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Chapter 2110The h.e.l.lish Divine Tomb

“It’s because those below the Heavenly G.o.d realm does not possess a Divine Spark, their divine souls will dissipate into the Heavens and Earth after their death. When one reaches the Heavenly G.o.d Stage, one could start building his own Divine Spark, only when a Divine Spark is formed that a Heavenly G.o.d shall become an immortal being. Even still, powerful experts exist throughout the Divine World. Many of them who died were transferred into the Divine Tomb by the law of Heaven and Earth.

“The divine souls within the Divine Tomb have a possibility to reincarnate, as long as they absorb 10,000 essences from those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns, and have a chance to return to their G.o.dly position. Except for those wicked ones that are thrown into the Divine Prison by the powerful beings or enforcers of the Divine World. These wicked ones will have their Divine Spark slowly destroyed by the law of the Divine Prison and shall forever be unable to reincarnate.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but gasp. Ten thousand Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns! Terrifying, ten thousand living ones! And these are powerful beings that had spent countless resources just to enter the Divine World. All of them were devoured nonetheless. No wonder there only 1/10th of a chance to succeed in entering the Divine World. The Divine Tomb is a very terrifying place compared to the Divine Prison.

“The laws of this Heaven and Earth is truly brutal.” Jiang Chen sighed.

His gaze became firm, he must break through the nine-layered heavens. No one would be able to stop him. For those that wish to have his essence, they shall be given eternal slumber as their reward!

“There are powerful beings like Divine King, Hierarch, Divine Emperor and G.o.d-Emperor above you?”

“Master, you’re joking. Those that are above the Heavenly G.o.d realm are rare, it is rare to have a Divine King, as their divine soul is as strong as a Middle Void G.o.d experts. As for those Hierarchs, it is much rarer to see them, their strength is at the Late Void G.o.d level and there’s only five of them in the Divine Tomb. As for Divine Emperors, there’s no such being here in the Divine Tomb.”

Mo Yan said: “The Divine Tomb only open its doors once every thousand years. Countless divine souls below the Divine King realm that are under the command of a much a powerful divine soul will start harvesting Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns. Those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that had entered the Divine Tomb from every corner could easily reach 10,000s. But those that can truly enter the Divine World are truly rare. Only those that are truly powerful or truly fated shall be able to enter. Just like Master.”

Jiang Chen expressed his admiration. He had never thought that there are so many things to know regarding the Divine Tomb. Then, won’t the Divine World be more interesting?

“Follow me, those below Late Heavenly G.o.d will probably not attack me now.” Jiang Chen said.

“How far do we need to travel to exit this Divine Tomb.”

“If we’re fast, probably 50 days. If we’re slow, a year or two may not be enough. Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns couldn’t fly here, not even Divine Kings could fly under the laws of the Divine Tomb. Only some flying beast could take flight here. ” Heavenly G.o.d Mo Yan said.

“Then, we need to move quickly and find Big Yellow and Monkey. Otherwise, it’ll be bad if those two meet any misfortunes.” Jiang Chen muttered.

Both of their strength were above average, but this Divine Tomb was filled with danger. Jiang Chen did not wish to see them getting harmed.

“How knowledgeable are you about the Divine Tomb?”

“I am only familiar within the 10,000 li radius around here. The Divine Tomb is ma.s.sive. It has existed aeons ago and it is gigantic. One cannot trace its origins. Among the thousands of Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns who entered this place, there are surely powerful ones that would ascend the numerous trials. Just like Master, unparalleled. But if one was unlucky to meet a Peak Late Heavenly G.o.d or even Divine King grade divine souls, then Master may have to suffer or even fall here. Therefore, the road that those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns tries to ascend after reaching the Divine Tomb is perilously hard. Countless people had spent thousands of years cultivating and simply dies here in the end. How sad, how sad.” Mo Yan said.

“Alright, I understand.” Jiang Chen said.

This Divine Tomb was much more solemn and dangerous than he had expected. Thousands of years of cultivation destroyed at a single moment, however it’s extremely normal. Because those divine souls of the Divine World were there to stop those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns from ascending the heaven’s road, this was also a form of training.

“Continue forward.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

He needed to quickly meet up with Big Yellow and Monkey. But this Divine Tomb was ma.s.sive, where should they start their search? Jiang Chen was feeling extremely worried. But Big Yellow is smart and Monkey is cruel, no matter which Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign they face, n.o.body would be able to mess with those two. They shouldn’t encounter any problem as long as they don’t encounter a divine soul above the Divine King realm.

In a distance not too far from Jiang Chen!

“Lowly Immortal Sovereigns, why not surrender quickly, hehe, it has already come to this, why do you guys still struggle uselessly so?”

“Yeah, quickly surrender, perhaps our boss will leave your corpse whole, kakaka.”

“Enough chatter. The boss is waiting for us. Only a hundred-ish essence is needed for the boss to complete the 10,000 requirement. It won’t be long before he returns to his G.o.dly position.”

“You’re right. We cannot be responsible for delaying the boss’ plan. These three Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns came just in time. Hahaha.”

Four Middle Heavenly G.o.d divine souls said laughingly, the ethereal faces they possessed were filled with a feminine aura.

“Third Sister, leave quickly, while Big Brother and Second Brother can still endure. Otherwise, there won’t be a chance the moment they unleash all of their pressure.” Jiang Zheren said with a sinking voice.

As the Big Brother of the trio, he was the strongest amongst them. However he was still lacking compared to these hateful divine souls. These divine souls were at most at the level of a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. But more injuries appeared on the trio’s body as the battle goes on, with the trio fending off against four enemies.

These four Heavenly G.o.ds were the lowest in the hierarchy. But even so, they were still hard to deal with. Truly unbelievable.

“Yes, Third Sister. Where there is life, there is hope. If there’s a chance after you’ve escape, attain a G.o.dly position and that is the greatest wish of us brothers, hahaha.”

Jiang Zhejun too gave a big laugh. Even while facing imminent death, they were still fearless.

“No, Big Brother, Second Brother. How could I run away alone while leaving the two of you behind.” Jiang Xinxin’s expression changed and she said with a sinking voice.

The trio came to the Divine Tomb from the Jiang Huai Immortal World and planned to ascend the heaven’s road together and enter the Divine World. But never in their wildest dreams had they thought that an ambush was waiting for them, an ambush from four divine souls of Heavenly G.o.ds whose strength wasn’t something to scoff at, causing them to despair. It’s already considered not bad if they could manage to send their little sister off.


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