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Chapter 3405 – The Killing Houses


In the end, the Elder G.o.d Pangu chased after Long Chen in the opposite direction.

Because he was still sleeping weakly for a period of time, it was still possible for everyone to escape. But in this vast sea of fire, it was very difficult to gather once more.

Every Ancestral G.o.d knew which direction Long Chen headed in. Elder G.o.d Pangu did not chase after him, so after Long Chen advanced for a while, he stopped. Soon, other Elder G.o.ds began to gather around him.

As time pa.s.sed, around one hundred and thirty people had returned. The rest might have been overtaken by the Elder G.o.d Pangu or might have fled, but none of them were able to find Long Chen and lost contact with him.

Fortunately, the eight Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era s had returned.

After waiting for a while, Long Chen was unable to wait any longer since they still had not returned. They could only continue forward, but after going through the pursuit from the Elder G.o.d Pangu, their morale had dropped greatly, and all the Ancestral G.o.ds lowered their heads, not saying a word.

“Is there any hope? What’s the use of going forward like this? Ling Xi can actually clear our minds, but can he clear the minds of ten thousand Elder G.o.ds? Since she couldn’t do it, what was the point in advancing? Even if we survived, with only a hundred worlds remaining in the Ten Thousand Worlds, would we still be able to survive? “

Finally, someone couldn’t help but collapse.

“If you can’t handle it, you can leave first.” Long Chen turned and said to the ninth Elder G.o.d.

The team stopped in their tracks. Everyone was struggling, and they could faintly hear the sounds of the destruction of their world source.

“I’m sorry, but I really can’t see any hope of victory. Our Allworld is finished, and we’ve been done for a long time ago. Even when we, the Elder G.o.ds, returned, we still know the truth. So what? What difference is there between that and not knowing the truth?”

That person’s loss had led to the loss of the entire squad. It was as though all of the Elder G.o.ds were lost. The chances of victory were too small. Seeing so many confused looks, even Long Chen himself was shaken at that time.

But he was different from the Elder G.o.ds; he had the blood of the Dragon G.o.d on him.

“At the very least, we have to see our true enemies. At the very least, we have to make them bleed. Believe me, as long as we know him! There must be hope. “Trust me.”

In the endless sea of flames, the elders were still moved by Long Chen’s determination and perseverance.

“That’s right, even if we die, we have to at least see what a real enemy looks like! Since he was going to die anyway, why not be a little crazy! Rather than spending my time here, I might as well save a few more people! “

Finally, the Elder G.o.ds began to feel hope.

“Let’s go.”

Amongst a group of Ancestral G.o.ds, Long Chen did not have the ability to become a leader. He was not yet an Ancestral G.o.d, but he still had this kind of charm, because he had the most fighting spirit.

His goal was the Devouring Dragon Servant, the Dragon Soul of Origin!

If you can’t see any hope, then kill it.

Forward! Forward!

Very quickly, under the efforts of a group of people, their squad once again exceeded two hundred, and then crazily reached three hundred. At this time, Ling Xi had already reached her limit, and she needed to rest. Looking at the pale faced woman, Long Chen heartache as he held her in his arms.

This was the woman that he could never mistreat in his life.

“Brother Chen, it’s fine.” Even so, she wasn’t stingy with her smile. In the midst of the flames and blood light, this smile became Long Chen’s strength, allowing his irritation to be maintained to the best of his abilities. He didn’t lose his rationality, but instead had a crazy fighting spirit!

At this time, the number of Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era s exceeded twelve.

“Xiao Xi, take more time to recuperate. Next time, we’ll catch some big fish.” Long Chen said calmly as he looked at the violently churning sea of fire in front of him. There were more than 300 people in his team.

“No problem.”

At this moment, everyone was filled with a frenzied fighting spirit.

“I’ll go take a look first. When the time is up, I’ll have everyone come over.”

One of them was a giant, and the other was twenty meters tall. It was the Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age, and there were nearly a hundred of them. Without any kittens to introduce them, Long Chen had already forgotten who this person was.

The other person would occasionally transform into a ferocious tiger, occasionally a great roc, and occasionally a great roc. Long Chen was very familiar with it. He was the creator of the mixed ancestral realm, the ancestor of the anarchist, the Ancestral G.o.d of the mixed Kun. is also a Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age!

Dozens of Eclipse Tribe members were circling above their heads, and from time to time, they would find an opportunity to stab themselves in the bodies of the two Elder G.o.ds, causing them to weaken.

These were the two big fish that Long Chen had mentioned.

His gaze was cold as he hid in a corner, watching everything.

Actually, there were people more suitable than him among the Ancestral G.o.ds, but since the Ancestral G.o.ds could not see the Swallowing Heavens Family, there was a possibility that something bad might happen to them. It was Long Chen who was more suitable.

