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Chapter 2811 – Almost Perfect

“Mo Fangzhou, don’t you realize that you’re quite shameless? Brother Jiang Chen saved all of us. If he did not save us, the Thunderbolt Agarwood would’ve still been taken by him. And us? We would have died more than a hundred times.”

A’mo Kehan said with rage and stared at Mo Fangzhou. Mo Fangzhou gritted and said.

“No matter what, this is discovered by Mo Family, how could we give this out to others? It should be handed to our family and let the ancestor make the judgement.”

“Such a shameful thing. I can not stand this. I will make the decision right now. If anyone interferes with this matter again, I will definitely not show him any face. The Mo Family always values kindness. If we lose our kindness, then how are we going to stand right? Thunderbolt Agarwood, so what?”

Moling Dongchen said firmly. Her overbearing manner made Mo Fangzhou become speechless at the moment. B*tch, you gave out all the treasure to your lover and still speak such high-sounding words. When I get back to our family, I will definitely complain about you. Let’s see!

Mo Fangzhou could only swallow his words as Jiang Chen had indeed shown them kindness. If he still insisted to rip his face off, it would bring no benefits to anyone.

“You’re welcome. Isn’t this very nice? Then I will just respect and follow what you said.”

As soon as Jiang Chen finished his words, he immediately took the Thunderbolt Agarwood from Moling Dongchen’s hand. His heart s.h.i.+vered for a second. He might not be able to refine the Thunderbolt Agarwood now, however, it would be a great treasure for him to concoct medicinal pills in the future.

As soon as Jiang Chen kept the Thunderbolt Agarwood, Mo Fangzhou became even more irritated. This guy was here obviously for the Thunderbolt Agarwood, but he still acted like a gentleman and seduced my Mo Family’s princess?

Do you really think that you can do whatever you can with your own? What a shameless man. Mo Fangzhou hated Jiang Chen to the core even though Jiang Chen had saved him.

Moling Dongchen did not know whether to laugh or cry as she could see that Jiang Chen was really obsessed with the Thunderbolt Agarwood. She was even thrilled as Jiang Chen liked it.

“Brother Jiang, what is your plan? How about joining us to enter the depths of the w.a.n.g Di Mountain.”

A’mo Kehan said in a deep voice. The more people they had, the more strength they had. They had received Jiang Chen’s kindness and he was also very formidable. A’mo Kehan of course wanted to follow Jiang Chen. Ever since in the Divine Tomb, he always wanted to follow him. Although he was proud of himself, he kept his pride in front of Jiang Chen.

“Alright. But I might need to seclude myself for a while.”

Jiang Chen nodded and said. He must cultivate his Twelve Fire G.o.d Guards well this time. If he did not put effort in cultivating them, it would be very difficult for their strength to advance anymore. However, Jiang Chen had fully utilized their potential. Since he had the Ghost Wu Vibranium and the formula of the Eliminating Doom Pill, Jiang Chen was confident in advancing the Twelve Fire G.o.d Guards to another realm. But that would depend on his capability too.

“Sure, we will wait for you.”

Moling Dongchen said without hesitation. Even A’mo Kehan never expected that she would agree readily.

Undeniably, A’mo Kehan had a very good impression of Moling Dongchen. However, he was not an idiot as he could see that Moling Dongchen was quite interested in Jiang Chen. In this sense, he would never dare dream for the saint lady. Moreover, he would not do anything against Jiang Chen at all. Jiang Chen was a senior that A’mo Kehan really respected. Jiang Chen was also someone who showed great kindness to him. That was why A’mo Kehan only had affection and respect towards Moling Dongchen at this moment.

Mo Fangzhou was completely p.i.s.sed off but he could not do anything about it. Because Moling Dongchen did not care at all.

Moling Dongchen and the others helped to guard Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen disappeared immediately, entering the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He started to concoct the Eliminating Doom Pill. He already had all the ingredients he needed to concoct the Eliminating Doom Pill. Jiang Chen had harvested quite a lot of good stuff after entering w.a.n.g Di Mountain.

When Jiang Chen was ready to refine the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards, a cold voice was heard r.

“I didn’t expect that you would grow so quickly.”

“You are finally here?”

Jiang Chen smiled and looked at the beautiful figure that was covered by fire. It was Red Lotus. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen was still unable to see through Red Lotus’s strength until now. The unparalleled Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus was indeed quite mysterious.

“It would not be that easy to refine the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards. It won’t be easy to refine the Eliminating Doom Pill and Ghost Wu Vibranium with your Five Elemental True Fire as well.”

Red Lotus said.

“Are you going to help me?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile

“At least you have the strength to be demanding now. Whether the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards could s.h.i.+ne again and become even better than before, that would depend on your capability. I can’t help you too much!”

Red Lotus said.


Jiang Chen nodded his head and started concocting the Eliminating Doom Pill. He raised the Five Elemental True Fire out. The Eliminating Doom Pill was only a First Grade Pill, so Jiang Chen didn’t find it too difficult to concoct. However, it was not so simple to combine the Eliminating Doom Pill, Ghost Wu Vibranium and the Fire G.o.d Guards together to achieve great transformation. That was why Jiang Chen did not rush. Currently, the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards were all at the Early Divine King Realm. If he wanted to transform them completely, he could only advance their strength and quality.

Once he finished the Eliminating Doom Pill, Jiang Chen did not rush to finish the other pill. Instead, he melted the pill and refined it into the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards.

As soon as the Eliminating Doom Pill was melted and blended into the guards, terrifying star light erupted from the combination. Jiang Chen started refining the Ghost Wu Vibranium immediately.

The level of difficulty of refining the Ghost Wu Vibranium was out of Jiang Chen’s expectation. It took three years to refine the Ghost Wu Vibranium. But, luckily Jiang Chen was in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da where the time concept was different from outside.

The process of refining the Ghost Wu Vibranium took more than three years. Jiang Chen did not know that a real alchemist would take eight to ten years to refine a Heavenly Divine Tool. It would take more than a hundred years to refine an Origin Divine Tool. It was actually quite impressive already as he only took three years to refine the Ghost Wu Vibranium.

Under Jiang Chen’s refining, the Ghost Wu Vibranium started blending well with the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards. Their quality was being advanced continuously. The Eliminating Doom Pill purified some of the impurities from the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards. The Ghost Wu Vibranium also made the guards become stronger and their strength were incomparable to the past. After eight years, Jiang Chen finally managed to blend the Eliminating Doom Pill and the Ghost Wu Vibranium into the Fire G.o.d Guards perfectly. Jiang Chen was quite satisfied. He indeed succeeded in advancing the twelve Fire G.o.d Guards to an unprecedented realm.

The strength of the Fire G.o.d Guards was comparable to Origin Divine Tools. It’s battle strength has reached the peak of Early Divine King Realm. They would be able to confront four Mid Divine King Realm experts.

“Almost perfect.”

Jiang Chen looked at the transformed Fire G.o.d Guards with great satisfaction and his eyes were dazzling.


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