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Chapter 437 – Inheritance

At this time, Liu Lan was simply unable to endure any longer. The more she looked at the youth in front of her, the more she disliked him.

At this moment, she looked at Young Master Hong with disdain and snorted: “Furthermore, the man I like is a man who can support both heaven and earth, not a foppish young lord who acts recklessly based on the strength of his father’s generation. This kind of wimp, no matter how strong he is, is he even worthy of me?”

After the Young Master Hong opposite him heard that he had been scolded to the point of being soft, his face turned green. Pa! Young Master Hong smashed a chair, sat up and panted as he pointed at Liu Lan: “You’re a sc.u.m, only a broken flower. This is what I meant by scolding you, this is what I meant by scolding you, coming to my doorstep to propose marriage to me, you’re really too bold, good, very good, Vermillion Bird Ancestor, you didn’t do anything today, ah, looks like the relations.h.i.+p between you and the Hong family is not good, you’ve waited for ten days now, and instead, you’re waiting for me to come to the city to burn my hand, but you think that I’m an expert. In less than ten days, you will definitely be lying under this young master’s crotch! “

After he finished speaking, the Young Master Hong looked at the crowd with a pleased expression.

Vermillion Bird Ancestor and Liu Yuan were simply dumbfounded. After the death of the two ancestor, Lingwu Family was already dying, if the Hong family were to make a move on them now, Lingwu Family would already be annihilated.

“Father, I’m sorry, I was wrong!” Liu Lan’s heart was currently in extreme pain. Because she had harmed the entire family herself, the guilt in her heart had tortured her to the point of insanity.

Suddenly, such a person appeared in her heart. Thinking back to the first time she saw him, thinking back to the night in Nine Demons Manor when Long Chen held her down and punished her severely, causing her to cry out of pain. It was so painful that she couldn’t walk normally for several days …

Reminiscence and infatuation appeared in her heart.

But she knew that it would all go with him, and it would all be over. After causing such a huge disaster for her family, although she didn’t do it on purpose, she could only kill herself to make up for it. No matter what, she wouldn’t hand over herself to that coward.

Right now, Liu Lan was extremely regretful. If she could give it another try, she would have chosen to pamper this young man back then instead of giving him so much pressure and pressure.

“Long Chen, I hope that there is no more hatred for me in your heart. Back then, I was really too arrogant and laughable. Only now did I realize how insignificant I am, and that I can’t even hold my own life in my hands.”

As this thought floated in Liu Lan’s mind, she was already prepared to commit suicide. Right at this moment, a cry of surprise suddenly came from outside.

Then, Liu Lan widened her eyes because she saw the Young Master Hong that she had just left, was currently being pulled in by the collar by another youth. The grand Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm was comparable to the experts of the Primordial Emperor back then, but right now, they lacked any strength.


Young Master Hong was thrown to the ground, his heart was shocked, but because he had someone backing him, he acted unbridled and quickly scolded: “Brat, report your ident.i.ty, you actually dared to make a move on me, my father is the City Lord of Fen City, he definitely won’t let me off, I advise you to quickly kneel down and admit your guilt, and call me grandpa three times, I can barely spare your life!”

The one who pulled Young Master Hong out and threw him onto the ground was none other than Long Chen.

When they saw Long Chen’s appearance, the other three were stunned.

Long Chen did not look at them. After he heard what the Young Master Hong said, he smiled blandly, extended his leg and stepped on the Young Master Hong’s groin. Pah!

“You want me, Long Chen, to call you grandfather? “Be good, call me grandpa three times, otherwise, I will step on you once every single breath of time, starting now.” Long Chen’s tone was very calm, and it felt like he was joking with Young Master Hong.

The Young Master Hong cried out miserably, and in a blink of an eye, a second had pa.s.sed. Long Chen then kicked again, and with a smack sound, something seemed to have shattered. The Young Master Hong screamed even more in pain, and his entire body was twitching.

Long Chen and Grandfather.

“Grandfather!” Grandfather! Grandfather! ” In the midst of painful wails, Young Master Hong finally called out for three times, which was when Long Chen stopped his attack and stomped him unconscious. When Young Master Hong finally stopped, Long Chen then soliloquized: “For a person like you, who has no descendants, to also want to call me grandfather, is truly wishful thinking.”

