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Chapter 3222 – Heaven Devouring Giant Demon


In the current Long Chen’s eyes, there was no difference between the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon and the Heaven-Devouring Clan.

It was a type of devouring that could be done with restraint. Even Mo Xiaolang, who was extremely proficient in this art, would not be able to resist in the slightest. At this point, everyone’s use of their own strength and laws had simply weakened to the lowest point.

The most direct and straightforward way to weaken it!

For a moment, everything was still. All they could see was their irreparable decline and death.


Long Chen had a deep experience of it. He felt as if he had seen an ancient era. Before the devouring of the Heaven-Devouring Race, he and the other five individuals were akin to struggling dragons.

Furthermore, it seemed as though the Eternal Heaven Elder G.o.ds were the ones who had swallowed the Eternal Heaven Elder G.o.ds. Only then did the Eclipse Tribe have the power to go against the Ten Great Ancestor Dragon.

“Resistance, seems useless.”

The contemptuous voice of the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon appeared beside everyone.

Amidst this extreme weakness, Long Chen firmly opened his eyes! Because of the hatred and anger he had towards the Devouring Sky Clan and the Ancient Giant Demon, his heart was filled with extreme unwillingness and resistance!

“I climbed up from the bottom. All of the battles and life and death that I experienced were all for the sake of destroying the ancient Giant Demons and the Heaven-Devouring Race. I want to destroy this world destroying poisonous bug!”

“I’ve already reached this point, and now this shameless devouring process is showing again!” I don’t care how I die, but I can’t die in his stomach. That kind of humiliation absolutely won’t do! “

It was an unprecedented fury, fury, and roar. His heart surged with monstrous waves, as he resisted the other party’s strength, perhaps because the other party was fighting against six of his enemies together. At the very least, Long Chen went all out, and was still able to stop the trend of being engulfed!

However, he still couldn’t move, let alone escape.

The situation was still extremely dire, and the others were not even comparable to him, especially Mo Xiaolang and Hundun Shenwu, who had just reached the realm of The Supreme Divine of the Extreme Realm!

Lord of the Chaos, Celestial Lord Tian Yuan, and Primordial War G.o.d could not control their own bodies, and even though they were struggling frantically, they were still devoured!

The dignified masters of three origin level realms were currently like turtles in a jar. Even if they exhausted all their means, they were still unable to withstand such a catastrophic devouring.

As for the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon, she was as relaxed as ever.

Patriarch Nuwa and Patriarch Xixi were laughing as they watched this, chatting casually amongst themselves.

“It looks like that wolf and that Chaos Clan will be the first to be devoured.”

“Who do you think first?”

“Looking at the current state, the first one should be that Chaos Clan. After all, he seems to have just arrived at the The Supreme Divine of the Extreme Realm and is the weakest. And then there’s the wolf. “

He said, “Then next will be the Celestial Lord Tian Yuan, then the Primordial War G.o.d, then the Lord of the Chaos, then finally Long Chen. They were all swallowed up in order, so it’s quite interesting. “

Xi Zu smiled and said, “Of course, if boss hadn’t been too lazy to show his real body, we would have killed him long ago. But today is good, we have gathered all of them. Once we take care of these troublesome fellows, at least primitive wars.h.i.+p and Primordial Immortal Domain will be our paradise. The losses from before should be able to make up for it now. “

“Yeah, the boss is really angry this time.” Those who had angered him were truly daring. They were people who would never shed a tear until they saw the coffin. Now, being powerless and being devoured, being suppressed by nature, do you feel good about it? “

At this point, the two couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

He acted as if there was no one around.

Just as they had said, even if Long Chen managed to block it, and persevere on, Mo Xiaolang and the rest could not! Especially for Hundun Shenwu, his speed was so fast that he did not even have the chance to resist!

It would immediately become food in the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon’s stomach, be digested for him, become his power, and even rely on his power to swallow Long Chen and the others in the end!

“d.a.m.n it!”

Their desperate resistance was simply like a sorrowful song. Dragon Sacrifice Continent in the Divine Kingdom, the primitive wars.h.i.+p in the distance, countless lives were looking at them, their eyes filled with sorrow.

Only now did they know that the Primordial Demon Lord was actually frightening to such an extent!

Hatred, anger, and vengeance were all useless. Under the absolute suppression, even if one was as strong as them, they were simply like ants!

Their defeat was the destruction of the world. Those who knew of this looked at them with the most desire, yet also the most despair, eyes. The bleak atmosphere spread endlessly. Everyone was in the most painful of times!

Especially Long Chen!

If they were all swallowed! Then everything would be finished! He struggled until his entire body was red, if it was him, he would not be so worried, but the problem was that Mo Xiaolang was still being pulled away!

This was his brother who lived and died together!

“Little Wolf!”

In that moment of life and death, Long Chen bellowed, he stopped his resistance, and as he devoured, he flew towards the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon like a sharp sword, shocking countless people!

“Long Chen!”

In the midst of everyone’s shock, Long Chen suddenly stopped, right behind Mo Xiaolang. At this moment, he used all his strength and roared angrily, his body suddenly transforming into a gigantic divine dragon!

Beginner Dragon Sacrifice!

