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Chapter 2564 – Forbidden Area of Fire

“This is …”

Suddenly, the Nothingness Demon had an illusion, as if it was being thrown into the Boundless Realm and the invisible Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf had disappeared, as if it was a higher level life form!

“It must be an illusion!”

He didn’t believe it from the bottom of his heart, but he knew that Mo Xiaolang was just an ordinary mortal spirit before, that he only had the miraculous ability of devouring. Even if he became a Demon Spirit now, it was impossible for him to surpa.s.s Lin Ming in terms of level of existence. That was because that sort of existence simply did not exist!

But why, why would the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf at this time actually have such a terrifying aura?

When the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf actually broke free from the control of the Boundless Gate, all of his fury and hatred rose to the limit at that moment. The deepest hidden bloodline in his body woke up, the brand within his bloodline activated, and spread throughout his body. The mysterious symbol rushed to the Heart of Rules in the center of his World Tree, and engraved the black core with an ancient, dark and terrifying symbol!

Just like what Mo Xiaolang had displayed at this moment!

His eyes blazed with flames as he broke free from the Boundless Gate. His body was now covered in a web of blood!


At that moment, the howls of the wolves shook the world!

He instinctively told himself that the current Mo Xiaolang was in danger, but he was unwilling to admit it. Therefore, his movements were a bit slow, but in the end, he still completely concealed himself, and at the same time, pressed the Boundless Gate towards the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf!

Wherever it went, everything turned into nothingness!

After the howls of the wolves burst out, an ancient and overbearing rune was released from Mo Xiaolang’s body!

“Forbidden Land of Fire!”

He did not know where the Nothingness Demon were at this time, nor did he need to know.

In his eyes, on one side was his d.a.m.ned enemy, and on the other side was Su Yan’s gentle and sweet smile. It made him wish he could force all his strength out of his body!

In that moment, all the black hair on the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf’s body started burning, and every single type of hair on its body started burning with different flames. Those were all flames that he had engulfed from the very beginning until now, and there were tens of thousands of them, some were strong and some weak.

Tens of thousands of different types of flames were instantly released, charging through the Boundless Gate and towards the surrounding area. In just a short moment, they covered an area of hundreds of thousands of meters around h.e.l.l, and amongst them, there were eight types of Divine Flames that were much more powerful than Infinite Divine Flame Vortex s.

“Found you!”

Suddenly, the Nothingness Demon heard Mo Xiaolang’s voice that seemed to be right beside his ear.

“How is this possible?”

His immeasurable rule was to turn himself into nothing. Only G.o.ds and devils, which transcended his laws, would be able to discover it, so how would Mo Xiaolang know about it?

Right at this moment, countless flames gathered in the direction of the Nothingness Demon, surrounding him in the blink of an eye. Tens of thousands of different types of flames formed countless layers, trapping the Nothingness Demon at the very core!

In actuality, it was not that Mo Xiaolang had surpa.s.sed his rule, but rather, he had used a similar intuition to find the approximate position of the Nothingness Demon.

This was the Forbidden Land of Fire!

Fire was not the most frightening attack. Although the Nothingness Demon was currently caught in the midst of the boundless flames and suffered from extreme flames, causing it to be difficult to break out of it, it still wasn’t able to threaten his life. Therefore, the Nothingness Demon was not fl.u.s.tered. Instead, it sneered: “As expected, although it looks terrifying, it’s actually not that bad.”

Just as he breathed a sigh of relief and was about to charge out of the flames, he did not know that the flames surrounding him were actually undergoing an irreversible change!

Tens of thousands of flames filled the entire starry sky.

After surrounding the Nothingness Demon, it formed into a flaming lotus with countless colors. The Nothingness Demon was somewhere within the flaming lotus.

After that, the speed of the fire lotuses had already decreased to a frightening degree.

Nothingness Demon did not feel this shrinking, but from his perspective, everything was normal, and he was currently trying to break out of it.

However, in Mo Xiaolang’s eyes, the fire that was previously hundreds of thousands of metres tall, suddenly became the size of a human head. The Nothingness Demon, on the other hand, had become the size of an ant in the flames, but he could still not feel any change!

This was the power that Mo Xiaolang’s awakened bloodline gave him when he was enraged this time.

The Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf did not hesitate at all. From the top, when it just crawled out a little bit from the flames, it immediately swallowed it.

What the Nothingness Demon saw was a gigantic beast whose fur was countless times larger than normal. At that moment, he was stunned!

“How could he become so big!”

What he did not know was that Mo Xiaolang’s sacred art, which was hidden deep within the heart, had merged with the flames and became one with him. Only with profound laws could such a power be born.

