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Chapter 1211 – Final Reversal

In front of him was like a candle flame, transforming into a sun in front of his own Heavenly Appearance Mantra. The intense light made Yang Ding shut his eyes subconsciously.

In front of the Heaven’s Mandate, the Long Chen in front of the giant beast was just a small beast in the beginning, but it was growing at an alarming rate. Until now, he could already cover the sky and cover the earth with the giant beast.

Instead, his burning gaze was fixed upon his own Heavenly Dharma Idol!

“He actually broke through! What level has he reached!?” Yang Ding was clearly facing Long Chen’s blazing gaze. It was a gaze filled with aggression, and it even made him tremble uncontrollably.

What exactly was Long Chen’s strength?

Everyone thought that he was the Earth Appearance Mantra, but up till now, he had yet to reveal the Earth Appearance Mantra. Instead, he used a strange willpower to confront Yang Ding, as if they were demons. The rank seven demon G.o.ds all had their own will, and that was their own dao. They could also rely on this will to block the will of the heavens and earth from the humans.

The emperor’s spirit energy formed into a whirlpool, and rushed towards Long Chen, which he absorbed. His cultivation was increasing rapidly, and after comprehending that layer of comprehension, he successfully broke through that membrane.

Yang Ding immediately understood that he had to stop it!

The Long Chen in the beginning was already very powerful, he could use his own battle skills to fight against me, if he becomes stronger, wouldn’t I have no chance at all?

Thinking of this, Yang Ding merged the power of the Heaven Appearance Mantra into his fist, and combined it with the Ancient Cauldron’s power. He loosened his fist into a palm, and chopped down at Long Chen!

“Great Destruction Palm!”

The clouds surged, and as Yang Ding struck out with his palm, countless dark green clouds gathered in the air, forming a huge palm that struck towards Long Chen!

For a moment, the clouds were dancing and the sand was dancing, all the disciples retreated, their clothes fluttered, and Long Chen, who was in the center of importance, seemed to have been submerged by that palm wind!

In the beginning, the will of the Heavens seemed gentle and gentle, but when true power was unleashed, the stars would explode and the stars would turn upside down. The power of this attack was far greater than the will of the Laws of the Earth.


Long Chen was completely drowned.

“You want to break through in front of me? Aren’t you looking to die? Go and die!” If you want to insult my Yang Disciple, just relying on you, forget about the door, you don’t even have a window! ” Outside of the gale, Yang Ding was laughing heartily.

In this battle, he represented almost all of the Yang Disciple s that had come to partic.i.p.ate, and only victory was allowed.

In the midst of the chaos, Yang Ding did not believe that Long Chen could break through successfully. Of course, he wouldn’t just let it go like this!

“I’ll add some fire. When he breaks through, let’s kill him first.” The countless stars of the Heavenly Appearance Mantra had actually expanded and revolved around his body. At the same time, Yang Ding’s body was also rotating, and in the process of spinning, a virtual Ancient Bronze Cauldron had replaced him in his original position, and a dark green cauldron was revolving around him.

“Ancient Cauldron Shock the Mountains and Rivers!”

The attack that merged with the Heaven Appearance Mantra came down from the sky. The gigantic ancient bronze cauldron contained a terrifying power, but Long Chen was still unable to escape from the palm strike, causing everyone’s eyes to light up.

“Big brother Yang Ding has finally brought out his ultimate killing technique. With the support of the battle before him, he can seize the opportunity to unleash this move when the opponent makes a breakthrough. This move will definitely shatter that kid’s body into pieces.”

“That’s for sure. How many people can withstand the power of the Ancient Cauldron Quaking Mountain and River?”

The crowd burst into an uproar as their voices reverberated loudly.

As they retreated, they looked towards Long Chen’s direction with pitiful eyes. At this moment, the gigantic ancient cauldron was already spinning, the general was already on top of his head.

“The Great Shattered Palm is enough to kill this kid. This ultimate move of Young Nephew Yang Ding’s will probably be able to kill this little fellow to the point where not even dregs remain.”

“If you dare to provoke the Yang family, this is the result.”

“That’s not right. If that’s the case, then those two prisoners imprisoned by Luan Zu and Mo Zu should be making a move, right?”

“With Luan Zu and Mo Zu suppressing them, how would they dare?”

The older group of people started to roar with laughter.

“Beneath the ancient cauldron, mountains and rivers are collapsing, and the universe is in turmoil!”

Indeed, under the ancient cauldron, the s.p.a.ce vibrated time and time again. If this twisting energy was used on a person’s body, it would distort their body just like s.p.a.ce.

Below them, Long Chen’s figure had already been strangled out of sight by the Shattered Thunder Palm.

“Fighting in front of me is simply courting death.” Yang Ding laughed loudly as the ancient cauldron rumbled.

Right at this moment, a gale suddenly rose from below, the winds and clouds changed, a beast type roar came out, it was a kind of intimidating strength, the moment the people heard it, they retreated once again. They were acutely aware, it was as though Long Chen was not killed because of this.

