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Chapter 3280 – Su Yan

“The Eternal Tribulation’s reincarnation cycle is gone! The destiny of the world is gone!”

Fortunately, Cat had absolute control over her own laws. When the other The Myriad Tribulations and Reincarnation World descended from the endless devil bodies, he was able to do it in the Samsara World, which had a tremendous killing power, and instantly disappeared into thin air!

Of course, they weren’t hurt.

Because of that endless devil body, even though the three of them had used all their strength, the impact on primitive troll wasn’t that great. However, it seemed to have succeeded in making the primitive troll even more violent!

Under the fire of immortality, the wounds and eyes on primitive troll’s body were recovering.

“Little Wolf!”

Hearing Long Chen’s reminder, Mo Xiaolang understood in his heart. He rushed to primitive troll’s side, opened up the mouth of the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf, and directly swallowed it. primitive troll encountered a similar depression in the eternal war demon, because that fire of immortality was not able to burn his body, and was completely engulfed by Mo Xiaolang.


The will of the ten great Ancestral Devil s was also in chaos. Although Su Yan was unable to fight against the will, it was still her body after all, and only her true primordial spirit existed, so it would at least cause some trouble inside her body.

Mo Xiaolang was constantly communicating with and encouraging her. Although there was no dialogue, Mo Xiaolang still believed that she was awake and that he was fighting with all his might!

In this way, the true power that the primitive troll could unleash was not much!

“This is an opportunity.”

“We have to work harder. We have to add some more wounds on her body. When that happens, she’ll go even more crazy and swallow the little wolf.”

Long Chen had to remain calm.


The three of them continued their journey, continuing their siege. While ensuring their own safety, they would occasionally add some small wounds to primitive troll’s body. Of course, they would completely deny the other party the chance to use fire of immortality!

The number of wounds gradually increased, making it difficult to recover. For primitive troll, he could feel that the person she hated the most was Mo Xiaolang, precisely because Mo Xiaolang had swallowed the fire of immortality!

Therefore, the several fatal attacks were all aimed at Mo Xiaolang. However, they were all blocked by Long Chen and Cat. The three of them had been together for many years, so they had an excellent understanding of each other.


The destruction they had caused to the crown of the Saint Reincarnation Tree was simply too great. But there was nothing he could do.

Under the continuous and fierce battle, the three brothers were wounded, but with Long Chen there, as long as they weren’t killed, they could survive. On the other hand, primitive troll was different. Although he was the one who had gone mad most of the time, her body was still dripping with blood.


primitive troll’s eyes could not recover, if they existed, it would definitely be a field of scarlet!

“It’s about time!”

This battle had finally reached its most dangerous moment!

primitive troll was so terrifying, if they kept fighting, the three of them would be in danger. Now that the primitive troll was in a rage, it was the most suitable time for him to swallow Mo Xiaolang.

“Little Wolf” Long Chen exchanged a glance with him.

“Big brother, I’m ready.”

At this point, Mo Xiaolang was actually very relaxed. A kind of light flashed in his eyes, as Long Chen was very familiar with this. Maybe after becoming a husband, Mo Xiaolang had a lot of confidence in himself.

“Little black dog, protect your life!”

After that, he and Long Chen rushed in front of Mo Xiaolang, and instantly set off. Long Chen had transformed into the Primal Sacrificial Dragon! Although the current him didn’t have the Origin Dragon Soul, he was still quite large.

“Let’s go.”

This time, they were all facing death head-on.

Primeval Sacrificial Dragon, Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast, Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf

This time, they gave up on the battle of rules and chose to use a form of close combat. The first was Long Chen and the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast s who fiercely smashed into primitive troll’s abdomen, while Long Chen rushed towards the top of his head!

At the same time!

The Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast ruthlessly crashed into primitive troll, and in the moment of blood light, his huge tiger claw pierced into primitive troll’s lower jaw and pulled his mouth apart. At the same time, Long Chen descended above primitive troll and the Primeval Sacrificial Dragon G.o.d’s body wrapped around his neck, in the nick of time, he pulled primitive troll’s mouth out from his upper jaw!

They had already agreed on it!

At this time, Mo Xiaolang took human form and rushed into primitive troll’s body with a tiny presence. primitive troll’s devouring power was also his weapon! The bold actions of Long Chen and the Reincarnation G.o.dly Beast only lasted for an instant. Even though it was only for a moment, it succeeded!


At this time, Long Chen had already escaped from the sky while Little Cat had already escaped down below. The furious primitive troll had chased after the cat, who posed the greatest threat to her!

