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Chapter 2783 – Tai Yi Green Wood Lightning Conjuration

The process was interrupted.

Long Chen looked carefully, since the young divine spirit was called ‘Sovereign Qingdian’, then he should be one of the Saint Rulers. There were five Empyreans and ten Holy Juniors in the Jianmu, and all ten Holy Justices were at the realm of the Perfection Divine King.

This Sovereign Qingdian was about the youngest among the ten or so Holy Masters, which was why he was so unique.

However, since he dared to act so arrogantly in front of the five Sky Sovereign, he must have some other ident.i.ty.

“He’s not very old, but his cultivation is already at the Perfection, the Divine King! There are no such characters in the dragon sacrifice. Seems like this Sovereign Qingdian is the strongest genius in the entire human race who built the Wood Holy Tree. “

He was definitely the future successor that the five Empyreans had groomed.

and even their hope of overpowering the Phoenix Clan.

However, the Taiji Realm being called jade complexion s that he was carrying, was that person that Wan Qing liked? She and Wan Qing were once a pair?

No matter what, Sovereign Qingdian’s appearance had attracted everyone’s attention, and no one paid any more attention to him.

“jade complexion!”

Wan Qing trembled from head to toe, his eyes were completely red, he stared at Sovereign Qingdian and the enchanting G.o.ddess in his embrace with incomparable fury, and bellowed: “What are you doing!”

“Tell him.” Sovereign Qingdian laughed sinisterly, he lowered his head and said to the woman in his embrace.

The divine spirit called jade complexion mustered up her courage and said to Wan Qing: “Brother Wan Qing, I like him. In the future, we will no longer have any relations.h.i.+p. He will be very kind to me, don’t worry! “


Wan Qing was even more so as if he had been struck by lightning, and his tears could not help but fall. If not for his Master, Royal Elder Yi Mu, suddenly appearing beside him and stopping him, he probably would not have been able to control himself. Only, in front of Sovereign Qingdian, he was just too petty.

“Qing`er, let’s go!”

The Duke of Yi Mu stopped him.

“NO!” jade complexion! He’s just playing with you! It’s not like you don’t know how many people he’s toyed with! ” Wan Qing roared.

The jade complexion shook his head and said: “He treats me differently. Rest a.s.sured. “

They could also be considered childhood friends. They grew up together and cultivated together.

Sovereign Qingdian slightly frowned, and said: “Yi Mu, mind that disciple of yours, and let me hear one more word, and I’ll tear him apart. From today onwards, jade complexion is mine, don’t bother her. “

He opened his big hands and held the jade complexion in his arms, looking down at Wan Qing arrogantly.

“Let’s go!”

Royal Elder Yi Mu pulled Wan Qing into the Divine Kingdom and left without saying a word. Even he himself couldn’t compare up to Sovereign Qingdian, much less Wan Qing. This was someone Wan Qing couldn’t afford to offend. It was even possible that the World Tree will be Sovereign Qingdian’s domain for the next tens of millions of years!

He could tell that this fellow was very shameless, but he was also very powerful.

From the reverence the deities had for him, it could be seen that not even the other Holy Saints dared to criticize him. As for the Empyreans, they were also a bit helpless.

“My five good masters, it’s been so lively today, how could they possibly lack me?” Once Wan Qing and the others left, Sovereign Qingdian would smile and look over. In the end, his gaze landed on Long Chen and looked at him with a teasing gaze.

“Oh,” Long Chen had a rough understanding of the situation.

As the two races had struggled for countless years, each clan had a deep hatred for the other, and each wanted to completely annihilate the other clan. The moment the clan was powerless, they would lose to the other clan, so they paid particular attention to the development of the new generation strong warriors, and this Sovereign Qingdian was able to become one of the ten Great Saint Masters at such a young age, with extraordinary talent, worthy of the t.i.tle of being the number one amongst the new generation Divine Spirit Realm. It was possible that when he was nurturing this fellow, the five Sky Sovereign were extremely excited, and the five of them accepted Sovereign Qingdian as their disciple.

Other than the five great Empyreans, no one dared to provoke him.

The five Empyreans were all his masters, so they naturally protected him as well. Once this Sovereign Qingdian became an Empyrean, he would definitely crush the Phoenix Clan! It could be seen how precious this Sovereign Qingdian was today.

If not for this, he wouldn’t have been able to create such an arrogant and despotic character of his.

From the doting look in the five Sky Sovereign’s eyes, it could be seen that as long as he did not destroy Creation of the Heavenly Palace of the Wood G.o.d, they would not blame him.

That was a problem.

“Green Lightning, stop messing around. This is our guest.” Empyrean Waterwood of the North Pole said very gently.

The black dressed woman spoke relatively little, but she was extremely cold and only towards Sovereign Qingdian did she display her gentleness.

“Guest?” Didn’t he just beat Yi Mu? What kind of guest was that? If he wants to stay on our tree, if he wants to climb our legs, he has to show his worth. What kind of guest is a worthless person? If you guys don’t try his strength, then I’ll have to try. “

Sovereign Qingdian walked towards Long Chen. His two eyes were like two vast lightning pools, and there were countless green lightning explosions within them. When those eyes pierced into Long Chen’s body, it was rather uncomfortable.

“Green Lightning, don’t mess around!”

finally understood, in truth, the five Sky Sovereign wanted to test what ability he had. After all, to them, he was a ticking time bomb.