In the midst of the wind and clouds, the ancient cauldron descended, giving Long Chen a final strike. And at this time, there was an explosion, causing the crowd to not be able to see the blood-red spear dance, piercing through the hazy clouds, and then, there were three berserk beast roars. Three incomparably huge divine dragons rushed up into the sky, and from three different directions, they charged towards the ancient cauldron to tear it apart!

Firstly, the azure-colored flame s that coiled around his body were mighty and domineering!

Second, the blue icy mist enveloped his body, killing ruthlessly!

Third, he disappeared without a trace. Violent winds surged, and he was the fastest!

These three Divine Dragons that covered the sky and the earth, were truly the third stage of power of the Nine Dragon Scripture. Long Chen’s primordial spirit had explosively increased in strength once again, and now, he could easily be able to control the third stage of the Nine Dragon Scripture!

Weng! *

“What is this!” From the moment the three divine dragons broke through the clouds, Yang Ding had been stunned.

Even though he exerted his strongest power, he could only watch helplessly as all the divine dragons surrounded him. The three types of powers mixed together to form a terrifying attack power that surrounded him, which made Yang Ding have an illusion that he was the prey in the eyes of these three-headed divine dragons.

Sssii! *

“Let’s go all out!” Yang Ding braced himself and fought Long Chen, who could still counterattack before his death.

However, what shocked him was that Long Chen’s power was much stronger than before, so strong that even the ancient cauldron’s power that could shake the mountains and rivers was shaken. The three-headed divine dragon that was entangling the ancient cauldron, actually stopped the spinning of the ancient cauldron just like that.


Under Long Chen’s hands, the ancient cauldron’s illusion shattered.

“Head Cutting move!”

When the ancient cauldron’s power was destroyed, Yang Ding was completely stunned. He was just about to resist when a blood-red figure suddenly approached from afar, instantly arriving in front of him. By the time he reacted, an incomparably sharp weapon was placed on his neck, the edge of the halberd had already cut into a quarter of his neck, and a large amount of blood had already sprayed out.

If Long Chen used any more strength, his head would be separated from his body.

Under the intense pain, Yang Ding’s perception became blurry. He could only stare wide-eyed at the cold-looking young man in front of him who wielded a halberd.

“You’ve lost!” Long Chen grinned, flying up to the sky and struck down with his leg. Yang Ding’s body was like a cannonball, smas.h.i.+ng into the ground with a loud bang, digging an over three meter deep hole in the ground. In the middle of the hole, only his two legs were exposed.

When they saw these two swinging legs, everyone’s expression was indescribably wonderful.

Long Chen landed steadily, his entire body was untainted by a speck of dust, his aura was much more powerful than before, and even the look in his eyes made people feel even more terrified.

Pah pah pah pah pah!

As the Yang family members had extremely ugly expressions on their faces, the two great guards beside Long Chen, Nan Gong Lie and Han Yunxing were clapping their hands together. Of course, they knew that the goal of the battle between Long Chen and Yang Ding was to break through, and it was obvious that he had succeeded. In the martial way, he had taken another step, and as long as he worked hard, he would not be weaker than the others.

There was complete silence.

Long Chen did not want to provoke anyone, he defeated Yang Ding, and this was the biggest proof. The person who said that he was no good should have his face slapped by now.

“Since I was young, billions of people have said that I, Long Chen, cannot do it. That’s not possible, that’s impossible. That’s impossible. But in the end, all of their expressions were the same as yours.”

In the incomparably calm atmosphere, Long Chen said this indifferently. Then he turned around and walked into the Wisteria with Nangong Lie and the others, leaving behind a group of people who were looking at each other in dismay.

Even senatorial group s could not help but start discussing.

The faces of Yang Dingtian and the other two who were standing in front of the crowd did not look good, especially Yang Dingtian. Yang Ding could be said to have been personally nurtured by him, but who would have known that he would actually lose to Long Chen.

“Big brother, don’t think too much into it. Yang Ding will benefit from today’s failure, and he will understand that there is a mountain beyond a mountain beyond a mountain.” Yang Batian scratched his head and said.

“Heh, this is the only way to comfort myself.”

With that, Yang Dingtian turned and left.

When he turned around, Yang Ding swung his legs and got up from the ground. When he saw everyone’s pale faces, his face turned white with a ‘shua’ sound.

“What about the beast? I haven’t lost yet, let’s fight again! ” Looking around, Yang Ding said in exasperation.

Everyone looked at him numbly, as if they were looking at a monkey, and the thousands of people left dejectedly. Today, even Yang Ding had been suppressed by Long Chen, and basically, no one in the Yang Disciple could even raise their heads in front of Long Chen.

“How could this be?” Yang Ding kneeled on the ground.

“Let’s go.” One of the elders walked forward and forcefully dragged the dumbstruck Yun Che away, while the originally lively Wisteria turned incomparably quiet.

After entering the Wisteria, Long Chen and the people from the Great Void Realm were chatting.

When I was young, there were trillions of people who said that I, Long Chen, was no good, no way, no way, that’s impossible, that’s impossible, but in the end, all of their expressions were the same as yours. Amongst the trillions of people, there was also me, right?


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