“Just fight. Wait until you don’t have any strength left, then we’ll be able to take action.” Our team needs you two super strong warriors! We must succeed! “

Only with more than ten Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era s would Long Chen be able to control the two heavily injured Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age s. Only with the help of two Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age s would Long Chen be able to obtain more Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age s.

He needed more than ten Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age s in order to be able to control the Quaternary Era Elder G.o.ds. In truth, if he let the Quaternary Era’s Ancestral G.o.d awaken, he would be able to control the entire situation.

The only limitation was: one: time, two: Ling Xi.

Firstly, time was not allowed. There was absolutely no time in this chaos that would allow him to accomplish his goals one step at a time.

Secondly, Ling Xi can’t sustain so much unless there is a new method. These two big fish in front of him might be the limits of Ling Xi.

But, he couldn’t care so much, Long Chen needed his own team to be as strong as possible.

He was patiently enduring.

He had to endure to the point where one or two Elder G.o.ds didn’t have much strength left. They were extremely weak, but they weren’t able to destroy the very essence of the world. From the looks of it, the Heaven-Devouring Tribe had helped him as well, because he weakened the Ancestral G.o.d of Creation.

Time pa.s.sed slowly.

Every minute and every second made people go crazy.

Because while he was waiting, Long Chen still had to endure the news of the destruction of the world that came from the outside world! Every piece of information was a huge blow to Long Chen, and he had to endure it.

“Drip, drip.”

He simply closed his eyes and imagined the sound of rain dripping onto the ground. Perhaps this way, he would be able to wake up a little.

Finally, the time had come. In the battle, the two Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age s were on the verge of collapse. However, this was still a crazy battle.

After a period of recuperation, Ling Xi had more or less recovered. It was a pity that quite a few Elder G.o.ds had lost their lives in this short period of time. Long Chen no longer dared to listen to this number.

But he did not ask Li Xuanji to stop telling him. He needed to know the situation, but it would also cause him pain.

He had to endure all of these.


Waiting for this moment, Long Chen had to wait too long!

At that time, twelve Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era s rushed out from behind him, divided into two groups, and rushed towards the two Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age s. All the Ancestral G.o.ds came to help, and when the Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era s first controlled the two Ancestral G.o.ds, they rushed forward together.

Crazy time!

was like a G.o.ddess that had descended, her gaze indifferent. Using the Silent Curse to control the Ancestral G.o.d of the mixed Kun, she began to fight against his berserk!

Tears welled up in the Elder G.o.ds’ eyes. Perhaps in the future, when the ten thousand worlds would be able to survive, they would think of such a great moment where they would give up on estrangement.

This was fate, a battle!


This was the voice of the World Essence Slaughter.

Long Chen attacked everyone from the front, his target, was the Eclipse Tribe that the Elder G.o.ds could not see! To the Heaven-Devouring Tribe, the Elder G.o.ds were their prey.

Not to mention the appearance of so many Elder G.o.ds. They were all overjoyed!

But at this moment, their Elder G.o.ds appeared. That was a man covered in blood, his body emanating a terrifying killing intent. Countless draconic scales covered his entire body, and those sharp bone spikes were all weapons!

Slaughter, blood sword.

Long Chen’s gaze was cold, the Heaven-Devouring Tribe did not even know of his existence!

At this moment, Long Chen directly thrust ‘Slaughter’ into the palm of his left hand, but he did not pierce through the back of his hand. The entire sword, was pierced into the palm of his hand.

“Blood Wheel Sword!”

At this moment, a ray of blood light that defied the heavens shot out from his hand!

Long Chen once again drew out ‘Slaughter’. The dragon blood all over his body, had already gathered at the origin of slaughter in the world and was fusing together with the Blood Wheel Sword. It was as if his flesh had gained a divine soul and became a complete life!

Weng! *

Long Chen transformed into a blood shadow, rus.h.i.+ng forward!

“Heaven-Devouring Clan!” I will definitely take revenge ten times over for today’s grudge! “

“You think that the battle is over, but you don’t know that this is the beginning! I will turn you all into ashes! for all eternity! “

Everytime the ‘Slaughter’ went forth, every clan member only needed one move, and Long Chen’s Blood Wheel Sword would fly past the clan members one after another, and completely destroy them!

They swam in the flames, incomparably happy. But now, it was their doomsday!

Shua shua shua!

A streak of blood pierced through their troops. The Heaven-Devouring Tribe members were completely destroyed and disappeared at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed. What was even more terrifying was that they could not see Long Chen!

Weng! *

The Eclipse Tribe began to flee while screaming.

However, they couldn’t escape death!


Dozens of sword shadows pierced the air as the elders carried the sword away. They could only see the sky full of b.l.o.o.d.y light. They could vaguely hear the screams of the people. However, they couldn’t see the destruction of the Heaven-Devouring Race.


Within Long Chen’s Blood Wheel Sword, not a single one of the Heaven-Devouring Tribe managed to escape!

He landed only after the slaughter was over.


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