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Chapter 2524 – Myriad Worlds First

Long Qinglan wanted to find out this reason throughout his life.

Long Chen was the same.

Immense changes must have occurred in this world in order to cause the once-dominating Divine Dragon Extermination, causing the first place of ten thousand realms to disappear, causing it to fall to such a level today!

Even if it wasn’t for the calamity brought about by the Ancient Giant Demon, Long Chen was still very worried.

Because of the words he heard from the Black Jade Dragon, that the dragon sacrifice would perish within a hundred years!

Every year, a continent would be lost. Within the next million years, the Immortal G.o.d Realm would definitely repeat the trajectory of the Dragon Sacrifice Continent, and in the end, this world would be destroyed!

What was the reason behind this number one of ten thousand worlds becoming so tragic?

From the moment he had lost his G.o.d-Slaying Sword, to when he had learned the truth of this part, Long Chen’s heart had become incomparably heavy. Now, the Silent Demon had shut its mouth, the black skeleton continued to hack at the G.o.d Transforming Weapon, and he was completely unable to move in front of the other party’s Eternal Eyes of Silence!

Once the Black Skeleton destroyed the G.o.d Creation Art, the Silent Demon would probably come out and send Long Chen to h.e.l.l. They had to destroy the Magic Star Seal, so they had to rescue Mo Xiaolang.

“It’s useless for you to resist. This world is doomed to be destroyed. Our Primordial Demons is only sending the mortal spirit above to the west as soon as possible.”

The Silent Demon could not help but say one more sentence!

“At the very least, before that happens, I will destroy you, an ancient Giant Demon!”

Although Long Chen was unable to move, his mind was still filled with tyrannical power. This sentence was like an impact to the Silent Demon! He could feel the fire of anger from the boy!

Vast and mighty!

Under such a sinister fighting spirit, the Silent Demon’s heart tightened. He had swallowed countless mortal spirits, but she had never seen anyone able to be as terrifying as Long Chen. Right now, even the Eternal Eyes of Tranquility was trembling in the face of Long Chen’s powerful will.

“Dream on, with your strength, you won’t even be able to pa.s.s my test. Although my Primordial Demons has been imprisoned for tens of thousands of years, any of us can crush you to death with a single finger. If you are able to struggle free from my Eternal Tranquility Eye and continue bragging, you don’t have much time left. Once the ‘Shakya Prison Sword’ returns to the Creation G.o.d Manifestation Sword, you will be dead. You can choose to let that Mo Xiaolang go, and at the same time, become our people controlled by my Primordial Demons. “

Long Chen no longer said anything!

But from now on, he would resist!

The only thing he could move was her willpower, which controlled the Divine Source Power in his body! Tens of billions of lives and Long Chen’s heart are the same! With only one goal in mind, even without the Heaven Smiting Sword, Long Chen had to rely on her own willpower to tear apart the Eternal Eyes of Tranquility!

Otherwise, just as the Silent Demon had said, he would have lost her life here!

He still had so many things he didn’t understand, so how could he die here!


The black skeleton was like a hungry ghost, untiredly slas.h.i.+ng its sword at the Creation G.o.d Manifestation Weapon, the Eternal Demon City! Eternal Demon City didn’t resist at all. As the sword qi rushed into Eternal Demon City, the crows continued to die, turning into fragments, being swallowed up by the G.o.d-Slaying Sword. In this process, only two hours had pa.s.sed, the G.o.d-Slaying Sword had already transformed to 999 dao patterns.

Next, he had to break through his shackles and become a Creation G.o.d Manifestation Weapon!

He was just like the black skeleton at the moment, even more berserk than the black skeleton. Under his charge, although the Divine Source Power’s flow was slow, it had indeed broken the opponent’s rules!

“It’s useless. Only to this extent, I’m still 90% away from destroying my Eye of Eternal Tranquility!”

The Silent Demon was not worried at all, she was more concerned about the birth of the ‘Sakyamuni Prison Sword’, the divine weapon of their Primordial Demons’s third ranking, the ‘Sakyamuni Prison Demon’! It was once a Creation Divine Artifact with the fifth stage of ‘Order-level’!

Order-level, this was an extremely powerful Divine Spirit, a divine weapon that only the people of the Divine Spirit Realm could control!

Even in the The Age of Dragons back then, this kind of Divine Weapon was quite rare!

No matter what the Silent Demon said, Long Chen still continued to attack.

No matter how hard you try, how tough you are, you will never be able to break through the shackles of life. There are only two types of existences in this universe, one is a mortal spirit, and the other is a FiendG.o.d. FiendG.o.ds and FiendG.o.ds are born with the power over ordinary beings, just like you, who are born with the power over livestock.

The Silent Demon started chattering again, only that from now on, he would not care about matters that involved the original Dragon Sacrifice Continent anymore.

This process continued without end.

One day, two days!