When the Nothingness Demon was at its most shocked, the flaming lotus entered a pitch-black world. It wasn’t just Mo Xiaolang’s abdomen, but it was a world of ‘swallowing’. Just like the Boundless and Deadth Realm, an unexplainable world.

However, after entering, he was unable to leave.

“Boss, save me, save me!”

In the end, from Mo Xiaolang’s mouth, the most terrified sound came from the Nothingness Demon that had entered his abdomen.

“Mo Xiaolang!”

The sound of the last three words became smaller and smaller, eventually disappearing.

In actuality, even Mo Xiaolang himself did not know where the Nothingness Demon would go after he used the “Forbidden Area of Fire” to devour them. This was different from when he was swallowing fire. When he was swallowing fire, the fire was directly digested by him.

The Forbidden Area of Fire was a divine ability he had awakened in his bloodline under the Boundless Gate. It was a power that belonged to his own bloodline.

He didn’t know why he would wake up like this.

It was a counterattack in a situation of extreme anger.

And at this moment, Mo Xiaolang himself did not believe it, it was as if the ‘Nothingness Demon’ had already disappeared from this world.

His voice did not appear, and everything seemed to have become deathly silent.

“I …”

The blood veins on Mo Xiaolang’s body gradually disappeared and the color of blood in his eyes faded as well. The boiling blood and the brand of laws throughout his body also faded away quickly.

At this moment, his mind regained its clarity.

“Nothingness Demon?”

He could not believe that such a change had actually happened in that moment of fury just now. He even awakened a type of power that was either a law or a sacred art, fusing the Nothingness Demon into the flame and swallowing it into his stomach. However, this time, the Nothingness Demon was not in his stomach either.

However, he should have forever disappeared like a Deadth Realm entering Long Chen.

“Big brother!”

What Mo Xiaolang did not know was that after he finished devouring the ‘Forbidden Area of Fire’, Long Chen had just sent the Battle Demon to the Deadth Realm. At this time, Long Chen was rus.h.i.+ng towards him!

Long Chen was very clear on why he had settled the Battle Demon, but Mo Xiaolang was still a little blurry.

However, what he was certain of was that if he wanted to use the Forbidden Land of Fire, he should be able to do so.

As for the mystical world that appeared in his stomach, perhaps he would never know what it was!

In the blink of an eye, Long Chen appeared before him.

“Where’s the Nothingness Demon?”

Long Chen asked anxiously.

Mo Xiaolang said in disbelief, “Earlier, I seemed to have awakened an attack method and swallowed him. But now, he has completely disappeared. It’s not that he is using the Boundless Rules, but that he really doesn’t exist anymore! “


Long Chen naturally knew that the closer Mo Xiaolang’s Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf s got, the more mystical they seemed to become. Of course, he wouldn’t forget that back when he saw the carvings of the Heaven-Devouring Tribe in the G.o.d Battlefield, there were carvings of something similar to Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf. However, all of this didn’t matter, he only needed to know that Mo Xiaolang had already partially broken away from the rules of the world.

“Where’s the Battle Demon?”

Mo Xiaolang was even more surprised than his.

In their eyes, neither of them could defeat the Battle Demon and Nothingness Demon.

“They let me send them to the Deadth Realm.” Long Chen said with a wry smile.

The hardest battle of all. I didn’t expect both of them to finish it!]

In the Divine Kingdom, everyone also couldn’t believe that this was an unimaginable surprise. So much so that everyone was completely astonished now.

“Those two are truly unbelievable!”

“It has always been like this. To become their opponent, do you need to experience this kind of miraculous defeat? Spirit King was the same, all their previous opponents were the same.

Not only did he get rid of more than 30 Archaic Giant Demons, he even got rid of the Battle Demons, Nothingness Demon s!

“Perhaps if there are still people who can survive in this world, countless years from now, there will be people who will talk about the legends of today!”

However, even though they were pleasantly surprised and excited, no one could forget that the Battle Demon and Nothingness Demon were only the weakest of the five, and they still had their most terrifying opponents that they had not dealt with. Against these two, Long Chen and Mo Xiaolang had obviously reached their limits.

Everyone followed Long Chen and fought. Naturally, they knew how hard and terrifying Long Chen and the Battle Demon were. The people who died were the best witnesses.

Although everyone in the Immortal G.o.d Realm still had the strongest faith in Long Chen, they didn’t have any confidence in Long Chen himself. Facing off against the Battle Demon, he had already used up all of his luck and miracles, and Mo Xiaolang was the same when he fought the Nothingness Demon.

“Big brother, let’s go!”

But no matter what, they had to face it.

In order to repay his promise to his father, in order to repay the faith of all the people in the world, he had fulfilled his oath to Ling Xi.

Fight for everything!


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