At this time, with Mo Xiaolang in his mouth, she could choose to swallow it or spit it out, so this was an extremely dangerous moment. At that time, both Long Chen and Cat were holding their breath!


The flames of the Ancestral Fire appeared at the corner of primitive troll’s mouth!

primitive troll knew about Mo Xiaolang’s existence and she made his choice in the shortest time possible. Maybe it was because Su Yan was also affecting his as well. With primitive troll’s ability to digest things, he was confident that he would be able to swallow them into the world inside his body.

“It’s a success!”

Of course, it was only the first step!

Then, it was time for Long Chen and Cat to get nervous. They held their breaths and stared at primitive troll!

In the belly of the primitive troll, Mo Xiaolang displayed the body of a Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf. It was obvious that the will of the ten great Ancestral Devil s was controlling Mo Xiaolang to turn him into ashes. This was their territory!

Thus, from the outside, primitive troll stopped his pursuit of Long Chen and Little Cat and focused on dealing with Mo Xiaolang. By devouring Mo Xiaolang, she could still restore some of her strength.

“Should we disturb him?” The little kitten rarely asked when primitive troll was quiet.

“No need, let her speed up the refining of the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation. Little Wolf, you will definitely be fine! “

This was his confidence in the two of them who loved each other.

Mo Xiaolang was very smart. The moment the countless rules of death exploded within the body of the Ancient Giant Demon, he immediately spat out the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation, then directly took human form. Under the protection and envelopment of the five kinds of Ancestral Flames, he directly rushed to the center of the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation.

In an instant, countless terrifying rules descended on the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation. The Saint Fruit of Reincarnation emitted a rich fragrance, which was a huge temptation even to the primitive troll.

In essence, the best thing about Saint Fruit of Reincarnation was its power!

Swoosh swoos.h.!.+

In the midst of the Ancient Giant Demon’s torn rules, the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation quickly melted and turned into countless of energy that flowed into primitive troll’s body. From the outside world, the primitive troll’s body was currently emitting the fragrance of the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation, and even without the fire of immortality, his injuries were still being healed. This made primitive troll excited, he never thought that he would be able to swallow such a good thing!

The most obvious thing was that the primitive troll’s power was also increasing explosively!

This caused Long Chen to be even more worried. If the opponent had greatly increased his strength, but was still controlled by the ten great Ancestral Devil s, then he would simply be throwing rocks at his own feet!

Very quickly!

Something unexpected happened.

As his power increased, the hidden might of the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation continued to exorcise the evil spirits and calm the spirits. Originally, the wills of the ten great Ancestral Devil s had spread throughout the entire body of primitive troll, but under the purification of this power, those wills were quickly disappearing! It was these wills that controlled the digestion process. Although they were enjoying the strengthening process, once their wills died out, they would disappear!

Therefore, although they were in a mess, they still reached a consensus in a short amount of time and stopped devouring, spitting out the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation!

Hiding within the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation, Mo Xiaolang tried to avoid these storms of laws but he could clearly feel that he had stopped. Clearly, the other party had realized that something was wrong!

Once he vomited it out, he would be done for!

“Yan Er! Everything depends on you! This was his last chance! You have to catch him! “

“If we fail this time, the two of us will be finished!”

In this world of death, Mo Xiaolang continuously called out to Su Yan!

Scenes of the past flashed through his mind, from meeting to life and death together. And today, at the final moment of calamity!

“Yan Er, I don’t want to die, nor do I want you to die! We must survive! “

Perhaps it was the desire to live.

Maybe it was his deep love for Mo Xiaolang.

Maybe it was because most of the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation had already been digested, causing the wills of the ten great Ancestral Devil to be destroyed as well.

Right at this moment, under Mo Xiaolang’s summon, Su Yan’s soul seemed to have awakened. When the ten great Ancestral Devil’s will was about to chase Mo Xiaolang and the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation away, Su Yan was actually giving it her all. She wanted to digest this!

In the underworld, their desires, battles, struggles, and all their strength were gathered together.

In this world of death, Mo Xiaolang felt Su Yan’s resolute gaze!

That power was everywhere!

For a moment, the tempest here once again swept through. No one would have thought that the frail Su Yan would actually be able to defeat the will of the ten great Ancestral Devil at this moment! She must have been very crazy, very desperate, to act like this!

Every digesting of a bit of the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation was a blow to the ten great Ancestral Devil wills!

This time, Su Yan was really crazy. She had taken such a huge risk to come here and everyone was fighting for her. It was just this last point.

Her only fighter would!

Mo Xiaolang’s gaze was her courage to break through everything.

Until the Saint Fruit of Reincarnation was torn apart.


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