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Chapter 3762 – Black Dragon

Jiang Shen Wu’s ranking was the lowest, which also meant that after everyone else had turned into dragons, it would be his turn to go to the coiling dragon column and collect the blood essence from the Divine Dragon’s Legacy.

It was probably because he was the focus of the event and the one that attracted the most attention. Therefore, he was arranged to be at the end, to be the focal point of this event.

Around the Dragon King’s Altar, countless divine dragons waited patiently. This time, there were a total of hundreds of young talents, who would turn into dragons, representing the further strengthening of the entire Jiang clan.

Furthermore, what they were most concerned about was whether anyone would be able to obtain the dragon blood essence from the inheritance.

How many people would obtain the blood essence of a True Dragon’s inheritance?

This was an extremely important day in the Jiang clan. The experts of the five residences were all present, as they all wished to see the rise of the young talents of their respective residences.

In next to no time, the first youth entered the arena.

To be able to step into the dragon climbing state at this age, one could see that this person could be considered a little genius. One must know, ordinary people would only be able to step into the dragon climbing state at the age of forty to fifty.

It was precisely because of this that this young man had a strong sense of self-confidence as he walked towards the coiling dragon column.

The reason he had pa.s.sed on this time, was to transform into a dragon, and at the very least, inherit the dragon’s blood essence from the coiling dragon column!

On the battlefield, the coiling dragon column released a rainbow light as the light soared to the sky, forming a unique scene. It was only on this day that the Flame dragon sacrifice would the coiling dragon column experience such a change.

On this day, as long as one stepped into the dragon climbing state, they could grab the inherited blood essence of the Divine Dragon from the coiling dragon column s.

Generally speaking, those who stepped into the dragon climbing state sooner would be able to obtain higher quality Divine Dragon Inheritance Blood, but it was not absolute.

The young man with long hair stepped onto the stage, under the attention of everyone, he extended his hand and grabbed onto the seven colored light that shrouded the coiling dragon column, suddenly, a wave of flames shot up to the sky, and a loud dragon roar erupted from the coiling dragon column.

Soon after, a burst of blazing scarlet fire rose from the glowing coiling dragon column, which transformed into the image of a fiery divine dragon. It was over a hundred feet long, and looked majestic, and gave off a sense of vitality!

“It’s a True Dragon, it’s the blood essence of a True Dragon’s inheritance!”

“My son has done it. Indeed, he has inherited the blood and essence of a True Dragon. It seems that there is a good chance for him to inherit my son’s blood!”

“I never thought that the first one would be able to obtain the blood essence of the True Dragon’s inheritance. Hopefully, there will be more people who will reap good rewards in the future, allowing our Jiang clan’s strength to reach a whole new level.”

The crowd was in an uproar, and everyone had a good impression of that silver-haired youth.

Immediately afterwards, the fiery divine dragon simulacrum which was over a hundred feet long turned into a drop of divine dragon blood very quickly, falling from the sky and watering the young man’s entire body.

Since he was born, he had always been looking forward to this day!

Although it was only a True Dragon and not a Celestial Dragon, how could the blood of a Sky Dragon be so easily obtained? There was not more than a handful of people in the entire Jiang clan that had such extravagant hopes.

To be able to inherit the blood essence of the True Dragon Inheritance was already quite good.

When the divine dragon blood fell on the head of the young man, a fire immediately rose, causing the young man’s body to turn into a divine dragon.

From then on, the youth with the long hair finally turned into a dragon, with a height of over 300 feet, a true dragon of scarlet fire, majestic and awe-inspiring. As the dragon roared, the dragon of scarlet fire couldn’t help but soar into the sky, quickly circling above the Dragon King Altar!

Countless people looked at him with envious gazes. One must know that there were many people who were unable to transform into dragons. In fact, there was no way for these people to transform into dragons in their entire lifetime.

Seeing the youth turn into a Crimson Fire Divine Dragon and obtain the blood essence of a True Dragon, how could they not be envious?

