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Chapter 824 – Su Xue is angry

Towards this name, Su Bai glanced at Long Chen, bewitching to the extreme. She swayed her body and began to leave. After taking a few steps, she turned back and said, “Long Chen …”


Gritting her teeth, she continued, “Time will always change a lot of things. If one day you find out, while fighting with your life on the line, that many things are not what you think it is, then don’t be too discouraged. When you return to the Realm of Myriad Kingdoms, there are still many people waiting for you.”

Long Chen pursed his lips, after a long while, he nodded and said: “Okay.”

Only then did Pure Snow leave with relief. She left very straightforwardly.

“Tsk tsk, you’ve stirred up love debt again, right? “Kid, when you see your wife Ling Xi, I will tell her how many girls you’ve soaked and see if she’ll make you kneel for ten days and ten nights, haha.”

Little Cat came out from the Great Void Realm, laughing out loud.

“Scram!” Long Chen looked at him with contempt and started the cultivation process.

Originally, he had been at a loss.

But after going through the choice Sanxue gave him, Long Chen firmly believed in himself, and he would definitely continue to rush forward!

Even though he did not know what would happen next, even though there would be separation, even if there would be nothing, even if he would lose his life, he had no regrets.

Very quickly, Long Chen was immersed in a sea of cultivation.

Cat stared blankly at the young man. After a while, he nodded and said: “In my opinion, this young man’s bones are extraordinary. He is a genius in martial arts and will definitely become a great weapon in the future.”

She blankly looked at Long Chen’s serious expression as he cultivated. After a long while, she finally turned around and left, and not far behind her, there were two other men looking at her.

“Xue’er is really a good girl, but what a pity that she’s blind.” Lei Ji said somewhat indignantly.

Bai Lan smiled faintly and said: “It’s always been like that. I’ve said it before, Long Chen is a wanderer. If she tries one more time, the result will also be the same. “

“I really don’t know what secrets this kid has.” “I’ve never seen one before. Some people’s secrets make me feel afraid to touch them.”

The night quickly pa.s.sed as he trained.

Today, Long Chen had drawn number one, so from the beginning, he was going to fight with Su Xue. Sanxue’s face today was a little cold. Perhaps Long Chen’s performance last night had already angered her, so even if Long Chen tried to get close to her, she would just ignore him.

“The heart of a woman is the heart of the sea. We better not ponder over it too much. The deeper we ponder, the deeper we go.” Long Chen smiled in his heart.

The Five Elements Alliance today was purely here to play in the sauce, but in reality, the battles today were not that attractive.

The only suspenseful fight was between Long Chen and Sanxue. As for the fight between Wu Guangyu and the Five Elements Alliance warrior, no one thought that anything bad would happen to them. After all, Wu Guangyu’s power was deeply ingrained in the hearts of the people.

“Let’s begin. Brat, don’t hurt my little beauty or I will skin you alive!” Long Beard Man threatened Long Chen.

Of course, he did not dare to do anything to Long Chen. With his insight, he could naturally see that if Long Chen continued to develop like this, he would definitely become a strong Ranker that would cause people to tremble in fear.

Long Chen didn’t even pay attention to Long Beard Man’s words, because those ice-cold eyes of Pure Snow caused him to feel somewhat depressed.

“What is wrong with this girl?” Long Chen was a little speechless.

It must not have been the teasing from last night that made her angry.

After Long Beard Man had finished speaking, Suanxue actually did not hold back at all, her first move was — — Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons!

In the young generation, only Long Chen, Wu Guangyu and a metal spirit could unleash such a battle skill. and Jin Ling’s were both body tempering technique s.

As for the Five Emperor Prints, Long Chen had already fused three types of Emperor Seals.

Under the Demon G.o.d Emperor’s movement techniques, Su Xue turned into a graceful and fleeting figure that rushed towards Long Chen. In the blink of an eye, the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons had already arrived in front of Long Chen.

“First Cycle, Dance the Heavens and the Earth!”

“Second Cycle, Reverse Circulation!”

This Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons was like a tide, every move after move, every move’s power would increase. The second transition was twice the power of the first transition and the third transition was three times the power of the first transition, so on and so on!

With regards to Pure Snow, Long Chen did not think too highly of her. After all, her opponent had used a genuine mid-grade Royal Rank combat skill.

At this moment, Long Chen took out three thousand star domains, and imbued his own true essence into the three thousand star domains. The first rotation of Sanxue’s Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons, had already arrived before Long Chen, and with great effort from Long Chen, he erupted with true essence power. The three thousand star domains suddenly turned into a long whip, striking at the first rotation of the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons, dispersing the power of the first transition!

