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Chapter 521 – Gale Sword Finger

The remaining battle would be Chen Feng’s battle. There was no doubt that Chen Feng would be able to defeat the other Eighth level of the Heavenly Completion Stage and obtain the final six spots. Among the top six, there was one Ninth Level of the Heavenly Completion Stage, two Eighth level of the Heavenly Completion Stage and three Level 7 of the Heavenly Completion Stage.

There were a total of three Level 7 of the Heavenly Completion Stage s that were able to enter the top six, and this was the first time it had happened. And amongst the top six, two of the Level 7 of the Heavenly Completion Stage s had come from the The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep, so this time, The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep was definitely in the limelight, and in the past, The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep was always at the bottom, but from the looks of the current situation, The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep should be able to enter the top three!

After all, two of the halls had been completely eliminated so far. The results of these two halls would definitely be at the bottom, as for whether the The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep would be able to suppress the Scarlet Ghost King’s Palace in the end, it would still depend on Long Chen’s and Liu Yiyi’s performance in the end.

This time both Long Chen and Liu Yiyi had given her a lot of face, but of course, the main reason was because their luck was truly too good.

In the last battle, Chen Feng won with ease. However, his face was still gloomy.

At this time, the remaining six people were called back to the stage by the Aeolus. After Ying Shaotian and the others had been healed, they had more or less recovered.

When Ying Shaotian woke up and heard that both Long Chen and Long Chen had levelled up due to their luck, he nearly fainted. However, thinking about it, this was a huge good thing.

They might even be killed!

In an intense battle, it was very common to accidentally kill an opponent. Even the Duke of Qing Li wouldn’t be able to say such a thing!

“The two of them were able to reach this stage because of luck. If they dare to bet again, they would definitely not be able to enter the top three! As long as I enter the top three, or even get second place, then the Scarlet Ghost King’s Palace’s ranking will still be below the The King’s Hall of Clearing Seep’s. Liu Yiyi, will still be my woman! ” Thinking up to here, Ying Shaotian looked at the curves of Liu Yiyi’s body with a greedy gaze.

Liu Yiyi could feel his gaze and she shrank her body behind Long Chen, not even bothering to look at Ying Shaotian. This caused the anger in Ying Shaotian’s heart to grow more and more.

“Brother Ying, there are only six of us left. Among the two of us, if we are not unlucky, one of us will be able to fight against that Jiang City. If we fight, please do not hold back.” At this time, Chen Feng whispered into Long Chen’s ears.

“That’s only natural.” Ying Shaotian sneered coldly.

After they finished talking, Aeolus took out the new lots, a total of two bamboo sticks, the bottom of the bamboo sticks had numbers written on it, and the top of the sticks were all the same, now the Aeolus was separating everyone of them, and allowing them to draw the lots.

“Let’s decide who will be your opponent in the second round. This will be the key to whether or not you can enter the top three!” The Aeolus laughed.

The drawing of lots started from Chen Feng. When it came to Long Chen and Liu Yiyi, there were only two lots left. When Long Chen looked at it, he saw that the signature in his hand was six.

“Those who draw one and two, stay here. Everyone else can leave.” Aeolus said clearly.

Long Chen looked at Liu Yiyi, only to see Liu Yiyi looking at her with a slightly bitter expression. Long Chen knew, she was definitely one of the two, then who would the other one be? Long Chen glanced over, and saw that the others were all prepared to go down.

Liu Yiyi’s opponent was actually Ying Shaotian.

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll choose to admit defeat. Leave it to me!” Long Chen whispered into her ear, then went down.

Liu Yiyi nodded strongly. Leave Long Chen’s words to me, it gives her a sense of security.

After everyone had left, Liu Yiyi then looked at Ying Shaotian, who was smiling faintly at her. This time, she had used up all of her luck.

They were in a confrontation, and below the stage, the Scarlet Ghost King and the Duke of Qing Li were also in a confrontation. The opponent that the Qing Li King was most unwilling to see his daughter face was Ying Shaotian. However, Liu Yiyi’s performance today, with Long Chen’s help, had already exceeded her expectations, and she was still very satisfied.

Of course, there would still be traces of antic.i.p.ation in his heart for Liu Yiyi to defeat Ying Shaotian.

“A woman is soft and weak. She can be a wife, but she’s still too young to fight on the stage.” Scarlet Ghost King ridiculed.

“I am also a weak woman. A dignified Scarlet Ghost King is not even comparable to a weak woman. Don’t you feel embarra.s.sed? The Qing Li King retaliated.

Scarlet Ghost King was never good at quarreling, so after getting casually talked about by the Duke of Qing Li, his face immediately turned red. He said: “Just watch who wins and who loses, laughing till the end will be the best. Your precious daughter has been raising for so long, but in the end, won’t she still become my disciple?”

“Isn’t it too early to say these things now?” The Duke of Qing Li had a lot of confidence in Long Chen.

“Then watch!” Scarlet Ghost King gnashed his teeth.

In fact, in the eyes of the ma.s.ses, Liu Yiyi was indeed much weaker than Ying Shaotian. In order to prove herself, she did not choose to admit defeat from the very beginning.

