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Chapter 558: He Was Arrogant As He Spoke

The couple did not order much, they just ordered two dishes, one soup, and a small portion of dessert.

Jiang Tingxu was indeed hungry, she did not bother about the man beside her during the meal.

Mo Boyuan was not annoyed, he thoughtfully served the woman with the dishes and said from time to time:

“Drink some soup to warm your stomach, eat slowly, don’t eat so fast.”

Jiang Tingxu was a doctor to begin with, how could she not know that eating too fast would be bad for her health?

But she was already used to it and could not change her habit for the time being.

As expected of the famous Xiang restaurant in Y City, the taste was really good.

After the two of them finished eating, Mo Boyuan planned to take his wife out for a walk:

“There’s a newly developed Internet Celebrity Park in Y City, it’s still early, let’s go take a look?”

Jiang Tingxu murmured a soft “Hmm” as a sign of agreement.

The main reason was that if they returned to the hotel so early, other than staring at the man, she really couldn’t find anything else to do, she might as well take a look at the Internet Celebrity Park.

Floral Valley in Y City.

When the two of them arrived, the sky was already slightly dark, but there were quite a number of people in the Floral Valley,

After getting the tickets, they entered Floral Valley officially.

As soon as they entered, they saw a sea of lights that changed colors randomly on both sides, just like special effects in the movie.

There were many people taking photos, and even Jiang Tingxu couldn’t help but turned on her mobile phone’s camera and started taking photos.

It was really beautiful.

To enter the premises, everyone needs to pa.s.s through these Sea of lights, of course, walking in the sea of lights was like stepping on the galaxy of stars.

Jiang Tingxu was very happy, she even took the initiative to ask the man to take photos of her.

Mo Boyuan took dozens of photos in a row, without his wife’s knowledge, he secretly sent a few stunning photos to his phone through wechat and even deleted the chat records.


At this moment, the little guy on the other side of the ocean missed his mother.

“Grandma, Ningning wants to see my mother.”

Mrs Mo was having tea with her former buddies when she saw her obedient grandson, who had been playing outside, ran in.

“You miss your mother?”


He admitted it directly.

Mrs Mo put down her teacup and said apologetically to her buddies sitting next to her,

“Sorry, I have to pacify my obedient grandson, we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

After all, as they had not seen each other for many years, the once closed buddies, who had been extremely good friends, were now a little unfamiliar with each other.

“Okay, okay, go.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Mrs Mo held her grandson’s hand and left.

The Dai family lived in the same district, the old and the young held hands as they walked back.

“Little Ningning, let’s call mom when we get back and make a video call, okay?”

Now that they could only see each other via video call, the little guy obviously wouldn’t refuse:

“Okay, Grandma, let’s walk faster.”


The old and the young walked halfway and they ran into the senior Mr Mo, who had come to pick them up.

From afar, the little guy saw him with his sharp eyes:


Mr Mo’s face was full of smiles, he squatted down and caught his beloved grandson who was pouncing at him:

“Did you have fun?”

“It was just so-so.”

Did he have to be so mature?

Mrs Mo shook her head:

“The child misses his mother, so we came back,” she explained to her husband.

“Then let’s go back, we could go back and make a call.”

When the little guy put the call though, Jiang Tingxu and Mo Boyuan were watching the deers in the park.

“h.e.l.lo, Ningning?”

“Jiang Tingxu, what are you doing?”

The little kid really didn’t mean what he said, he was clearly thinking about his mother, but the moment he opened his mouth, he became arrogant.

His temper was exactly like his father’s.


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