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Chapter 400: Honey, You Can’t Refuse

After her head didn’t hurt as much, Jiang Tingxu was forced by the man to eat some more.

“What time is it?” she asked in a speechless manner.

The man looked at his watch.

“Two o’clock.”

It’s already two o’clock?

Jiang Tingxu frowned.

“Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

This woman slept for less than three hours last night. Previously, she only managed to catch up on about an hour of sleep. In total, she only slept for four hours. Tonight, she had to stay up all night again. How could she withstand this?

Mo Boyuan’s heart was filled with distress for his wife.

A long time ago, after he knew that Jiang Tingxu chose the medical course, Mo Boyuan had considered this.

But he couldn’t do anything about it. Who asked this girl to like it?

Jiang Tingxu didn’t know what the man was thinking at this moment. She shook her head.

“I’m not sleeping anymore.”

“Then what are you planning to do?”

Jiang Tingxu shot a glance at him.

“Why are you asking this?”

The man smiled happily:

“Of course I’m going to accompany my wife!”


“There’s no need for it.”

She rejected him directly.

Even Jiang Tingxu herself did not know what to do.

Wasn’t this man always very busy?

Why was he so free today?

Looking at the disdain in his wife’s eyes, Mo Boyuan twitched his eyebrows.

Probably only this woman in front of him could be so disdainful of him.

This was Emperor Mo!

His fangirls ranged from an 80-year-old granny to a 3-year-old child.

His casual word or look could make his fans go crazy!

Unfortunately, in front of his wife…

“Honey, do you think you can refuse?”

He had to keep his face in his pocket and cling to her shamelessly.

When Jiang Tingxu heard his words, she glared at him immediately. The man did not realize it, and his smile became brighter.

“Mo Boyuan, I really should let your fans see how you look now.”

What kind of idols was these fans liking?


The man laughed out loud and continued,

“Oh, sure, honey, you can take a picture and post it.”

As long as Jiang Tingxu posted it, it would undoubtedly that she admitted it.

Therefore, Mo Boyuan was very happy in his heart.

However, Jiang Tingxu’s mind was still clear, she wouldn’t fall into his trap at all.

“I’m going to wash the dishes. If you don’t want to eat, move aside.”

“I’ll help you.”

“Are you trying to break all the dishes in my house?”

It was not as if it had never happened before. Every time Mo Boyuan wanted to wash the dishes, he would break one of the plates.

Currently, there were only these plates in the house. There were not many of them.

Alright then. Once again, he was ruthlessly despised by his wife. Mo Boyuan did not insist on it.

After all, even he did not know why did it happen. As long as those plates were in his hands, the gravity force would double and he would not be able to control it at all.


He watched his wife tidy up the things on the table silently and waited for Jiang Tingxu to carry the bowls and chopsticks into the kitchen. The man followed her in naturally.

“Why are you following me? The kitchen is so small. Do you think it can accommodate both of us?”

It was fine if it was just one person, but when the two of them were around, if they just turn around they could b.u.mp into each other.

Jiang Tingxu was very annoyed. Anyway, whenever she was with Mo Boyuan now, her anger would rise immediately and she would be ready to explode at any time.


The man responded and took two long steps back to the kitchen door.

Jiang Tingxu took a look and did not say anything else. She started to wash the dishes.

Mo Boyuan did not blink as he looked at the woman who was bending over to wash the dishes in front of the sink. The more he looked, the gentler his gaze became. The corners of his lips curled up and he did not put it down for long.


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