On the stage, there were a few people that didn’t care about what was happening; one of them was Jiang Shenwu.

A True Dragon was far too weak for Jiang Shenwu. If he had obtained the blood essence of a True Dragon, then there would absolutely be a storm that would follow, and Jiang Shenwu would fall straight to the bottom of the valley.

He was the only son of the Jiang Longjun!

He was the son of Jiang Zizai!

To think that Jiang Zizai, at the age of eighteen, was able to obtain the blood essence of the Heavenly Dragon’s inheritance, and was able to bring the Blood Horn Demon Dragon to travel the world. His achievements were ill.u.s.trious, and he obtained the name of “Jiang Longjun”, which was bestowed to him by the Flame Dragon Empire Monarch!

If Jiang Shen Wu couldn’t inherit the blood essence of a third-grade Divine Dragon, which was also the Heavenly Dragon’s inheritance, then it would be extremely difficult for him and his mother to survive in the Jiang clan.

Just as Jiang Shen Wu was thinking about these, countless young talents from the five residences of Jiang clan walked over to the coiling dragon column and grabbed at the blood essence.

On the coiling dragon column, multi-colored light shone from the sky. Inherited essence and blood were constantly being seized and taken out by people. Ordinary dragons and True Dragons were being inherited by the young geniuses of the Jiang clan.

The dragon roar continued to resound in his ears.

In the distance, there were mountains and plains. Tens of thousands of beasts could be seen galloping about, and on the day that the divine dragon inherited its power, countless creatures would prostrate themselves in wors.h.i.+p.

Wind, fire, water, earth, thunder, divine dragons that controlled all sorts of powers continuously soared into the sky, shocking the world!

Soon, over a hundred people came forward, each taking their own form. Most of them had inherited the blood essence of an ordinary dragon, but there were still four or five people, including the first young man, who managed to capture the blood essence.

Without exception, all of these young talents who had inherited the blood essence of a True Dragon were not even thirty years old, and their future was limitless. Although they could not reach the level where they could shake the world as compared to Jiang Zizai, they could still become famous in the Jiang clan, and become the overlords of a region.

In the end, only two people remained.

Jiang Shen Wu was the last person to go up on stage. Before him, was the cold and detached young lady from the North Prefecture s of the Five Palaces, Jiang Liuxue.

Before, Jiang Liuxue had been resting with her eyes closed the entire time, and had not been disturbed by the continuous series of dragon roars. But now, it was her turn, she opened her cold eyes, and only glanced at Jiang Shen Wu, then turned and walked towards the coiling dragon column s in the field.

All eyes were on the scene, and everyone held their breath.

Jiang Liuxue had stepped into the dragon climbing state at the mere age of twenty. Other than Jiang Shen Wu, she was also a top genius;

What rank did she inherit from a Divine Dragon’s inherited blood essence?

True Dragon?

That was for sure, but whether or not they could inherit the blood essence of the Heavenly Dragon’s inheritance was not inevitable. Hence, all the divine dragons from the North Prefecture were extremely nervous right now.

Jiang Liuxue’s eyes were cold as she paced forward. She gently raised her hand and extended it into the center of the coiling dragon column.

Countless divine dragon blood surrounded this place, and a cl.u.s.ter of jade colored profound fire divine dragon blood had been attracted here by her plain hand.

The next moment, an unprecedented resounding dragon cry sounded out from the compet.i.tion grounds, spreading in all directions and shaking the earth. A green colored fire dragon simulacrum flew out from the coiling dragon column and actually grew to a height of three hundred meters, its entire body shrouded in green flames, as though it was a profound dragon above the nine heavens.

Grade three divine dragon!

Without a doubt, this Jadeflame Divine Dragon was a thousand feet long and had such an imposing aura and pressure. It must be a third-grade Divine Dragon, a Heavenly Dragon’s inherited blood essence!

“Sky Dragon, Sky Profound Jade Fire Dragon.”

