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Chapter 1294 – Tyrant Imperial Palace

It could be said that Long Chen’s guts was already enough to kill him. So now it can’t be described as fat. It was clear that he did not place the Punishment Hall in his eyes at all. It was also clear that he was declaring war.

After killing this woman, Long Chen did not hesitate at all. He had always had a restricted area in his heart, if he touched it, he would die.

He was an Archaic Blood Dragon. His will did indeed contain the kindness of his nature, but once he touched the restricted region, his claws and fangs would be revealed.

Just like this moment.

Long Chen raised his head, looked at the pale Lu Chunqiu, and said coldly: “I’m sorry, I killed your son and your wife today. They are people who deserve to die. “Bring it on.”

After taking in a deep breath, Long Chen’s dark gaze swept across everyone in the Temple of Heaven and the Punishment Hall. He suddenly laughed and said, “Actually, there’s no need to be like this. Otherwise, what is the Blood Refinement Scripture? What is the Great Art of Burning Blood? What is the Nine Spirits Golden Imprint? I think you’re all grandchildren. Don’t treat this Hidden Dragon Rank battle as a fair battle, why should I, Long Chen, treat him as a fair battle? The first to break the rules, is still you all! “

Temple of Heaven, Punishment Hall. Today, they had encountered the most terrible lesson. Although the loss of manpower was negligible, Long Chen’s face-smacking caused everyone to feel a burning pain.

What Long Chen said was reasonable, the Punishment Hall and the Temple of Heaven wanted to kill him today, but they did not expect such an accident to happen.

When his wife and son died together, Lu Chunqiu clenched his fists tightly. If not for Lu Zhihuan who was still controlling him, he would have fallen into a state of madness.

“Second Elder.” Lu Zhihuan shouted loudly.

Han Yunxing and Nan Gong Lie were too strong. Although they did not say anything, from their expressions, it could be inferred that they were going to stand by Long Chen’s side.

Only one person could deal with them.

Under Lu Zhihuan’s summons, the seated Supreme and Second Elders finally moved. In an instant, he disappeared from his seat and appeared before Lu Zhihuan’s eyes. His speed was so fast that it seemed as if he had teleported.

“All of you, go back.” Supreme and Second Elders waved his hand and placed it in front of Lu Zhihuan.

Lu Zhihuan heaved a sigh of relief.

With the Supreme and Second Elders, even if the martial arts fanatic alcoholism came from the War G.o.d Palace, they couldn’t be blamed for breaking the rules.

Today, Long Chen must die!

A mighty and domineering aura emitted from Supreme and Second Elders’s body. Long Chen knew clearly that this aura was also from his body.

Being stared at by the Supreme and Second Elders, Long Chen felt chills down his spine.

With the strength of three people, they had actually gone against the Nirvana Tribulation Realm’s experts and the Temple of Heaven’s Punishment Hall. Today, Long Chen could be said to be defying the heavens’ will.

“Are you two really thinking?” In his opinion, the only people who could pose a threat to him were these two people. If not for them, Long Chen would not have been able to create any waves today.

Nan Gong Lie and Han Yunxing looked at each other but did not say anything.

However, Long Chen laughed proudly: “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this isn’t something they want to die for, it’s just that you are pus.h.i.+ng them too far. We can only resist. It was you who forced them to do this, it was you who allowed them to plot against me. As an elder of the Punishment Hall, you protected your own people and didn’t have any sense of justice in your heart. To be able to live within these three thousand palaces which have no fairness in them, to be humiliated and humiliated by others … I think that is a type of grief. “

Long Chen’s words could be said to be the dissatisfaction of many towards power and influence.

Why do they have to be bound by the Discipline Hall’s iron law, while these people can get away with it!

Supreme and Second Elders squinted his eyes.

It had been over a thousand years, yet no one dared to speak to him in such a tone …

This youth, Supreme and Second Elders knew of his uniqueness.

At this time, Lu Zhihuan spoke out from behind them, “Enough, Long Chen. Your time of death is already up, there’s no need for you to needlessly resist. Return the Nine Spirits Golden Elephant Seal, right?”

That was a great treasure of the Temple of Heaven. Having it in Long Chen’s hands, they all felt a little uncomfortable in their hearts.

Long Chen laughed, the Nine Spirits Golden Elephant Seal entered the Great Void Realm and asked: This is strange, these are my spoils of war, why should I give them to you?

“You!” Lu Zhihuan was so angry that his beard was sticking out.

An aura of slaughter spread between the two sides. Long Chen knew that the Supreme and Second Elders would not be able to endure it.


Nirvana Tribulation Realm’s might was displayed on Supreme and Second Elders’s body. His gaze was aimed at double obsession, and from beginning to end, he estimated that double obsession was a member of War G.o.d Palace. He could not easily take action, but the other party had already bullied him, so he could not be blamed for being cruel!


At this moment, almost everyone was panicking for Long Chen. The thing they had been worried about the most had happened!

