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Chapter 446 – Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast

With a strong physical body, what Long Chen received wasn’t just extraordinary strength, but more importantly, it was a strong defensive ability. Although the strongest part of the wolf cub was the Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire, as a beast of Ninth Grade Earth Grade, its claws held a power similar to a pract.i.tioner of ninth level of the Milky Way Realm who was wielding a weapon and using battle skills on Long Chen. However, it could not even leave a single trace on Long Chen’s dragon scales.

In other words, in front of Long Chen’s strong physical body, it would be extremely difficult for a normal ninth level of the Milky Way Realm to even injure Long Chen.

Furthermore, Long Chen felt that the attack of the little wolf was far from its limit.

At this moment, Long Chen took out the Demon Emperor Sword from his Qiankun bag. The Demon Emperor Sword was a divine weapon that belonged to the Heaven Stage Medium, so its sharpness was naturally self-evident. If it was difficult to kill even the Demon Emperor Sword, Long Chen’s current body was at least equivalent to the body tempering technique.

Heaven Stage High Rank was the end of the four great foundation realms. Even if it was a pract.i.tioner at the sixth or seventh level of Heavenly Completion Stage or above, it would still be very difficult for them to cultivate this kind of body tempering technique.

Holding the Demon Emperor Sword in his hand, Long Chen first used 10% of his strength and slashed at his hand! With a boring sound, the Demon Emperor Sword was pushed away, Long Chen’s arm was fine.

“He’s at least at the primary level of Heaven Stage.” Long Chen chanted this silently in his heart, and then, he used thirty percent of his strength to slash once again.

The wolf cub watched in a daze.

Long Chen’s body had already reached the inhuman level. Even some of the stronger Spirit Demon beasts were not as terrifying as him.

Fifty percent of his strength!

Long Chen kept trying until he used all of his strength, only to realize that even though it was only a hundred percent of his strength, it could only leave a small scar on his arm. The dragon scales on his body were extremely hard, and his recovery ability was also extremely strong, so that small wound had already disappeared from the joke not long after.

Because of Ling Xi’s departure, Long Chen’s heart was filled with frustration. When she realized that she had absorbed 1% of the inherited blood essence, and her physical body became as convenient as Heaven Stage High Rank, the will to fight that had disappeared in his heart slowly ignited.

“It’s at least my Heaven Stage High Rank’s physical body, and within the Heavenly Completion Stage, it’s probably very difficult for the first three levels of cultivation to harm me. Of course, when I use the Dragon Soul Transformation, if I don’t use the Dragon Soul Transformation, my body’s strength will be around the same as before.”

“Xiao Xi, I hope that from now on, I will gradually have the qualification to be together with you again. I have chosen this road myself, since I have chosen it, I will have no regrets. Even if I have to crawl, I must finish this road!”

Seeing his body, Long Chen had a very firm belief in himself!

Inside the Qiankun bag, Long Chen saw the remaining Heaven cla.s.s elixir, Red Lotus for Forbidding Blood. In fact, that 1% of the inherited blood essence was like a larger version of the Red Lotus for Forbidding Blood, not only did it strengthen Long Chen’s internal organs, it also increased the strength of his body. The current Red Lotus for Forbidding Blood was no longer of any use to Long Chen.

“Forget it, after I go to the Holy Dynasty Divine Artifact, this Red Lotus for Forbidding Blood should be able to sell for some money.”

Long Chen took in a deep breath and raised his head to look at the vast expanse of mountains and rivers. Ling Xi was no longer listening to him, but instead, it was empty. This feeling confused Long Chen, who only realised it after hearing the little wolf nudging his leg a little as it smiled wryly.

He completely reacted from Ling Xi’s departure.

“I am a man, there is no use in complaining or feeling sad. Long Chen, even if you die, you cannot be looked down upon by others! “Forward!” In his heart, Long Chen fiercely warned himself.

“Let’s go, Wolf.” Lowering his head, he looked at the brother who had always been following him. If it wasn’t for him, Long Chen would definitely be very lonely.

The new journey began once again at the starting point of White Poplar Town. However, the Ling Xi from back then had now become a little wolf. However, just as Long Chen was about to leave the Great Desolate Mountain, a mysterious voice suddenly sounded from his chest.

“Stupid inheritor. This G.o.d saved your life and even restored that little town for you. I spent ten thousand years of my life to save your strength. Why didn’t you thank me for that?”

This sentence was mysterious and awe-inspiring, but it was the voice of a child.

Long Chen was so scared that he almost fell flat. He immediately tore off his clothes, lowered his head, and saw that at the place where the Great Void Dragon Symbol was located, there was currently a faint light emitting from it.

“This voice is coming from the Great Void Dragon Symbol? Could there be something inside the Great Void Dragon Symbol? ” Long Chen was shocked, upon thinking about it, he immediately asked: “Senior, may I ask who you are?”

“Whatever. This G.o.d originally did not want to talk to a foolish ant like you, but I’ve already accidentally said the first sentence. So what if I say the second sentence?” It was still the voice of a child.