The cold and detached, who was standing beside the coiling dragon column, also revealed an unusual look in his eyes. As expected of a Sky Dragon, she did not let her down after obtaining the inheritance blood essence of a third grade Divine Dragon!

The Heavenly Profound Jade Fire Dragon’s simulacrum circled high up in the sky above the dragon sacrifice Altar. Outside of the King Zong’s Manor, all beasts submitted themselves, and all birds went to the sect, displaying the might of the Heavenly Profound Jade Fire Dragon!

Immediately after, the shadow turned into a drop of inherited blood essence, which actually landed on Jiang Liuxue’s body.

The daughter of a heaven’s pride expert of the current generation, Jiang Liuxue, Dragonformed, Sky Profound Jade Fire Dragon!

Seeing this scene, all thirty thousand divine dragons in the Jiang clan began to seethe with excitement. Jiang clan adding one more third grade divine dragon blood as a successor meant that in a few years, the strength of the entire Jiang clan would greatly increase.

Perhaps, it might be able to expand the domain of the Jiang clan by a little more, but it might even be possible for it to be like Jiang Zizai. With his outstanding battle achievements, he would be able to usher in a new era for the Jiang clan.

Of course, this was a bit more difficult, they required Jiang Liuxue to have a lot of luck in order to be able to reach the level of Jiang Zizai. After all, the strength that Jiang Zizai had back then, was second to none even amongst the Sky Dragons who had inherited a third stage divine dragon blood.

Countless people cheered.

Countless people applauded.

They were excited, they looked forward to it, they looked enviously at the girl who had turned into a Sky Profound Jade Fire Dragon. Jiang Liuxue, everyone knew that in the future, the history of the Jiang clan would be completely overdrawn by Jiang Liuxue.

Of course, at this time, Jiang Shen Wu wasn’t ignored by anyone.

After Jiang Liuxue obtained the grade three Divine Dragon’s Inherited Blood, everyone’s attention once again turned to Jiang Shen Wu. It had to be said that Jiang Shen Wu was only fifteen years old right now, and his talent was even greater than Jiang Zizai’s!

Could it be that this Jiang Shen Wu was able to obtain the blood essence of a fourth-grade Sacred Dragon that was even more tyrannical than a Heavenly Dragon’s inheritance?

Everyone’s eyes were filled with complex emotions. Almost no one present wished for Jiang Shen Wu to rise to prominence, because that would hinder their own interests.

However, everyone knew that with Jiang Shen Wu’s talent, he was still Jiang Zizai’s son. This time around, even if he didn’t obtain the fourth stage holy dragon blood, he would most likely be able to obtain the blood essence of a third stage Sky Dragon.

They were all filled with antic.i.p.ation. If this Jiang Shen Wu had finally turned into a mortal dragon, then how joyful would everyone be?

They didn’t want to see Jiang Shen Wu rise up again. Thus, most of the people present had their eyes twinkling.

But Jiang Shen Wu didn’t care about that.

He took large strides, and gradually walked towards the coiling dragon column. Towards this moment, he had long since mentally prepared himself for it.

He grabbed onto the seven colored light emitting from the coiling dragon column and in that instant, he thought of his father from back then.

His eyes widened!

What appeared before him was a tall and st.u.r.dy figure that looked similar to him. That figure was Jiang Zizai from back then. His eyes were clear, free, unrestrained and unrestrained!

This was a scene that only he could see.

However, in the next moment, a black shadow descended from the sky, bringing with it an incomparably oppressive aura. It was actually a terrifying black dragon that could cover the entire sky, and it actually swallowed Jiang Zizai in one bite.


Jiang Shen Wu’s eyes widened. He couldn’t help but roar out!

The black dragon was a powerful black dragon that Jiang Shen Wu had never seen, heard of, or even imagined. It descended from the sky and engulfed his father’s body!

Was this an illusion? Or was it real?

Jiang Shen Wu didn’t know this, but at this very moment, his eyes were wide open as he stared at the Black Dragon. But from the eyes of the Black Dragon, which were the size of the sun, one could see a hint of ridicule in them.


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