This was the first time Long Chen had transformed into the body of a Primeval Sacrificial Dragon. This kind of body was as huge as a world of primitive level, and it was even larger than Chaos beast s by a little. A dark gray divine dragon came from the Primordial Chaos, its body was made from the engravings of the entire Dragon Sacrifice Continent, and from top to bottom, three types of ancient powers revolved around its body!


Long Chen transformed into a Primordial Sacrificial Dragon. With his back facing Heaven Devouring Giant Demon and his head facing the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf, he crazily attacked with a roar. Only then did the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf slow down a little and stand still in the air, pulling at the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon as if it was pulling out a river!

Although he did not manage to solve the problem, at least Long Chen did not want to see Mo Xiaolang die in front of his eyes, especially not to be devoured by the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon!

“Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!” “Everyone, come in!”

The Heaven Devouring Giant Demon did not have much patience, she used her power directly!

Long Chen even used the power of the Origin Dragon Palace to the extreme, as if he was going crazy. However, he still could not escape, at most, he could ensure that he wouldn’t be engulfed.

“d.a.m.n it!” If this continues, we will inevitably be defeated, and the consequences will be disastrous! “

Long Chen knew this logic every moment!

But the reality was so cruel, and the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon was so terrifying!

They were all heroes who fought for the sake of all living things. However, at this moment, they were heroes. The people who watched their battle were all s.h.i.+vering and crying bitterly.

The more they struggled, the more the fish that had been hooked resisted. By now, everyone could see that they had no chance of winning at all. Even if there were more people, it would all be in vain.

Heaven Devouring Giant Demon, this was an absolute death.

Just like how Long Chen could only save Mo Xiaolang, but the others could not. Especially for Hundun Shenwu, today, Hundun Shenwu was simply quickly being engulfed, and was immediately bitten and devoured by the Heaven Devouring Beast!


It was truly hard to endure the fact that they didn’t die in battle, yet they were devoured. Hundun Shenwu would rather die fighting than be swallowed into this dirty body by the Ancient Giant Demon, which was why he was in such despair right now!

Long Chen was so anxious that he almost exploded, but he understood, once he released Mo Xiaolang, the first person to be engulfed would be Mo Xiaolang. Between Hundun Shenwu and Hundun Shenwu, he could only choose Mo Xiaolang!

Long Chen was unable to face the Lord of the Chaos, but the disaster was on everyone and the Lord of the Chaos was fighting for their own sake.

“G.o.dly Martial Arts!”

From the corner of his eyes, Lord of the Chaos was actually still the furthest away from where he was now. Amongst all of them, he was the safest.

A father’s decision.

“Long Chen, if you win, please protect my Primal Chaos Realm, protect my son!”

After Lord of the Chaos finished speaking, his face was filled with an unbridled sorrow. Not allowing Long Chen to speak, he made his choice. A tragic choice!


Before the calamity had befallen, before Long Chen could even shout out, the Lord of the Chaos had given up on resisting, and suddenly surpa.s.sed everyone. He had appeared in front of the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon, and blocked the path of the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon devouring Hundun Shenwu!

Everything happened in an instant!

“G.o.d Lord!”

Long Chen turned around and looked. Just as he called out, the Lord of the Chaos let out a loud laugh and furiously said, “Ancient Giant Demons, a bunch of filthy things. The day of your death isn’t far from here!”

“Shen Wu, Primal Chaos Realm will be relying on you from now on, it’s hard to pinch.”

The last sentence, sounded beside Hundun Shenwu’s ears. Hundun Shenwu turned his head in shock, and saw a pair of gorgeous wings flying towards him! That is the origin level Creation Divine Artifact of the Lord of the Chaos, the Ancestral Wings!

The Ancestral Wings, had quickly moved over, attaching onto Hundun Shenwu’s back, and from then on became a part of Hundun Shenwu. And at this time, the Lord of the Chaos moved very quickly, and in his hands, the provenance corundum appeared!

“No, father, I deserve to die!”

Hundun Shenwu’s eyes were wide open, he was simply going crazy, at that moment tears flowed down his cheeks. This Divine Master who would normally not reveal his fatherly love, was now a great father, and even more so a hero!

Long Chen found it hard to stop them. Furthermore, the Lord of the Chaos was saving his son. If it was Long Chen, he would also be willing to do so for his children.

Just like in the past, the Draconis officinalis Hance chose to let him leave just for his birth.

In front of Heaven Devouring Giant Demon’s eyes, the Lord of the Chaos had shattered the provenance corundum. Then, the Lord of the Chaos had been instantly swallowed into his stomach. And during the explosion, all the power of the Lord of the Chaos was mixed in!

This was a resistance that the Lord of the Chaos was simply like life itself! It was determination, anger, fatherly love, and the protection of the entire Chaos Clan. That was why he wanted Long Chen to take care of him at the last moment!

All of a sudden, an incomparably bright light exploded on the Chaos beast’s body. At the same time, the Chaos beast retreated instead of advancing, that huge body directly pouncing onto the Heaven Devouring Giant Demon’s head and exploding!

“Ancient Giant Demon, even if my G.o.d body dies, I will make you die a miserable death!”

The voice of the Lord of the Chaos swept through heaven and earth amidst this explosion!


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