This Sovereign Qingdian was at the very top of the Sacred Masters, and in the future, he would also have the greatest hope of achieving polar state. Every little bit of progress he made was a matter of the utmost importance to the five Empyreans. Now, what the five Empyreans were looking forward to the most was to have their disciple become an Empyrean from a Empyrean!

At that time, it would be the end of the Phoenix Clan!

Sovereign Qingdian reached out his hands to caress the beauty’s face, as if nothing had happened, and licked the jade complexion’s face as he made an intoxicated expression, saying: “You few old fellows really do like to be courteous to others. It’s clear that the other party wants to join us, become our members, and find a backer as a reward to help us deal with the Phoenix Clan. This was already a deal, and in order to trade, one had to inspect the goods! Since you guys don’t want to inspect the goods, then I’ll do it myself. Master Yang Chen, what do you think? “

As he finished speaking, his pair of eyes that flickered with green electric light, looked at Long Chen with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

Beside him, the jade complexion was trembling in excitement. Sovereign Qingdian’s current performance made him anxious. The personality and strength of this peerless genius was so strong that any girl who knew they would be hurt would be unable to resist the temptation.

Sovereign Qingdian had never lost a single battle on his journey to becoming a G.o.d!

In everyone’s eyes, he was always terrifying. A lot of people wanted to beat him to fame, but their end was miserable.

The thousands of surrounding G.o.ds were also in an uproar, as Sovereign Qingdian was going to attack again.

“Seems like this Yang Chen is really unlucky.”

“Yeah, to be targeted by Sovereign Qingdian, even the five great Sky Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

“Who asked Sovereign Qingdian to be such a genius? The five Sky Sovereigns are his Masters. “

Even the saints pretended not to see anything at this time. They had originally planned to test Long Chen, but they just did not expect him to be interested.

In the face of such an invitation, Long Chen suddenly laughed and said: “Actually, what you said makes a lot of sense. I’m also a very straightforward person, I don’t like to beat around the bush. Since I’ve come to the World Tree, of course I want to have a good time. “I a.s.sume that you are the most talented person in the World of Building Wood Holy Trees. To be honest, I would really rather have you come test me!”

Actually, what the G.o.ds wanted to see was Long Chen’s terrified and embarra.s.sed appearance. They never thought that he would actually agree to it, and so easily at that.

“He probably doesn’t know how terrifying Sovereign Qingdian is!”

“That’s right, among the ten Great Sacred Masters, there aren’t many who can suppress Sovereign Qingdian. Furthermore, he had only obtained ‘Order-level’ and ‘Infinite Divine Art s’ when he had trained with the Empyreans. Even ‘natural tree’ had to possess Order-level! This treatment was something that only Sovereign Qingdian had. This foreign divine spirit is from such a small world, what use is there to fight with Sovereign Qingdian? “

“That’s right, it’s the ‘Supreme Yi Greenwood Lightning Mantra’ of the ‘Order-level’! Our human race has a total of six types of Infinite Divine Art s, which are owned by the Five Sky Sovereigns and Sovereign Qingdian! Furthermore, it was said that the might of the Sublime Yi Green Wood Lightning Conjuration was ranked in the top three of all the Infinite Divine Art s! The ‘Great Yi Greenwood Thunder Power’ is ferocious and tyrannical. It has the ‘Greenwood’ and ‘Thunder’ two rules! “

He vaguely understood Sovereign Qingdian from the conversations of the people around him.

Honestly speaking, his fighting strength should be even higher than Emperor Violetjewel’s. This was not a playboy who did not learn from others, but a cultivation genius with a vicious personality who was unparalleled and tyrannical. He had even ama.s.sed the most supreme resources in the Jianmu.

Wan Qing fighting with him was indeed suicidal.

To Long Chen, this was also an extremely troublesome opponent.

Reaching Long Chen’s words, Sovereign Qingdian’s eyes squinted, he never thought that Long Chen would agree. This could be considered Long Chen’s first counterattack.

“Interesting! Then don’t stay in Creation of the Heavenly Palace of the Wood G.o.d. “Follow me out.” He comforted the jade complexion with a few words, glanced at Long Chen, and said: “If you have the guts, then leave.”

After he finished speaking, he transformed into green lightning, and instantly rushed out of Creation of the Heavenly Palace of the Wood G.o.d.

“Yang Chen, I am truly sorry. Our disciple is too mischievous,” the despicable Sky Sovereign Huang Mu said apologetically. They could only do it like that, testing Long Chen was their original plan.

“It’s fine.” Long Chen pa.s.sed the jade complexion, looked at the woman who was still intoxicated by Sovereign Qingdian’s charm, and then left the Creation of the Heavenly Palace of the Wood G.o.d.

Behind him was the mighty Jianmu, they obviously wouldn’t miss this battle.

“Wait for me!” The jade complexion immediately gave chase. Her ident.i.ty was different now, all the G.o.ds had to make way for her, lest they agree to Sovereign Qingdian’s request.

“What are you so proud of!” It won’t be long before he is abandoned, and he won’t even be able to survive then! “

A few female deities whispered amongst themselves, their eyes completely red.

Outside of Creation of the Heavenly Palace of the Wood G.o.d, when all the G.o.ds had come out, in the distant starry sky, the two experts were already facing each other.


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