“This G.o.d? The things in the Great Void Dragon Symbol should not be simple. But why did it feel like a child? He saved me just now, and he hurriedly came to claim credit? ” These thoughts pa.s.sed through Long Chen’s mind. He was certain of this fellow’s personality. It should be one of those arrogant types.

“May I know how to address you, senior?” Long Chen replied respectfully.

“This G.o.d’s name is called, everyone in the world doesn’t know much, but this G.o.d’s name once shook the Dragon Sacrifice Continent during the Primordial Era. The experts of the world all know, fear and are ants, listen carefully, this G.o.d is a legend of the G.o.ds of reincarnation, named — — Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast!”

This name was even more terrifying than Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf s. It was known as the G.o.d in charge of reincarnation, it should be quite terrifying. However, if he truly had the level of strength that Long Chen had described, he would most likely not brag in front of a mere mortal like Long Chen. Therefore, Long Chen used his brain and said: “Senior, you have been staying within the Great Void Dragon Symbol the entire time, I wonder if you could come out to speak? It was you who saved us just now, as well as the rest of the people from Baiyang Town.

“This G.o.d is the closest to you, and has not seen you for a long time. Since you have met me, this G.o.d will come out, since this Great Void Dragon Symbol recognizes you as its master, I cannot leave this Great Void Dragon Symbol. You will see me sooner or later.”

After he finished speaking, an illusionary figure appeared from within the Great Void Dragon Symbol, appearing before Long Chen’s eyes.

“Soul?” Long Chen only needed a glance to know that this fellow who called himself the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast, was actually only left with a soul. Long Chen was a little speechless, Ling Xi had always been by his side in the form of a soul, the moment Ling Xi left, he released a Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast that he had never heard of before in the legends.

Furthermore, Long Chen had also heard him say that he could not leave the Great Void Dragon Symbol at the moment, and the Great Void Dragon Symbol had acknowledged Long Chen as its master.

Thinking about it, the reverence Long Chen had for the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast lessened, and when Long Chen finally saw the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast clearly, the reverence he had towards it disappeared completely.

Why was there such a large difference in strength between two souls?

Back then, when Ling Xi came out of Ling Xi’s sword, her beauty had shocked Long Chen. Now that the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast had appeared, Long Chen swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He had no idea how to describe it.

Long Chen was extremely familiar with its appearance. It was obviously a white cat, and more importantly, the pure white cat was a synonym for the lazy, n.o.ble, and coquettish cat. However, this white cat was clearly a synonym for fat.

A white cat with a skeleton so big that it looked like a ball appeared in front of Long Chen, staring at him for a long time. Only then did the white cat raise its stomach and proudly said: “Ants, this G.o.d has already revealed his true form in front of you. You still haven’t thanked this G.o.d for his gift!”

Long Chen was a little conflicted in his heart. He had initially thought that the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast’s appearance would be very dignified, or at least not worse than that of the little wolf. He did not expect it to be a fat cat. This funny look really made Long Chen not know how to kneel and kowtow.

However, the other party’s saving grace was real. Just as Long Chen was about to kneel down and wors.h.i.+p, the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast looked at the little wolf, frowned slightly, and moved its body back a little, then said to Long Chen: “That ant, kneeling down is fine, I will probably be with you for a very long time in the future. It’s just that this evil dog also needs to follow you, I hate evil dogs the most, especially this black dog, its appearance is ugly, it is not fit to be seen by this G.o.d.

The wolf cub was ugly? Long Chen was a little speechless. Honestly speaking, if the little wolf did not take on a battle form, that pitiful little dog would definitely have endless destructive power towards women. If one were to say that it was ugly, this fat cat would not be any better.

“You ant! You are unmoved by this G.o.d’s words?” The Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast continued to raise its stomach, stretching out its cat claws, pointing towards the rivers and mountains.

The wolf cub was also very depressed. He grinned and spat out a small piece of the Nether Demon Ancestral Fire at the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast. Of course, he was only trying to demonstrate a little. The wolf cub had an intuition, it was as if this Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast was not that powerful.

Sure enough, the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast’s performance almost made their jaws drop.

When the wolf cub spat out the Nether Demon Ancestral Fire, the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast’s body trembled and its hair stood on end. It immediately ran faster than anything and quickly disappeared among the Great Void Dragon Symbol.

“Have mercy!”

These three words continuously echoed around Long Chen and the Little Wolf.

Long Chen finally understood, it was as if the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast did not have any power. Just now, she had looked extremely powerful, but it was all an act.

Long Chen and the little wolf looked at each other.

This Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast, made them a little surprised. Seeing that it had retracted itself, Long Chen asked softly: “Um, Senior, do you think Xiao Lang will follow us?”

“This G.o.d saw that he was completely alone and was extremely pitiful. Fine, even though he looked ugly, I knew that the heavens were kind to him, so I decided to temporarily leave him here. What he decided in the future would depend on his performance.” Amongst the Great Void Dragon Symbol, the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast said while pretending to be calm.

Long Chen and the wolf cub looked at each other and laughed helplessly.

It seems like this new journey, with the existence of this fat cat, will be very lively ….


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