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Pressuring the Imperial Capital


The supreme elder uttered a miserable cry. His body was battered and covered in blood from head to toe as though he had become a b.l.o.o.d.y man, but because he was a mighty late Immortal Venerable, he had tenacious life force and was still alive. It was just that he didn’t look very well at the moment. His eyes were filled with fear. Perhaps, he never thought that he would have such a day.

The soldiers of Great Qian Empire quieted down at once. They were so astounded they had forgotten how to react. At this moment, their impression of Jiang Chen was once again elevated to an unreachable extent.

“Even the supreme elder of Great Cloud Empire can’t match our commander. I can almost imagine the scene of Commander Jiang leading us to attack the Imperial Capital.”

“That’s right. Commander Jiang’s power is unfathomable. Even a late Immortal Venerable was killed by him. I really look forward to the scene of Commander Jiang fighting the half-step Sovereign.”

“The supreme elder is finished. Commander will never spare him.”

“Isn’t that obvious? This is war. There are no victory and defeat, only life and death.”


The soldiers began to be overwhelmed by excitement. The thrill of fighting alongside their commander was unspeakable.

Realising the terror of Jiang Chen, the supreme elder was feeling a mix of emotions. Before he came here, he had never dreamt of such a scene. Even now, a part of him was still convinced that he was in a dream.

Without another word, the supreme elder wheeled around and fled. The facts proved that he wasn’t an opponent of Jiang Chen. He would only lose his life if he continued to stay here.

As a matter of fact, choosing to flee now wouldn’t make a difference because Jiang Chen would never let his enemy escape. If the supreme elder had chosen to flee at the beginning, there was a higher chance of him succeeding. But now, given his current state, it was afraid that he couldn’t even leave the domain of Jiang Chen, let alone flee from the scene.

“You still want to run away even at this time?”

Jiang Chen’s plain voice reverberated in the zone and the Five Elemental Sphere was constricted. The supreme elder then discovered that the entire battlefield had been under the full control of Jiang Chen. He had no chance of escaping.

Jiang Chen approached the supreme elder with his killing intent emanating strongly.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t kill me,” said the supreme elder.

“Why can’t I? Is your life more precious compared to other people? In my opinion, as long as the person is my enemy, that person will have to die. Or do you mean that if I kill you, Great Cloud Empire will never let me go, and that Venerable Extermination will come and kill me? You don’t have to tell me this kind of innutritious reason. Even if I don’t kill you, they won’t let the matter rest. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s not them who aren’t going to let the matter rest now. It’s me who is going to find them and eradicate them. So they ought to beg me for mercy,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

“Jiang Chen, don’t tell me that you are confident enough to fight a half-step Sovereign?”

The supreme elder grasped the meaning behind Jiang Chen’s words. Even in the face of death, he was still somewhat shocked by the arrogance of this young man who didn’t put even a half-step Sovereign in his eyes.

“Like I said, after killing you, my army will attack your capital, and I will personally eliminate that Venerable Extermination.”

Jiang Chen sounded incomparably proud, but within his pride, there was a strong confidence that originated from his bones and told people that his words wasn’t made out of recklessness.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, you are just too arrogant! I have to admit that you are a genius that’s rarely seen in ten thousand years, but your confidence will eventually harm you. The might of a half-step Sovereign is beyond your imagination. It’s courting death to fight a half-step Sovereign with your current strength.”

Sensing the ridiculous comment of Jiang Chen, the supreme elder burst into laughter.

“I’m sorry but that is none of your concern because you won’t live long enough to see that.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time with the supreme elder. He brandished the Heavenly Saint Sword at lightning speed, instantly cutting off the head of the supreme elder.

This supreme elder was considered one of the most powerful figures in Great Cloud Empire. However, despite being a late Immortal Venerable, he was still no match for Jiang Chen.

“It would have been hard to imagine this without seeing it with my own eyes. If there isn’t a half-step Sovereign in the imperial capital, Jiang Chen alone is already enough to annihilate the entire Great Cloud Empire.”

Jiu w.a.n.gye sighed. The biggest harvest he received while following Jiang Chen was astonishments. By now, he had grown numb to Jiang Chen’s miracles. He felt that even if Jiang Chen could really eliminate a half-step Sovereign, he wouldn’t be too surprised.

Moreover, even Jiu w.a.n.gye himself was beginning to wors.h.i.+p Jiang Chen now.

Jiang Chen removed the Five Elemental Sphere while his hand was holding the skull of the supreme elder. He never showed quarters to his enemies.

“Follow my lead to attack the imperial capital of Great Cloud Empire.”

Jiang Chen, who was still in his dragon form, lifted his word and flew towards the Imperial Capital.

The aggressiveness of Jiang Chen stirred every soldier. The combat intent of Jiu w.a.n.gye and Yang Bufan soared as they followed suit. They knew the real battle was arriving. Half of the empire had already been conquered. The time for the final war had come.

They also knew why Jiang Chen led them straight to the Imperial Capital. It was because the death of the supreme elder would undoubtedly arouse the fury of the enemy experts. The enemy would surely strike them if they didn’t make the move first, and Venerable Extermination would definitely show up. So, they might as well start the war before the enemy had time to launch an attack on them.

This was going to be a frenzied, chaotic and earth-shattering war. No one knew if Jiang Chen would succeed, but every one of them desired to fight this war even if it might cost them their lives.

The time was ripe to end the war. Taking advantage of this moment would cause an unimaginable shock to the Imperial Capital.

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