“Such a beauty, I can’t bear to hurt you. You should just admit defeat.” Ying Shaotian smiled faintly.

“Cut the c.r.a.p. The Ying Shaotian that I know isn’t a trash who only knows how to talk.” It was rare for Liu Yiyi to become so tough, the true qi in her entire body started to surge, and the true qi that was close to the Eighth level of the Heavenly Completion Stage, was actually quite dense.

Ying Shaotian also knew that the more he spoke, the more he would be looked down upon. Liu Yiyi’s disdainful expression caused his expression to gradually turn cold. It was as if Liu Yiyi had started to be rude to him ever since Long Chen had appeared.

Ying Shaotian was filled with anger towards Long Chen, but he could only vent his rage on Liu Yiyi.

“Be careful!” Ying Shaotian shouted, and his entire body turned into a blur, instantly rus.h.i.+ng towards Liu Yiyi. His body stirred up a huge gust of wind, and a huge tornado suddenly flew towards Liu Yiyi.

“Wind Sword Finger!”

The moment he attacked, Ying Shaotian showed no mercy at all and directly chose the Heaven Stage High Rank’s battle skill!

This Wind Controlling Sword Finger was Ying Shaotian’s most skillful technique!

Facing the gigantic Wind Controlling Sword Finger, Liu Yiyi’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Her graceful body quickly danced, and the Universe Eight Trigrams Formation that had previously dealt with Long Chen was used once again. The Universe Eight Trigrams Formation was a good battle skill, it had both attack and defense, and was a completely dual effect.

If Liu Yiyi reached the Eighth level of the Heavenly Completion Stage, her fighting strength would definitely not be much weaker than Ying Shaotian’s.

What she lacked was only an opportunity.

The Wind Wielding Sword Finger and the Universe Eight Trigrams Formation collided with a loud bang, and Ying Shaotian’s attack, as expected of Eighth level of the Heavenly Completion Stage, completely dispersed Liu Yiyi’s Universe Eight Trigrams Formation. Before he even had the chance to rejoice, Liu Yiyi was completely unaffected by his attack, and the moment the Universe Eight Trigrams Formation was broken through, she had already sent a fist strike towards Ying Shaotian!

Ying Shaotian frowned! Just as he was about to counterattack, another attack appeared behind him!

“devil shadow clone!” Ying Shaotian was shocked. An attack with two Heaven Stage High Rank seemed to be very hard to deal with, and this could be considered Liu Yiyi’s strongest attack, but it did not scare Ying Shaotian at all!

“Gale Sword Finger!”

Ying Shaotian’s body quickly started to spin, and with the howling of the wind, his entire body quickly turned into a huge tornado. Numerous sword fingers whistled out from the wind, and turned into a powerful sword light, quickly attacking in two different directions, in the direction of Liu Yiyi and her devil shadow clone.

“This is bad!” Liu Yiyi realized that she was not Ying Shaotian’s opponent yet. This move of the Gale Sword Finger, she definitely could not resist it.

“Trying to run?” Ying Shaotian let out a sinister laugh, the contempt and arrogance Liu Yiyi had towards him had completely ignited his anger. Therefore, after Liu Yiyi backed down, he immediately instigated all her strength for the Whole Gale Sword Finger, and with a shake, millions upon millions of sword fingers rushed towards Liu Yiyi like a torrent!

If it hit, it would definitely lead to the death of everyone!

“I admit defeat!” At this time, Liu Yiyi hurriedly said. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to take such an attack. To her, Ying Shaotian was simply too powerful.

Liu Yiyi had already admitted defeat, and the outcome of the battle had already been decided. Logically speaking, Ying Shaotian should have retreated to attack, but what shocked everyone was that his Violent Wind Sword Finger was actually attacking towards Liu Yiyi, and at a faster and faster pace. If Liu Yiyi was struck by it, she would definitely die.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Long Chen was incomparably furious in his heart! He was still very far from Liu Yiyi, so he was definitely unable to save him. As for the other Demon Kings, although they were powerful, they were even further apart than him!

No one would have thought that Ying Shaotian would actually want Liu Yiyi’s life!

The atmosphere at the scene immediately became incomparably tense. Even the Seep King was angered, and the chair was directly shattered by her. Her entire body transformed into a green colored mirage, and smoothly appeared on Liu Yiyi’s body.

“How dare you hit my disciple!” Scarlet Ghost King let out a roar. Seeing that the Qing Li King had made his move, afraid that she would hurt his disciple, he immediately took action, catching Ying Shaotian just in time.

“The Martial realm is actually this powerful?” Long Chen was a little stunned, he had thought that the Qing Li King would definitely not be able to save Liu Yiyi, but who knew that Liu Yiyi would be saved in the blink of an eye, causing him to heave a sigh of relief.

Duke Qing Li was not an idiot. Even though she wanted to beat Scarlet Ghost King up, when she fought with a brainless person like Scarlet Ghost King, she would only provoke him in the end. Thus, she did not hit him too heavily when it came to dealing with Shaotian just now.


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