But, Long Chen even dared to scold this Supreme and Second Elders, was he really afraid?

When the other party made a move, Long Chen laughed coldly and took out his real trump card.

The white light of the Saint Soul Transformation Jade suddenly shone from his chest, and a huge amount of energy formed a new energy channel network in his body, the double obsession turned into white light and entered into his body, the endless energy converged and’s body was about to explode, but this kind of feeling, that was full of energy, was not one bit weaker than the Ranker, this kind of feeling, was very comfortable.

“What happened!”

Everyone was stunned, this time, they were completely shocked by Long Chen!

Long Chen’s change had simply surpa.s.sed their understanding. What exactly was it that could actually fuse the energy of three people and fuse it into Long Chen’s body?

Under the powerful attribute of the Dragon Blood and Divine Energy, the white colored Saint Soul Transformation Jade’s power turned blood-red. The blood-red colored star shone incomparably brilliantly, and the blood-red colored flame burned brightly. In an instant, Long Chen could say that from an ant, he turned into an elephant in the eyes of the Supreme and Second Elders!

A bitter and bitter killing intent burst out from Long Chen’s body!

“Didn’t you want to kill me, Long Chen? Then let’s do it! I’d like to see how you old dogs can touch my strength! Haha, this world is not your own world. When you think you can do whatever you want, you have to ask me, Long Chen, whether or not I agree! “

Gathering the power of the double obsession, in the moment of the Saint Soul Transformation Jade’s sublimation, Long Chen became incomparably fatal.

Back then, in this state, he had basically killed all of the Eighth Stage of the Divine Martial Stage’s pract.i.tioners with a single strike.

Supreme and Second Elders’s expression had never before become this shocked!

It was actually power of the same level!

This youth had no choice but to attract his attention. What kind of background did he have, to be able to make double obsession work so hard, and also be able to act wildly in such an unscrupulous manner in the most powerful place of the three thousand halls!

No matter what, Supreme and Second Elders knew he had to make a move!

“Long Chen, disrespecting your elders, disobeying orders and committing crimes deserves to die a thousand times. My Punishment Hall has decided, kill on the spot!” With an explosive shout, the Supreme and Second Elders struck out under the stunned gazes of countless people!

For a time, the sky and earth changed color!

Long Chen’s eyes darkened, his entire body was covered in blood, he also made his move, but he was actually not weaker than a terrifying warrior like Supreme and Second Elders.

The speed of the two was almost equal!

A clash of fists.

In the middle of the enemy, the vast amount of Nirvana Qi almost made Long Chen fall apart, but the enemy was also pushed back by Long Chen!

The aftermath of the battle made the warriors of the Punishment Hall and the Temple of Heaven stagger. The extremely stable light barrier of the Hidden Dragon Battlefield was completely torn apart at this moment.


This was already enough to shock everyone. It must be known that Long Chen’s previous strength was like the difference between a G.o.d and a human, but now, his strength was actually not much different!

was already very satisfied with his speed for resisting the Supreme and Second Elders. His speed suddenly increased, and amongst the crowd of Temple of Heaven s, he grabbed onto the back of a person’s neck with one hand, completely lifting these two people up. Then, he arrogantly stood in front of Supreme and Second Elders!

These two warriors were actually Lu Zhihuan and Lu Chunqiu!

They were held in Long Chen’s hands like chickens. They had been using their whole lives’ worth of strength, and their faces were filled with fear as they struggled with all their might. However, under Long Chen’s restriction, they seemed to be a little weaker.

Relying on these two people, Long Chen succeeded in making the Supreme and Second Elders stop in fear.

“What is it? He’s not making a move anymore? Are you afraid I’ll rip their necks off? ” Long Chen laughed as he spoke, using strength in his hands, instantly causing the two Lu Family members to release earth-shattering roars, their necks having been squashed by Long Chen.

“Old demon, can you still sit there and look at me, Long Chen, from high above? I can’t kill you today, but I can destroy your Temple of Heaven and Punishment Hall, and want to deal with me. In the next life, I think it’s better for you to obediently go back and enjoy your life, in case the Nirvana Tribulation comes and you get turned into dust, and I, Long Chen, will have to decide on this emperor. What do you think? “

“Anyways, you two no longer have any fairness, it’s the time to let Long Chen control the 3000 Great Temples, haha, if you don’t obediently go back, I will break their necks right?”

Long Chen was interested, as he smiled lightly, looking at the gloomy Supreme and Second Elders.

The scene was completely silent.

Long Chen’s appet.i.te was really big, he actually wanted to control three thousand great halls, to dominate the Imperial Palace!

However, he was indeed such a character, but there was one thing. The Punishment Hall was created by the War G.o.d Palace, and it all depended on the War G.o.d Palace. But Long Chen also had people in the War G.o.d Palace, so to the War G.o.d Palace, changing a master in the Three Thousand Great Palace was not a big deal either!


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