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Chapter 2030 – Deciding the Victory

There were only four hours left in the genius team battle.

It was about time to refine the last star grain.

Not only was Primal Chaos Kun seriously injured under Long Chen’s attack, he was also currently trapped by Mo Xiaolang and basically couldn’t move at all. Even a thought of Mo Xiaolang’s could turn him into ashes.

Thus, he was defeated.

He had always been an arrogant and despotic person, he had never even experienced the taste of defeat before. This failure made him feel especially painful, and right now, he was surrounded by the Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire. He roared miserably, continuously cursing and swearing poison oaths.

“Long Chen, and this d.a.m.ned wolf clan! You guys won without a fight! Two people besieging me, what’s a victory! “

“If you dare to fight against me, Primal Chaos Kunlun, then I can immediately make you two fall down!”

“Stubborn dog stuff! Today, you all brought me a great humiliation! In the future, I will cleanse you of today’s shame and give you the most painful lesson! I am the honorable Chaos royal clan, you lowly races, yet you dare to disrespect me, so you will be judged by me sooner or later! “

Long Chen was too lazy to listen to his shouts. Honestly speaking, with this Primal Chaos Qun’s abilities, whether it was him or Mo Xiaolang, it would be difficult for them to deal with it alone. The battle strength of the three could be considered equal to that of Long Chen and Long Chen.

It was only after defeating the Primal Chaos that Long Chen finally had the chance to talk to Mo Xiaolang.

At this time, the three of them, along with the four grains of stardust, were already far away from here. The two Gold War Clan members couldn’t chase them and were lost in the vast starry sky, while the three from the Nightmare Race and the primal chaos kungwu didn’t have any starsand at the moment.

After the last four hours, the four of them were expelled by the Star Origin.

At that time, the Illusory Immortal Clan would only have four people, the Golden War G.o.d Clan would only have three, and the victor would be the Illusory Immortal Clan.

Other than the Star Origin, the people from the Illusory Immortal Clan were all extremely excited as they looked at Long Chen with excitement. Although they had said that they might have some grudges in the past, this time, Long Chen was able to turn the tide, like the Netherworld King, and the others.

However, for Long Chen, it was no longer important who the score would belong to. He did not expect Mo Xiaolang to appear in the beginning, so after s.n.a.t.c.hing the star sand and throwing it to Xing Qing, allowing them to leave, he discovered Mo Xiaolang here.

What made Long Chen feel troubled was that Mo Xiaolang was serving the Golden War G.o.d Clan, so the team the two were in were different. He himself wanted to open the door to the Dragon G.o.d Domain, then why was Mo Xiaolang doing this?

This was crucial. He had to know immediately.

Therefore, after sealing up Primal Chaos Qun, Long Chen hurriedly asked, “First, why did you partic.i.p.ate in the Star Lord Battle, and also represent the Golden War G.o.d Clan?”

Mo Xiaolang hesitated for a moment, then looked at the struggling Primal Chaos Kun Wu and said, “I didn’t know that there were demons here. The Nine Tailed Heavenly Fox came to find the Haoyue Wolf Tribe and the Eclipse Moon Wolf Tribe, and told them my information, the two great wolf clans relied on their power within the resplendent stars to find me. They did not hand me over to the Nine Tailed Heavenly Fox, but instead wanted me to help them partic.i.p.ate in the Hegemonical War between the Star Lords, and then they would be able to obtain freedom.”

This was actually more or less what Long Chen had imagined.

He quickly asked, “If you didn’t help them win, would they let you go?”

After all, Mo Xiaolang’s victory conflicted with his own.

Mo Xiaolang said: “I do not, I am only required to partic.i.p.ate in these two battles with all my might, after I finish, I will be able to recover my freedom, and they will protect me from being chased by the Nine Tailed Heavenly Fox.”

Long Chen felt that it was a pity. Originally, Mo Xiaolang came here for the sake of his freedom, he did not expect himself to meet with the same whirlpool, and sure enough, no matter where he went, trouble would always arise.

Mo Xiaolang had concealed the most important matter, and that was regarding Su Yan. In reality, the two great wolf masters were extremely strict with him, if Mo Xiaolang did not obtain more than one point, they would not let him go.

Following that, Long Chen told him the reason why he partic.i.p.ated in the Star Lord compet.i.tion.

Mo Xiaolang’s eyes revealed signs of being moved, and he said: “Big Brother, you must have come here for my sake. But you didn’t want to affect my life, so you didn’t tell me. “

Long Chen grinned and laughed: “This is only one of the reasons; when two people get to the same place, at least they can look after each other. There are other reasons as well. “

After he finished speaking, he thought about what Mo Xiaolang had said. Seeing that’s tone was extremely relaxed, there should not be any problems.

He said, “On the Illusory Immortal Clan’s side, including me, there are still four other people.”

Mo Xiaolang interrupted him and said, “Originally, I wanted to destroy Primal Chaos Kun Wu’s star sand and achieve victory, but you suddenly appeared and turned the tide for the Illusory Immortal Clan. Furthermore, you need to obtain the Five Dragon Cities’s approval, so this war of hegemony is extremely important to you.

