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Another Wealthy Person

“Young master. What kind of Divine Tool are you planning to auction?”

“It’s just a normal sword. It’s named Zi Luo Sword.”

Jiang Chen took out a sword. It was just a normal grade item that he made, it’s not really a great treasure. Its name was also randomly given. He had thirty more of these average divine tools. Nevertheless, these divine tools were priceless for others.

“Young Master, are you sure you want to auction this divine tool?”

Her eyes shone brightly and looked at Jiang Chen with sparkling eyes.

“This servant’s name is Zi Luo. Hehehe.”

Jiang Chen was stunned, instantly feeling awkward. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence? Are you joking?

“I hope Miss Zi Luo does not blame me, this sword is named by me.”

“Then, we have a unique fate.” Zi Luo lightly touched her robe and said with a slight smile.

“This divine tool will have a base price of 5,000 high-grade divine origin stones. As for how much it’ll fetch, it depends on the people who are going to bid for it, and how high they’re willing to offer. For us, the highest bid we had here was 11,000 high-grade divine origin stones. Our fee is 1%, the lowest in the whole Ancient Dragon City. ”

“Oh. I see.” Jiang Chen nodded.

“Oh right, Miss Zi Luo, will there be an Immortal Grade pill formula up for auction today?” Jiang Chen asked which made Zi Luo slightly squint her eyes.

“You’re right, is the young master interested in the pill formula too? As far as I know, the people of Divine Pill Sect are dead set on getting that. Hehe.”

“Nope. I’m just asking.” Jiang Chen smiled.

He left the hall after setting a price with Zi Luo. At this moment, the auction site was filled with people.

On the stage, a tall and elegant auctioneer and a middle-aged man beside her said:

“Everyone please be silent. The annual grand auction will be starting. I am your host, Han Dabing. Our first item is a False Divine Tool, the starting bid is 500 high-grade divine origin stones. Each bid shall not be less than 10 high-grade divine origin stones.”

Hao Dabing said and the people became somewhat restless, countless people increased their bid instantly.






“Are there any higher bids? 630 once, 630 twice, 630 thrice! Sold!”

With the hammer as the indicator. The False Divine Tool was sold at 630 high-grade divine origin stones. Jiang Chen was secretly feeling flabbergasted. d.a.m.n, they’re rich, looks like there’s a lot of rich guys here.

Dozens of items were sold in the following time—pills, medicinal ingredients, meteorite irons required for making a divine tool, and some rare items.

“Haih, all of those are good stuff but it’s a pity I do not have the money for it,” Bai Yunfei said with a bitter expression.

The cheapest item was at least several dozen high-grade divine origin stones which they consider as extremely expensive. If they include Yang Jian, they only have 10 high-grade divine origin stones. Looking at how these people spend all their money freely, even the serious Yang Jian felt somewhat pained from the money flying here and there.

“Darn it, where do they get those divine origin stones?”

“Worse comes to worse. We’ll just have to become pirates and rob them to help the poor. Haha.” w.a.n.g Chongyang said with a laugh.

“Next up, the items that are going to be auctioned are these Ten Thousand Years Blood Lingzhi and the Human Faced Demon Ginseng. Some would ask why are these two items put up together? Because these two rare treasures are grown together like siamese twins. One could not be separated from the other. Once they are separated, their potency will drop tremendously.” Hao Dabing said seriously and nervously.

“The starting bid for this item is 2000 high-grade divine origin stones.”


The whole auction ground was in an uproar. 2000 high-grade divine origin stones. The price immediately stopped 90% of the partic.i.p.ants from bidding. Only those disciples from the great sects with deep pockets could fork out such an amount. Hence, the contender for these items became few.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. He wanted this Ten Thousand Years Blood Lingzhi and the Human Faced Demon Ginseng. It’s great for one’s cultivation if these two items were consumed directly, however, if it was made into pills, the effect would be tremendous.

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn’t the only one who knew how precious these items were and what effect it had.

“This Ten Thousand Years Blood Lingzhi, I’ll get it.” A grey-robed youth said.

Jiang Chengzi who was beside him slightly nodded. These peerless materials must be obtained.

“2100.” The grey-robed youth said.

“2200.” Somebody bid.



The price kept going up, the Ten-Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom and the Human Faced Demon Ginseng was quite pricey but n.o.body was willing to let it go.

“3,000.” The grey-robed youth said.

Many people had given up because of the price because not many were willing to pay for such a high price.

“3,100.” Another unknown person bid as he too was interested in the items.

The price slowly went up.

“3, 500!” The grey-robed youth said once again.

This time, the hall became silent, everyone couldn’t help but be left speechless by his wealth.

“The Divine Pill Sect is truly wealthy.”

“Yeah. But only the people of the Divine Pill Sect could possess such items and wouldn’t waste it.”

“You’re right, a great ingredient needs a great alchemist to unleash its true potential.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression moved, it’s time for him to bid. Because no one else was bidding against the Divine Pill Sect anymore.

“Three thousand eight hundred.”

Jiang Chen’s words shocked countless people. Instantly, all their gazes were focused on him.

“It’s him!” The grey-robed youth’s eyes slightly squinted.

“Another wealthy man? Haha.”

“Looks like the Divine Pill Sect has met their match.”

“I know that fellow. Isn’t he the alchemist that defeated the prodigy of the Divine Pill Sect?”

“Looks like it’ll be a harsh battle.”

“Four Thousand.” The grey-robed youth frowned.

Is that fellow really THIS rich? A mere minor sect disciple without background, how could this be?

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