan Qingcheng mentioned about?

“That iron tree that blossoms, to have white smoke comes forth from a white jade. Who is that guy.”

Jiang Chen’s glaring eyes were staring at ‘Yan Qingcheng’.

“You will know once you arrive there. Whether you can make it or not, that depends on your luck.”

The raven said with a deep voice.

“If she gets hurt, I would make Azalea mountain barren and your soul to be suppressed in h.e.l.l forever. Don’t doubt what I say.”

Jiang Chen turned his body, took a deep breath and said faintly.

The raven looked at Jiang Chen and smiled bitterly:

“You have the same figure and same kind of stubbornness. But why don’t you turn back?”

After Jiang Chen left, the soul of the raven was injured severely. There’s a formidable seal inside Yan Qingcheng’s body that almost killed the raven’s soul.

“What is this? Is this the Eight Legions Buddha?! Girl, how did you get involved with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

The raven murmured. She could see clearly the b.l.o.o.d.y spiritual seal in Yan Qingcheng’s mind. The seal kept attacking Yan Qingcheng’s soul as if it wanted to get rid of her.

“I really want to see which buddha you are to be this presumptuous. Eight Legions Buddha, so what? I wasn’t even afraid of the Buddha before. You’re just a little buddha. Do you really think that you’re invincible?”

The raven said with a cold smile. Her overflowing spiritual strength then flooded into Yan Qing Cheng’s mind. The moment she sensed that the heavenly Sanskrit fell down from the heavens, eeven an emperor realm soul would find it hard to cope with.

“Which buddha are you? Quickly! Show yourself.”

The raven shouted.

“Since you want to be a coward, I will give you a helping hand.”

The raven’s dreadful spiritual strength was casted out once again, this time against the buddha. Yan Qingcheng’s face looked terrible now. The blood spiritual seal was continuously being attacked by the raven’s spiritual strength and Yan Qingchen was in great pain.

“Unexpectedly, you have merged with her as one body. She seems quite important to you. What a pitiful girl. She has been killed by you in the dark. But, I, Du Juan, will not let you get whatever you want. None of the Eight Legions Buddha is good!”

Du Juan’s spiritual strength fought the b.l.o.o.d.y seal for quite a while. In the end, Du Juan was more superior than the b.l.o.o.d.y seal, which was wiped out slowly. However, Du Juan was also strained as it was not easy to eradicate the spiritual seal left by the Eight Legions Buddha. If her body was still here, it wouldn’t have been a problem for her. But now, Du Juan was only a broken soul.

The battle between Du Juan’ spiritual strength and the Eight Legions Buddha’s b.l.o.o.d.y seal lasted a long time. With her formidable mightiness, Du Juan overcame the b.l.o.o.d.y spiritual seal. The seal started becoming blurry and was about to disappear soon. It lost its strength to defend.

“A centipede does not topple over even when dead. At least, it is impossible for you to control her now.”

Du Juan murmured. At least she had done something that relieved Yan Qincheng. The Eight Legions Buddha was something that happened hundreds and thousands of years ago. Her understanding of the Eight Legions Buddha was only limited to what she knew during the chaotic ancient period.

Jiang Chen knew that it was not beneficial to him if he insisted on fighting Du Juan. She wanted him to go to the Sea Moon Gorge to let the iron tree that blossoms, to have white smoke come forth from a white jade. It was not something simple, but Jiang Chen was reluctant to go against Du Juan as he could see real emotion in Du Juan’s eyes. Who was the guy she really wanted to see?

Jiang Chen was also extremely curious about her ident.i.ty, but he had no choice but to obey her because Du Juan was really powerful. However, Jiang Chen believed that Du Juan would not hurt Yan Qingcheng.

Inexorably, Jiang Chen felt that there was some kind of relations.h.i.+p between Du Juan, Dieyi Fairy and the person she wanted to meet.

“Is the Silver Dragon Fruit in the Sea Moon Gorge? Azalea mountain is covered with the Azalea flower. The whole mountain has only Azalea flowers. Only the silver Sea Moon Gorge seemed to be the place where Silver Dragon Fruit hides.”

Jiang Chen said in a low voice while looking at the Sea Moon Gorge.

At the moment, Donghuang Taiji, Murong Yun`er and A’mo Kehan wanted to follow Jiang Chen to Sea Moon Gorge but they were stopped by Jiang Chen. The journey to the Sea Mon Gorge would not be easy as it looked like a strange place. It was highly likely that they might not be able to come back after heading there. Even Jiang Chen was not confident in this journey but he would do everything for Yan Qingcheng.

Under the Sea Moon Gorge was a huge pitless canyon. The canyon was milky white as if it was a flawless white jade. There were storms between the mountains and even an Early Divine King expert would not be able to withstand when the storm strikes. Although the storms looked harmless, many Early Divine King experts would not dare to cross over the storms.

“You guys wait for me here.”

Jiang Chen said.

The three of them looked at each other and smiled bitterly. They felt bad letting Jiang Chen go through the danger alone, but their strength was indeed much weaker compared to Jiang Chen’s. They even carried injuries with them now. This was the best decision right now.

The storms in the mountains never stopped but it was not too cruel. However, people with a weak cultivation realm might be smashed into pieces easily.

“This is really a strange place.”

Jiang Chen murmured. He found the storms here very strange, and was unable to find out what kind of landscape this was.

Everywhere was full of white jade rocks. This was why it was called moon gorge because the jade here was as bright as the moon. It was a beautiful place.

Jiang Chen walked in the canyon carefully as he was cautious of any changes in this Sea Moon Gorge.

“Xing Feng, do you really think that you’re invincible? If my brother Gui Gu is here, you won’t get a chance to show off yourself.”

Ten li away from the place, a fierce shout could be heard which attracted Jiang Chen’s attention. Jiang Chen rushed to the place immediately. There were a few figures coming up in front of him. Obviously, that was the arrogant Xing Feng!

“Killing Luo Sect? Not to say you, Zhou Tong, even if Gui Gu is here, I won’t even bother. And you all are just some noobs, do you really think that Profound Connection Divine Palace is a place for rubbish people like you? It’s a place full of geniuses. Even if you could enter, you might die without knowing the reason. Humph.”

Xing Feng stood there and said with a cold laugh. He did not even care about the three men who stood in front of him.

“What a great Heavenly Xing sect. So arrogant. Hu Yue Boundary, White Tiger Heavenly Dragon Sect, w.a.n.g Xiaohu is here. I really want to see how you are going to fight with so many of us. Brother Zhou, let’s join hands to fight with him.”

A thin young man touched his long hair slightly and smiled. His eyes gave out a high fighting spirit.


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