Seeing his relaxed smile, Long Chen hesitated for a moment, before choosing to believe him.

The Star Lord battle was indeed very important to him, if Mo Xiaolang only partic.i.p.ated in it on an obligatory basis, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to win.

He continued, “If those two Wolf Lords are making things difficult for you, you must tell me. The result of the team battle cannot be changed. But there’s still the Elite Tournament, and if we meet each other in the Elite Tournament, I’ll admit defeat for you. There won’t be a problem at all. “

Although opening the door to the Dragon G.o.d Domain was important, for Long Chen, his brother was even more important. He was used to not having any days to hide things from Mo Xiaolang, so he didn’t think too much into it at this moment.

And, just as he had said, there was no way to change the outcome of the team battle.

Mo Xiaolang said seriously: “Not really, in the blink of an eye you have caught up to us again, at that time we can spar again, and that way we can have greater progress.”

They were talking, and Chaos was roaring ferociously. It was a very strange scene.

Outside of the Star Origin, they saw that Xing Qing and the others were fusing the last bit of star sand. The people of the Nightmare Race and the Gold WarG.o.d Clan were raging like thunder.

This victory could completely be said to be man-made for Long Chen!

They all started to clamor, but no matter what, from today onwards, Long Chen’s name would spread throughout the entire resplendent star, even to the chaotic star field.

He wanted to show it to the people of Dragon G.o.d Domain. It was all done by the son of the Eternal Dragon Emperor!

Long Chen and Mo Xiaolang started to fuse with the last bit of star sand amidst the clamor of the Primal Chaos Qun, while the rest of them, because of the lack of star sand, were pushed out of the Star Origin Realm. The Primal Chaos Qun was so angry that it was about to go crazy, if not for a few old men holding him down, he would probably attack the Illusory Immortal Clan!

“I will remember today’s shame! Long Chen! As for the wolf clan, you two just wait and see for yourselves; join forces to deal with my two cowards! At that time, I will crush all of you! Just you wait! “

The atmosphere of the primordial chaos was filled with a roaring roar.

“I’ll be taking my leave first!”

Chaos royal clan’s seniors pulled him, and turned to leave.

The Nightmare King coldly snorted and said to the Illusory King, “Isn’t the elites’ battle only the ones who got the first score? “Nothing great.”

Nightmare King was the last to arrive, but he brought the Nightmare Race and left first. Some of the Chaos royal clan’s people also left first.

And among the star sources, there were still three members of the Golden War G.o.d Clan and four members of the Illusory Immortal Clan. By this time, the result was basically decided.

They had already fused with the last star grain. It would only last four hours.

“I really can’t accept it. I’m just missing one person.”

In the Golden War G.o.d clan, the Moon-Devouring Wolf Lord that was hidden in the silver moon muttered.

“It’s all because of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Mo Xiaolang. He actually teamed up with the son of the Eternal Dragon Emperor to deal with the Primal Chaos Kunlun and got him to stall the son of the Eternal Dragon Emperor s. Wouldn’t it be better for him to kill those Dragon Fighter s!?”

In the middle was the head of the Golden War G.o.d Clan, Great Emperor Tyger Tian.

His ancient body was made of steel, and it emanated an aura of immeasurable majesty.

Many gold war G.o.d warriors quietly stood behind him.

Emperor Qing Tian used a mechanical voice and said, “It’s normal for me to see that long-time friend of mine.”

“In other words, we have to give him some pressure in the elite battle. Otherwise, if he were to meet Long Chen, he would definitely show mercy and show mercy. We have already lost the first round, we cannot lose again!”

The Crescent Wolf King laughed, “Don’t worry, his woman is still in my hands. As long as I scare him, he will fight to the death. It is the same even with his own brother. Who would be more important than his own woman?”

The three of them looked at each other, having already come to a decision.

“However, looking at that son of the Eternal Dragon Emperor’s character, if he knows that Mo Xiaolang is definitely going to become the champion of the elite battle, he would probably retreat without fighting. Our main enemy is still the Primal Chaos Kunlun.”

Emperor Qing Tian said.

He had seen too many people. Judging from Long Chen’s performance within the star origin, he was certain that Long Chen was someone who valued friends.h.i.+p and camaraderie. Therefore, he must think of a way to tell him about what happened to Mo Xiaolang!

After some careful thought, he came up with a plan!

In the remaining four hours, the Illusory Immortal Clan received congratulations from many people.

After a full four hours of pleasantries, Long Chen and the others finally came out from the Star Origin. The group battle had completely ended, and the people from the Nine Star Alliance had announced that the Illusory Immortal Clan had obtained the first point of the Star Lord Battle! The majority of them looked towards Long Chen. This was all thanks to Long Chen, even Bing Xinyue and the rest, who despised him before, did not dare to say anything.

Xing Qing and the others had already returned to the Illusory Immortal Clan, while Long Chen was still reminiscing about the old days with Mo Xiaolang.

Suddenly, an accident occurred.


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