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Chapter 1268 – Soaring Strength

The might of heavenly tribulation was a pain that Long Chen had never experienced before, ever since he had started cultivating. This was a kind of suffering that a person would never be able to endure.

Until now, Long Chen dared to imagine just how terrifying the Nirvana Tribulation would be.

No wonder that heavenly ancestor of the Yang family would rather change his body than bear the Nirvana Tribulation.

Nirvana Tribulation is unavoidable. Even if you do not cultivate, attracting the Nirvana Tribulation, a thousand years later, the Nirvana Tribulation will still be your life. As long as they stepped onto the Nirvana Tribulation Realm, they would be able to go against the flow. Of course, this path of cultivation was a path of despair, because after the Nirvana Tribulation, there would then be the even more terrifying nine stages of the cycle of reincarnation. This is a road with no future.

It was possible that after crossing two great tribulation stage, one would become a G.o.d that truly controlled everything.

To Long Chen, these things were still too far away. Right now, he was being tortured to the point of no return. It was just a small tribulation that ordinary martial artists could endure. The only difference was that he pa.s.sed the third tribulation at the same time.

To Long Chen, over all these years, he had suffered many hards.h.i.+ps, but he had not uttered a single word. This time, although it was the most terrifying, his pride was equally unconvinced.

When he formed the dragon’s will, he relied on an unyielding soul force. This was his own, but it was also the power of the Archaic Blood Spirit Dragon.

In the midst of the extreme pain, Long Chen had surprisingly discovered that the destructive power of this tribulation, while destroying his body, was actually able to cause him to undergo a new transformation.

Perhaps, this was just like the Nirvana Tribulation. A calamity was a calamity to be killed, but at the same time, it was also a hope for rebirth. Nirvana means rebirth.

Han Yunxing and Nan Gong Lie’s expression changed greatly from their shock. In Long Chen’s little tribulation, there was the scent of a Nirvana Tribulation. This was too terrifying.

No one would believe it if word of this were to spread.

If Long Chen didn’t seem to be able to resist it, the two of them would have gone crazy.

“Xiao Chen, what exactly is the dragon blood essence that he obtained that caused the heavens to be so jealous?” Han Yunxing’s voice trembled.

“In my opinion, even your Sword Soul Imperial Palace’s Void Refining Demon Dragon doesn’t have such a degree. Xiao Chen only has Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm right now, and he can defeat the Seventh Stage of the Divine Martial Stage. Such a heaven-defying feat means that he has obtained the inherited blood essence, which far surpa.s.ses the time when he refined the Void Demon Dragon. ” Nangong Lie said with a sigh.

Han Yunxing thought in the same way, and said while pondering: “Then I presume, this dragon’s inherited blood essence was left behind by his benefactor.”

“Yes, he would naturally not be able to find such a precious item. Back then, that was also Nangong Lie’s dream. ” Nangong Lie smiled helplessly.

Han Yunxing rolled his eyes at him, and said in a low voice: “It’s not just you.

However, after becoming a Dragon Fighter, the calamity one would encounter would probably be even stronger than others!

Long Chen was just like that!

He was like a small boat swaying in a raging sea. That violent storm tore his body into pieces, and Long Chen truly felt that his own body was being torn into two halves. However, he had a strong recovery ability, causing his two bodies to once again be pulled together.

A new round of merging between his flesh, blood, and bones began.

This was a process that made one want to die.

In the eyes of Han Yunxing and Nan Gong Lie, a radius of five kilometers was filled with the terrible calamity. They reckoned that if this calamity were to infect them even if their cultivation was not Seventh Stage of the Divine Martial Stage, they would probably die.

Under the third tribulation, what was hidden was the power of a portion of the Nirvana tribulation.

With the arrival of the Nirvana Tribulation, the power of the Wind Fire Thunder Tribulations had increased tenfold. At the same time, Long Chen’s body had also recovered tenfold.

Other people would only need a day at most to overcome this tribulation. But to Long Chen, this was destined to be a long battle. The most shocking thing about Long Chen was that he did not even use a single one of the five Purple Jade Ronan Pellets Han Yunxing and the others had prepared for him.

A day had pa.s.sed and Han Yunxing and Nan Gong Lie were already shocked that the small tribulation had not ended. Furthermore, it was still growing stronger and stronger.

They were skeptical about Long Chen’s ability to persevere on, but seeing the illusory dragon soul, even though it was extremely weak, it still maintained its arrogant and unyielding roar, rolling in the endless calamity, they felt relieved.

From this trend, it was obvious that the meeting would not end so soon.

The more time pa.s.sed, the more they admired Long Chen. This further strengthened their resolve to follow this young man to his death. When the two of them looked at each other, they could always see the shock in each other’s eyes.

Since this little fellow was able to persist to such an extent, it could almost be described as a heaven-defying monster.