“I didn’t expect this woman to be so powerful!”

From the first transition, Long Chen had already felt the power of the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons. Pure Snow was personally cultivated by Bai Lan, and his usual cute appearance had never imagined that when he got angry today, he was actually this terrifying!

The Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons, in two consecutive moves, had been directly shattered by Long Chen using the power of three thousand star domains. Now, Long Chen had already used the three thousand star domains to his fullest, and as long as he advanced one more step, he might be able to unearth the strongest battle skill that belonged to the Sevenstar Monarch s from the three thousand star domains!

Aside from the three thousand star fields, that was the last strongest inheritance in the Sevenstar Monarch!

“Third Cycle, Shaking Mountains!”

With a shout, her beautiful face was covered in ice and frost. A huge amount of True Essence surged out, turning into a picture of a demonic G.o.d, directly attacking Long Chen!

“So ruthless?” Long Chen knew that he had truly and sincerely offended this woman. He clenched his teeth, channeled all of his power into the 3000 star regions, and suddenly unleashed his full power to twitch.

squinted his eyes, and just at that moment, he had already activated Dragonsoul Transformation, increasing his strength to the ninth level of the Earth Martial Stage. At this level, he still had the strength to fight against Soo Xue.

After his strength had increased, Long Chen used the Three Thousand Star Domain and easily broke through the opponent’s fourth transition.

However, Su Xue didn’t waste any time on him. She twisted her delicate body, and very quickly, the fifth rotation of the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons arrived, the demonic image in front of her quickly rotated, and her power once again increased by a lot.

“Did you really use your full strength? Women are scary. ” Helplessly, Long Chen could only use even more powerful energy to destroy the fifth, sixth, and seventh cycles of the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons. Honestly speaking, even though the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons was powerful, the current Suixue was still unable to use her complete strength!

“Long Chen!” One move and one move had been destroyed by Long Chen. Her determination to teach Long Chen a lesson had grown stronger and stronger. At this moment, she had activated the eighth circulation and directly pounced towards Long Chen!

Long Chen spun, and the purple astral qi turned into a long dragon on the 3000 star domain in his hands. Under Long Chen’s control, the tip of the spear directly collided with the demonic G.o.d image!

“Break!” The other party was a good girl, so Long Chen was not willing to hurt his. This time, after coming out with her, he had a deeper understanding of her, and knew that although she was sometimes more magnanimous, he was actually just a little girl that had yet to reach the level of a human being.

Sanxue’s enchanting body turned around in mid air. At this moment, all of the True Essence in her body was gathered at her chest, her clothes were fluttering, and her snowy face was as cold as ice. She directly descended from the sky and rushed towards Long Chen with her Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons.

“Ninth Cycle, Nine Cycle Demon!”

In her hands, the demonic G.o.d image suddenly split into nine parts, each part turning into a vortex that rushed towards Long Chen from nine different directions.

“Why?” Long Chen was a little confused. Why did she still attack?

To be honest, if Long Chen were to attack, he would very quickly be able to break her Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons.

“You’re a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

When Long Chen raised his head, he saw that this girl was already crying. He recalled that his decision last night had indeed caused her some harm, and that Long Chen had even toyed with her a little last night.

“As expected, he still has to return the favor!”

The power of the Nine Revolutions Divine Demon instantly appeared in front of Long Chen. This move was extremely powerful, but no one was too worried, Long Chen’s terrifying attack on the Gold Spirit was enough to break this move.

However, what shocked everyone was, at the very last moment, Long Chen, who was supposed to take action, withdrew the three thousand star fields in his hands. Then, he opened his arms wide, allowing the might of the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons to directly strike his body without any obstruction!


A loud explosion resounded!

This time, other than Long Chen, everyone else was stunned, including Bai Lan and Lei Ji. Even the two of them did not expect something like this to happen today?

“c.r.a.p!” Bai Lan’s face changed.

He knew that Pure Snow had caused a little ruckus, but Long Chen was a mature person, so why would he make a ruckus with her?

One must know, Long Chen had to face Wu Guangyu, he was injured now, what about tomorrow’s battle? Asking Sanxue to face Wu Guangyu?

This was definitely out of the question.

Bai Lan really could not understand, to him, if a woman was angry, he could just ignore her, and after a while, she would recover her own strength.

And yet, he had to wait until the ninth circulation of the Nine Revolutions of the G.o.ds and Demons?

The most unbelievable person was actually Pure Snow. Seeing Long Chen getting injured at this moment, her tears immediately started streaming down …


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