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Chapter 1721 – Dragons of Time

Kill all the people in Jiangyue Fringe City?

No one wanted to be implicated, so at this time, over ten thousand people reacted and began fleeing towards the outside of the city. The Multi Dragon Wind Clan Master was a warrior of the tribulation of reincarnation, and in order to survive, everyone had gone crazy. At the same time, they were cursing Long Chen who deserved to die. If he did not reveal Long Chen’s whereabouts, such a disaster would not have happened!

Master Feng Long looked down at the fleeing people, his heart became even more angry, and he shouted in a low voice: “Kill them all, don’t let a single person get away!”

The experts of the Wind Dragon Cave were already prepared to act. With their abilities, it could be said to be an easy task for them to deal with a group of fugitives.

However, things had turned for the better.

Amongst the eighteen divine dragons pulling on the Dragon palanquin, Miss Ji’s cold and stern voice came.

“Hold on. No one is allowed to take action. “

The authority of the War G.o.d’s Ancient City was too great. The strong warriors of the Wind Dragon Cave looked at each other and stopped for a moment, waiting for the Wind Dragon Cave Lord and Miss Ji to negotiate with each other. However, the warriors of the Jiangyue Fringe City took this opportunity to escape frantically. It could be said that many of them were risking their lives and did not want to be implicated.

If not for the presence of Miss Ji, Wind Dragon Muldoon could kill as many people as he wanted, without a care in the world.

“Miss Ji, it’s better to kill the wrong person than to let it go. This is the only way to force Long Chen out.” Lord Mullaney’s voice also became cold, as if he wanted to start a conflict with Miss Ji.

However, Miss Ji remained calm and said: “What’s wrong with Mister Liu, it’s just the death of a few disciples, there’s no need to bring calamity to this kind of place. To do such a thing, Mister Liu does not care about his own reputation, but I do care, if this matter were to spread, wouldn’t my image become even more brutal?”

The Wind Dragon Blade Master froze, his eyes staring straight at the huge Dragon palanquin. He said: “Miss Ji, I was the one who did this, so I might not be related to you. Isn’t it just the lives of ten thousand people? In my entire life, the number of people I have killed before, is not even a thousand times more. “

Even at this moment, he was still unwilling to retreat. As an expert of tribulation of reincarnation, he had his own pride.

However, Miss Ji did not say anything. The eighteen divine dragons that were pulling the Dragon palanquin had turned into eighteen muscular men, and each of them was a Dragon Fighter. As for the Dragon palanquin, it landed on an empty land outside the Jiangyue Fringe City. When tens of thousands of people were desperately trying to break through the encirclement, Miss Ji’s voice rang again, and said: “Looks like Mister Liu is determined to not give this little girl face. As the saying goes, the heavens are kind, and Long Chen is definitely not in Jiangyue Fringe City. The person you are looking for is running away right now, but Mr. Liu is preoccupied with the ma.s.sacre of the city, which really confused me. Could it be that since Mr. Liu did not find the person, he has to ma.s.sacre the city every time he reaches a city? “

The reason why she was so proud was because she was backed by the War G.o.d’s Ancient City.

No matter how brave Mulan Wind Dragon was, he wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on her.

Under his forceful request, the Wind Dragon Muldoon Master could only compromise one thing, otherwise, it would be a huge battle between both sides. In reality, he knew that it was very likely that Long Chen had left this place, and the reason he had slaughtered the entire city was just to vent the anger in his heart.

In that short moment, the entire city became an empty city, and tens of thousands of people fled in all directions. This situation caused them to find Long Chen, and perhaps, it would be even more difficult.

The mulatto gritted his teeth and watched them run away.

Cat was mixed in the crowd, and after successfully helping everyone escape this calamity, he was extremely proud of himself. He hummed a small tune along the way and disappeared from the vision of the Wind Dragon Stream experts.

Even though this time was extremely thrilling, in the end, she was able to safely avoid this calamity. It was thanks to Cat’s ability to fool the Wind Dragon Muldoon Master, but being able to survive in the end was also greatly related to War G.o.d’s Ancient City’s Miss Ji.

From this moment onwards, perhaps the painting of Long Chen would spread throughout the entire War G.o.d’s Ancient City. He would become the wanted man everyone wanted to kill, since he was now Miss Ji’s spirit snow dog.

Now, it wasn’t completely safe.

The future path would still be difficult, unless Long Chen could quickly become the leader of the immortal realms in the Immortal G.o.d Realm.

In the Great Void Realm, he arranged a route for the kitten.

