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Chapter 2741

It’s Not Madness but Confidence

“Jiang Chen? Is he really Senior Jiang Chen? It’s him!”

“I am not going to die now. Since Senior Jiang Chen is back, he will definitely make these three guys suffer a tremendous defeat.”

“Senior Jiang Chen looks awesome, I will definitely marry a hero like him in the future. He will marry me by riding on the seven-coloured clouds.”

“Hahaha. It seems like my Profound Wind Sect is saved now.”

Some of them shed tears of delight and their depression was dispelled completely at this moment. Jiang Chen was coming down like a life savior. Even though they were not clear about Jiang Chen’s and the other three Hierarch experts’ strength, their senior was the most invincible and irresistible existence for them. At this moment, they believed that Jiang Chen would definitely save them from this desperate and hopeless situation!

No matter how strong Jiang Chen was, his existence itself was like feeding everyone with a pill, which made everyone calm down. It was a great consolation to them.

Jiang Chen had killed countless experts along the way, sweeping over the entire Linhe Boundary. He had eliminated all of his enemies and eradicated the roots of the Clear Stream Sect. All these achievements had made the entire Profound Wind Sect treat Jiang Chen as their greatest role model in life. As Jiang Chen was the most invincible and matchless person in the world. At least within the Linhe Boundary, their Senior Jiang Chen was strong enough to devour the world!

Jiang Chen was the Profound Wind Sect’s source of confidence and belief as they have strong faith in Jiang Chen. Their sect would remain standing as long as Jiang Chen was alive, they would only be eradicated by Jiang Chen’s death.

Xuan Qingming was staring at Jiang Chen silently, his excitement was shown on his face. However, he was the only one who knew how formidable these Hierarch Realm experts were. He was afraid that there was no one who dared to offend these three greatest Hierarch experts, even in the Lone Dragon County as they were all Supreme Elders from the greatest sects. The Clear Stream Sect was eliminated and the Supreme Elders of the three greatest sects were all gathered here. It seemed like war was imminent at this moment.

Even though Xuan Qinming knew that Jiang Chen had a lot of tricks in his bag, those three were old devils who had been living for more than thousands of years. They were considered as the real invincible genius in the world, and the most influential figures who took the lead in Linhe Boundary back in those days. They would’ve kept on cultivating in seclusion if Jiang Chen had not stirred up such great trouble.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Wuqiong and the others fixed their gaze on Jiang Chen. Finally, this guy appeared.

“So, you are Jiang Chen?”

Dan Yingqing said, staring at Jiang Chen sharply.

“What if I say yes? Are you guys looking for me?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile, looking calm and confident. He did not care what these three guys thought. Fortunately, he had returned directly to the Linhe Boundary after he left Liaobei City. Otherwise, the entire Profound Wind Sect would be swept away by these three people if he arrived slightly late.

“Great to hear that. Since you eliminated my Clear Stream Sect, I guess you should know what to do next.”

Xuanyuan Wuqiong said lightly. His eyes met Jiang Chen’s directly, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Xuanyuan Wuqiong wished that he could smash Jiang Chen into pieces and tore him apart. The thousand years foundation of the entire Clear Stream Sect was utterly destroyed by Jiang Chen. He could not sum up his grudge against Jiang Chen in a few words. It would never be enough even if Jiang Chen was killed and never reborn.

“What I only know is that those who offend me will never survive.”

Jiang Chen stood with his arms folded, looking at the three individuals arrogantly and fearlessly. At this moment, he was already well-prepared. Although the three of them were all Half-step Hierarch experts, he swore not to surrender and he would not surrender. He had burnt his bridges behind him as there were a hundred thousand Profound Wind Sect disciples behind him.

Jiang Chen, however, could not guarantee that he could compete against these three. Even the clone of the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries did not reach the Half-step Hierarch Realm, while these three experts were truly powerful experts who almost reached the Hierarch Realm. It was totally different with the Divine King Realm. Even though there was merely one step away from the Half-step Hierarch Realm and the Divine King Realm, there were some people who could hardly achieve this in their lifetime. Only the one who reached the Hierarch Realm could be considered as the real invincible experts.

“It seems like you don’t realize the current situation yet. Haha.”

Li Zheyan shook his head with a slight smile. He seemed to make nothing of Jiang Chen as he was merely a Half-step Divine King. Moreover, it was a three to one battle. It seemed like Jiang Chen had a slim chance of survival in this life and death battle. Most of them were experts who had been cultivating for more than thousands of years, and they had reached the level of perfection. They were forced to stop their seclusion for one reason, they were here to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had eliminated the Clear Stream Sect and he was matchless in the entire Linhe Boundary. However, everyone was waiting for the Supreme Elder of the Clear Stream Sect to strike out. There were countless people deeply concerned with this battle. If Jiang Chen was defeated, the entire Linhe Boundary would surely go into panic and sink into despair. At that time, it would bring an enormous impact to the Linhe Boundary. The Profound Wind Sect would be eliminated while the remaining sects would suffer severe damages and all the forces would be merged together. On the other hand, if Jiang Chen won the fight, everyone would surrender and bow before him.

Even though there was a low chance of winning, this showed that Jiang Chen was competent enough without a doubt since he had destroyed the Clear Stream Sect.

In other words, everyone was waiting for Jiang Chen’s defeat secretly as Jiang Chen had become an extraordinary person in the Linhe Boundary. Once he died, it would stir up the greatest storm within the boundary. Although the Supreme Elder of the Clear Stream Sect was formidable, they were already at death’s door the moment they exited their secluded cultivation. Not only the Supreme Elder of the Clear Stream Sect, even the other two were the same. Even if they were strong enough, it was impossible to restore the entire Clear Stream Sect to its original state. Even the Divine Pill Sect and the Ghost Eye Sect would not be able to do so. Hence, Jiang Chen had become the focus of the entire Linhe Boundary at this moment.

“What is my current situation? Aren’t you guys going to take my life? Let’s see which one of you can do that.”

Jiang Chen looked overbearing and arrogant, he did not care about their threats and oppression.

“Since I eliminated the Clear Stream Sect and killed ten Divine King experts alone, my strength has already been proven. Just attack if you’re interested in getting a taste of it, and stop talking nonsense.”

Obviously, Jiang Chen was talking to the three of them. It did not sound like putting them in their place but Jiang Chen would not be able to gain the upper hand if he did not agitate them. He was doing this to create some kind of threat and pressure on them, mentally. Jiang Chen swore not to let them off easily. After killing them, he would truly become matchless and invincible in Linhe Boundary.

“Truly, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. You looked confident. But unfortunately, you met us today.”

Xuanyuan Wuqiong sighed, looking extremely cold. It showed that Jiang Chen was undoubtedly strong and talented since he had reached the Half-step Divine King realm at such a young age. Besides, it was just unbelievable that he could eliminate the Clear Stream Sect with this kind of strength, but he was actually able to. Xuanyuan Wuqiong and the others could not help but feel slightly worried. If Jiang Chen was not killed within a hundred years, perhaps a devil would be born in the future.

As Jiang Chen’s strength was growing at a terrifying speed, he would definitely stand out if given enough time to grow.

“Even if you’re all Half-step Hierarch Realm experts, so what? It doesn’t matter who you are, as I will never care about it.”

Jiang Chen said arrogantly. Xuanyuan Wuqiong and the others looked at each other with a smile. How dare Jiang Chen treat a Half-step Hierarch Realm expert so easily? How could a Half-step Divine King Realm expert offend the three of them at the same time. It was the same as digging one’s own grave.

“I am not insane, it is called confidence.”


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