They had never seen a Nirvana Tribulation before. However, they had never imagined that it would be this terrifying.

To them, who were about to face a Nirvana Tribulation, Long Chen’s Small Tribulations this time might be a very valuable experience for them.

Time pa.s.sed by, day by day. Han Yunxing and Nangong Lie did not know how Long Chen had undergone his transformation. The only thing they knew was that Long Chen’s aura had grown stronger and stronger, and that he had never taken the Purple Jade Ronan Pill before.

He relied on his tenacity to endure the tribulation’s power bit by bit.

This already made Han Yunxing and Han Yunxing to the level of reverence. They felt that even if they were themselves, when facing a calamity of the same level, they would definitely not be able to accomplish this;

While holding on to his life, this youth was also transforming. As he transformed step by step, his aura became more and more exuberant and his vitality became more and more exuberant. In the center of the ten-mile radius natural disaster, a giant beast was gradually awakening. Han Yunxing and Nangong Lie both laughed. They knew that Long Chen had definitely survived, and this meant that he had welcomed a new student.

From Fourth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, he crossed the third level of tribulation. All the way to the peak of the Fifth Stage of the Divine Martial Realm, during the holidays, it would be very easy to reach the Sixth Stage of the Divine Martial Stage.

It could be said that his strength had crossed an entire realm this time.

and Yue Shan weren’t sure about the details, but they could sense that Long Chen’s current aura was already making them throb. This was not only the strength of the primordial spirit, but more importantly, it was a type of innate pressure that came from the Divine Martial Spirit.

“This feeling, is it a dragon?” Nangong Lie was somewhat confused.

“We two old fellows might not be useful to the Young Lord for long. Since his cultivation hasn’t surpa.s.sed ours yet, let’s do something for him.” Han Yunxing said helplessly.

What he said was the truth.

With Long Chen’s current speed, every year was equivalent to ten years or a hundred years for other people. In terms of combat strength, if Long Chen truly pa.s.sed through the three small tribulations, he would definitely be above all the younger generation in the three thousand great halls. With his speed, catching up to Han Yunxing and Nan Gong Lie was only a matter of time.

Even though, the higher one’s Divine Martial Stage was, the slightest difference would be extremely large.

But Han Yunxing and Luo Hua City Mistress still felt the pressure.

In the depths of the valley, what kind of life force would erupt with a bang! This was the completely new Long Chen’s body created by half of the ancestral dragon blood!

This time, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds!

It was exactly fifteen days later when the wind tribulation, Fire Devouring Calamity and Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulations, which covered the sky and the earth, finally dispersed. In the middle of the countless calamities, a naked man stood in the air with his hands crossed before his chest and his eyes closed.

This youth was Long Chen.

At this moment, he had received a new life. His skin was incomparably smooth and clean, much like that of a newborn baby. However, there was a toughness that a newborn baby did not have. It did not have Yan Qingchen’s explosive muscles, nor was it skinny. Every muscle of his was perfect, could be said to be perfect.

Long Chen’s original body was not to this degree of perfection, but now that he had undergone the baptism of the Nirvana Tribulation from the third tribulation, he seemed to have undergone a metamorphosis, reborn from a different world.

The rebirth this time, had brought Long Chen enormous benefit.

At this moment, the moment he opened his eyes, that towering gaze that stood at the peak of all living beings, made even Han Yunxing and Nangong Lie, who were afar, feel their souls trembling in the face of his gaze at that moment. This kind of gaze was absolutely not something that humans could possess.

Of course, that was only for an instant. Long Chen quickly returned to normal.

The clothes that Long Chen had found over himself, had covered his entire body, and the man who looked ordinary yet determined, once again appeared in front of Han Yunxing and Yue Yang. He looked no different from before, but in their eyes, Long Chen was no longer the same as before.

In his eyes, there was a power that made him even more confident!

How strong exactly was the current Long Chen? Perhaps only Long Chen himself knew that the arrival and pa.s.sing of the third level of tribulation had transformed Long Chen’s body. It was the descent of another ten percent of the ancestral dragon blood s, allowing his physical body to reach the ninth stage of the body tempering technique. At the same time, his speed had increased tremendously. At the very least, he had to be at the peak of the Eighth Stage of the Divine Martial Stage in order to be on par with Long Chen in terms of speed.

The most important thing was the growth of the primordial spirit.

A strong power surrounded Long Chen’s body.

The increase in primordial spirit s meant that Long Chen could cultivate the Nine Dragon Scripture all the way to the sixth stage. The power of the sixth stage of the Nine Dragons Scripture should not be much weaker than the Euphorbid Finger. The Nine Dragons Scripture and the Euphorbid Finger, one on the left and one on the right, would inevitably form Long Chen’s unparalleled combat power!

All of these layers were just an increase on the surface. As for what was the most shocking, it was probably the trace of Nirvana Force contained within his Dragon Blood and Divine Energy!


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