“If you head in this direction, you would probably reach a large river after a day. This is a large river that spans the entire War G.o.d’s Ancient City and is called the ‘War G.o.d’s River’. We can hide in the bottom of the river and follow the flow to reach that ancient city. This is the best way to get there, and the probability of us being discovered in this river is very small. “

This was the convenience of having a map.

He reckoned that as long as he could reach the War G.o.d’s River, he would be able to leave the control of the Wind Dragon Stream and the War G.o.d’s Ancient City.

But why didn’t Long Chen choose this route from the beginning?

Furthermore, within the Martial G.o.d Star River, the dire beasts in the water might be even more terrifying, and there might be a large amount of dangers. This was an extremely risky path, but if Long Chen was wanted by the entire War G.o.d’s Ancient City, he could only choose this way.

As they hurried along, everyone was also discussing whether or not they should return the Snow Dog to Miss Ji.

“From the looks of it, that Miss Ji seems to be very fond of it. Is this considered stealing someone’s love?” Ling Xi said softly.

Long Chen shook his head and said: “Perhaps she is just treating this Treasure Seeking Dog as a treasure hunting tool. This woman may seem as light as water, but he is still very scheming. She wasn’t really kind-hearted, and stopping the ma.s.sacre was just a matter of personal reputation. Besides, now that Mullaney has disgraced us, now that he’s the one who found the Chunky Snow Dog, and I’m a Thief, no matter what means I use to return it to her, it won’t end well. We are already in this whirlpool, and we can’t just return the Chosen Snow Dog to her. “

After Long Chen’s a.n.a.lysis, everyone came to the conclusion that this was already a way back.

In the blink of an eye, they had already fled far away from the Jiangyue Fringe City. In reality, the Martial G.o.d River wasn’t too far away from the Jiangyue Fringe City, it was just that Little Cat’s speed was inferior to Long Chen’s, and that was why they had walked for an entire day, and during that day, the power of the Wind Dragon Stream had already spread out in a large area around them. Long Chen could sense that many martial pract.i.tioners had already caught up to their surroundings, but it was just that they were not interested in Little Cat’s Divine Martial Stage.

Most of the forces surrounding the Wind Dragon Cave were shocked by this bounty. Now, it was basically whoever could catch Long Chen and get his Spirit Snow Dog, the final reward would belong to that person. Therefore, many warriors joined the ranks and took Long Chen’s portrait to test their luck.

Master of the Wind Dragon was different from others. He was not interested in Miss Ji’s prizes at all, what he wanted was Long Chen’s life.

This was simply a sea, not a river. Standing by the river, they could not even see the other side, and maybe the width of the Martial G.o.d Star River was over a hundred miles, and as for the depth of the river, it was at least ten thousand miles deep. This Martial G.o.d Star River was even larger than what Long Chen had imagined, no wonder it was called the largest river in the War G.o.d’s Ancient City.

This was much easier to conceal than what Long Chen imagined.

The surging river was vast and mighty as it madly rushed towards the territory of the ancient city. Like billions of wild horses galloping without end, large amounts of water splashed into the sky and scattered into mist.

“Get down.”

With his physical body, he could probably hide deep underground in the river without any problems. Ever since Long Chen appeared, he had been hiding continuously deep inside the river, until the entire world was submerged in water. It was as if he was at the deepest part of the ocean, following the ocean current and moving towards the distance, Long Chen tried to adjust his life activities to the lowest possible level in order to reduce the number of people who could notice him.

It was like a bottomless pit, unable to find the bottom of the river at all. The Immortal G.o.d Realm was an island in the sky after all, so Long Chen thought that if they went to the bottom, wouldn’t that mean they had fallen back into the Dragon Sacrifice Continent?

Of course, this was a bold and unrestrained idea.

With the speed of the river, it would take around a month for Long Chen to leave the War G.o.d’s Ancient City. In the Immortal G.o.d Realm, regardless of whether it was the Nirvana Qi or the entire world’s structure, they were both the most suitable for to cultivate.

But Long Chen faced the same problem as Mo Xiaolang, which was the Heavenly Way. Long Chen had always been progressing on the path of slaughter, and the power of the Slaughter Dragon Seal and the Heavenly Slaughter Blood Sword became more and more powerful, and the path of time was even more extraordinary than before. In the countless of battles that they had fought, the Illusory Dream and the Eternal Moment had played a huge role.

The two attributes of confusion and stillness remained to be developed.

Following the flow of the river, Long Chen pondered for a while, then suddenly recalled, wasn’t time simply a long river? Why was it that he could hide himself in the river, not the river of time?

~ Does the Great Void Cosmic Dragon exist to prevent the entire world from knowing that I am by my side? ]


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