After speaking, he turned around and smiled at Vermillion Bird Ancestor, “Vermillion Bird Ancestor, it’s been a while. How have you been?”

Vermillion Bird Ancestor was already shocked. His teeth chattered as he stared at Long Chen, unable to utter a single word.

Long Chen also didn’t want to waste time with her, so he turned to Vermillion Bird Ancestor and said: “Send this brat back to Burning City, tell his father, if any of his family members dares to take a step into the Source Spirit City within the next hundred years, I can guarantee that no Burning City or Hong family will exist in this world. Just tell him, this was something that I, Long Chen, said.”

Long Chen said in a calm tone, but it contained an unstoppable power.

“Do you understand?” Long Chen asked.

“Understood!” Vermillion Bird Ancestor immediately reacted.

“Scram for me.”


Second Stage of the Milky Way Realm, in front of Long Chen, was as defenseless as a child’s. Rumor has it that the Long Chen who killed ninth level of the Milky Way Realm was none other than the Long Chen in front of her eyes, and when he thought about how Long Chen could kill his with a wave of his hand, Vermillion Bird Ancestor’s heart skipped a beat.

At this time, there were only Liu Yuan and Liu Lan left within the Qingyang Hall. Liu Yuan was wedged between the two of them, and he was extremely embarra.s.sed as he hurriedly said: “You two continue chatting, I’ll be leaving first.”

After he finished speaking, he also hurriedly escaped. At this moment, his heart was filled with raging waves, and he was familiar with all of Long Chen’s achievements.

He should have long known that Long Chen would come back one day, but this time, his return directly solved a huge problem that Liu Lan was in.

He was sure that his performance just now would make this woman cry tears of grat.i.tude. He proudly looked at Liu Lan and was immediately flabbergasted, because he realized that Liu Lan was staring at him coldly with eyes filled with killing intent.

“Long Chen, once the news of your actions a moment ago gets out, do you know whether or not I will never get married?” Liu Lan gritted her teeth.

Towards this fellow, she had truly loved and hated him, as well as been ashamed and angry. This was how Long Chen was always like;

Long Chen did not think about this, and after thinking about it carefully, it made sense. It took a lot of effort for someone to come knocking and propose marriage, but in the end, he was directly killed by Long Chen.

“We are all friends. It is perfectly justified for us to be at the same side. Just now, I saw him being rude to you, so I taught him a lesson. But, I came all the way here to meet you, how about you show me this expression?” Every time Long Chen saw her, he would have the urge to tease her.

“Are you sure you came all the way to see me?” Liu Lan immediately cut straight to the point.

“That’s not it,” Long Chen laughed.

“You can go.” Liu Lan lowered her head and suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?” Long Chen said in astonishment.

“I don’t need you to pity me. Really, thank you for just now, but from now on we have nothing to do with each other. There’s no need to say anything. You can go.” Liu Lan clenched his teeth and said decisively.

Long Chen became silent.

Long Chen knew what she was thinking in her heart. She had his own pride, in the past, she had been so high and mighty in front of Long Chen, but now, she could only be described as pitiful. She didn’t want his pitiful side to be exposed in front of Long Chen.

Because she discovered that she really cared about this man.

After returning once again, from the look in Long Chen’s eyes, Liu Lan knew that he had grown up quite a bit, and already had the qualifications to be called a man.

“Let’s go. From today onwards, don’t appear again. “Please,” Liu Lan said, until tears almost flowed out.

Long Chen sighed, and said: Actually, today, I have come to bid my farewell to you, and after all, we have known each other for a while, and can be considered to be good friends. If I want to leave Canyang Kingdom this time, I might never return, and for the last time in my life, are you going to chase me away like this?

It was only a moment of anger for Liu Lan to let him leave, but when she heard Long Chen suddenly say such words, she suddenly realized that her mind was completely blank.

After today, never to see each other again?

With such an important position in his heart, it wouldn’t be easy for him to give it up.

For a moment, both of them were silent.

“Didn’t you want to fight against the Sword Emperor?”

“Already killed.”


There was another period of silence.

After a long while, Liu Lan sighed, and said: “Let’s return to the Cyan Willow House, you’re right, we’re still friends. Since you’re leaving, today, let me entertain you well, I still want to know what happened to you in this period of time.”

Go back to the Cyan Willow House?


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