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Chapter 199: Forced Me to Go On A Blind Date

“Eh? Leng Zheng? Why are you here?”

“Miss Su, are you able to stand on your own?” He asked expressionlessly.

Hearing this, Su Muxue nodded:


As soon as she finished speaking, Leng Zheng let go of her.

Jiang Tingxu’s face twitched a little. In the end, she couldn’t bear it and went forward to pull Su Muxue:

“What’s wrong with you today?”

Su Muxue’s personality had always been very free and easy. If it weren’t for something, she wouldn’t have come here alone to get drunk.

Su Muxue’s body swayed a few times, then she waved her hand:

“What could be wrong with me? Little Tingxu, you’re thinking too much. BURP!” It was another hiccup.


She didn’t seem to be very convincing.

Su Muxue didn’t intend to explain, and Jiang Tingxu didn’t have the habit of forcing her to spit it out.

“Alright, I’ll send you home.”

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the phone in Su Muxue’s hand suddenly rang.

Jiang Tingxu had no idea what was on this girl’s mind. This girl threw the phone away without any hesitation.

However, the quality of the phone wasn’t bad, and it was still ringing.

Jiang Tingxu didn’t want to pay attention to this drunken lunatic, so she could only ask Leng Zheng to pick up the phone.


After taking the phone, she looked at the caller ID, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d”, and the corner of her mouth twitched a few times.

“Su Muxue, are you going to pick up the phone?”

“Pick… Pick it up… Xiaoting, let me hear you pick it up.”

Su Muxue, who was quite drunk, didn’t see who was calling, and now she was even more excited because she was drunk.

However, after she sobers up…

Jiang Tingxu finally picked up the call. Before she could speak, the person at the other end of the phone had already spoken:

“Xue’er, stop fooling around.”

This familiar voice…

And this extremely doting tone…

How could Jiang Tingxu not recognize who it was?

Even Leng Zheng could not help but look interested.

Miss Su and Director Tan?

Jiang Tingxu coughed:

“Excuse me, is this Boss Tan?”

The other party answered without hesitation:

“Yes, are you my younger sister-in-law?”

Well, both parties recognized each other, so they should just get straight to the point.

“Yes, Muxue is drunk. We were about to send her home.”

Tsk tsk, she really hid it well. She had no idea that this girl was actually acquainted with Tan Yiming. When exactly did they hook up?

When Tan Yiming heard that Su Muxue was drunk, he was clearly a little anxious:

“Where are you guys now?”

“Imperial Phoenix.”

“I’ll come and pick her up right away.”

“Okay, we’ll wait in the car first.”

It was quite cold outside. After staying for a long time, it was really cold. She then dragged Su Muxue into the car.

Leng Zheng silently started the car and drove to the side of the road to wait.

Jiang Tingxu took a bottle of mineral water from the side and handed it to Su Muxue:

“Drink some water.”

By this point in time, Su Muxue was very obedient. She drank water whenever she was asked to. She was like a cute puppy. No wonder she could managed to land Tan Yiming.

It seemed that Tan liked this type!

The people of Yun City probably hadn’t expected it, right?

Still waters run deep, huh.

After waiting in the car for a while, Su Muxue became more and more bored:

“Little Tingxu, you’re so nice.” Holding Jiang Tingxu, she kept shaking her like a child.

Jiang Tingxu was very uncomfortable, but could not push her away:

“Do you want to rest for a bit?”

“No, I don’t want to rest!”

“Okay, okay, okay. Then can you tell me why you came here to get drunk?”

She got straight to the point. Su Muxue paused for a moment before answering:

“It’s all because of my parents.”


“They went too far and forced me to go on a blind date!”

A blind date?

“Yes, it’s a blind date. Am I that lousy? To the point where I need a blind date? And my brother, he didn’t even help me!”


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