The Silent Demon was not worried. The moment when the G.o.d Slaying Sword destroyed Ancient Devil City, perhaps Long Chen would be able to only use the Divine Source Power to move slowly in his body, just barely able to move a little.

Perhaps by then, his body would not be able to move.

With this bit of confidence, the Silent Demon still had it. His Unmoving Devil’s Pupil was a heaven-defying technique, and she had relied on it to kill countless opponents.

It continued to circulate!

“However, this mortal spirit’s perseverance is truly admirable. It’s been half a month and he’s still trying to break through. Should I evacuate Eternal Demon City and kill him first?”

The Silent Demon had this thought.

It would be a little troublesome to evacuate the Eternal Demon City. After all, Long Chen had controlled the sword for too long, if the city disappeared, the sword would probably wake up and return to his side. At that time, all his efforts would be for naught.

Furthermore, this was the most important moment for the G.o.d-Slaying Sword in attacking the Creation G.o.d Manifestation Art.

After weighing the pros and cons for a bit, the Silent Demon still gave up. He was not afraid of Long Chen.

If it wasn’t for Long Chen’s resolute and hateful gaze making him a little worried, he wouldn’t be thinking so much.

Half a month pa.s.sed!

G.o.d Slaying Sword and Long Chen, they were still attacking!

They were becoming more and more explosive, as if they were becoming more and more powerful!

Long Chen wasn’t really familiar with the Divine Source Power, it was a newly born power after all, it was the power of a G.o.d. Her primordial spirit was still an ordinary person, so it was quite difficult for him to get familiar with the power of a G.o.d to control it.

Long Chen was waiting for a critical point.

He felt close.

There were countless yearning and anger in his heart that was about to be vented! His gaze never left the G.o.d-Slaying Sword. As Eternal Demon City fell into ruin and the G.o.d-Slaying Sword became stronger, it had already gotten further and further away from him!

“In the end, I still have to lose it!”

Although he was unwilling, there was nothing he could do!

Right at the time during the twenty-first day, the Eternal Demon City that had accompanied the Silent Demon for many years finally shattered! The entire Demon City began to explode, collapse, shatter, and collapse.

The destruction of a Manifestation Divine Artifact was like the disappearance and destruction of a world. Long Chen heard countless of explosions, heard countless of miserable screams, those crows were Creation Heroic Spirits, they were even more clear-headed and clear-headed than the spirit of a Dao Artifact.

To be abandoned and killed by a master that had been together for tens of thousands of years … this was perhaps the greatest pain of all!

The Silent Demon was also reluctant to leave, but this was under the orders of the ‘Sakyamuni Prison Demon’, so he had no choice. After all, he was the closest to the outside world, and after the soul-controlling demon disappeared, it was his turn.

In the end, the Ancient Devil City was completely destroyed.

In his original position, a pitch black vortex had formed. After the vortex expanded, it seemed to be able to swallow the entire Demon Star. If Eternal Demon City were to be destroyed outside, it would probably swallow the entire chaotic star field.

However, the sword was like a hungry ghost, swallowing up the whirlpool.

An Eternal Demon City had created a G.o.d-Slaying Sword. No, it should be the G.o.d Slaying Sword!

In Long Chen’s eyes, the G.o.d Slaying Sword he was so familiar with had undergone a tremendous change, becoming further and further away from him.

But Long Chen would never forget his promise, if he had the chance and strength in the future, he would definitely let it return to his side.

Even so, that feeling of loss still made him rather unhappy!


The G.o.d Slaying Sword began to return to its original form. It seemed like there was no suspense for it to return to its divine creation.

To the Silent Demon, this was when he came out from the Ancient Devil City and took care of Long Chen.

However, at this time, what he really wanted to see was the rebirth of this legendary Creation G.o.d Manifestation weapon! Surrounded by a clump of grey sword qi, the G.o.d Slaying Sword underwent a transformation!

This sort of transformation began with the Dao patterns.

The 999 Dao marks instantly vanished.

Only Long Chen knew how difficult it was to form these Dao patterns.

Now, however, the dao patterns disappeared and converged into a new core. A new power was born!

G.o.d Creation Art!

With the growth of the seed, the G.o.d of Creation began to flood through the entire body of the G.o.d Slaying Sword. Every single place he pa.s.sed by, there would be a drastic change, not in appearance, but in level.


Gray lightning flashed on the surface of the entire demon star.

The sword qi roiled, and its aura was monstrous.

Right now, the G.o.d-Slaying Sword was much more terrifying than in Eternal Demon City.

Long Chen was still unable to see the Heaven Slaying Sword, it was surrounded by the grey sword qi and was now completely far away from Long Chen.

Even farther away.

At this moment, a familiar laughter rang out.

In the midst of that boundless grey sword aura, a blue-haired, tall, curvy, snow-white woman appeared. This woman possessed an unrivaled charm, and her beauty could be said to be unparalleled in the world.

But it was only a shadow.

Long Chen remembered that when he first saw her, she was still in the crystal coffin, naked.


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