WebNovel Doomsday: I Obtained A Fallen Angel Pet At The Start Of The Game Chapter 78 – You Think You Can Stop Me With Just This?!

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Chapter 78: You Think You Can Stop Me With Just This?!

After walking up to him, the effeminate man smiled and spoke.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Rubinan!”

Upon hearing this voice, Stark’s mind immediately had an impression of it.

This was the voice of the man who had sat on the edge of the auction house and bid against him previously.

“Oh, you’re ignoring me. It seems that since Daphne has already told you, I won’t say any more nonsense!

“This stronghold was created by my brother and a few experts on the leaderboards. You know the consequences of offending me!

“Tsk! Look at how rich you are. Now, I’ll give you a choice. Give me the treasure map fragment and compensate me with a piece of C-grade equipment! I’ll pretend that this matter never happened. How about it?”

Rubinan laughed coldly and said.

Around him, the group of accomplices sneered and stared at Stark

“How dare you do this? Your brother isn’t the only one who has the final say here!

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll ask my father to tell the other founders?!” Daphne immediately stood in front of Stark and said with a slightly angry expression.

“Hehe, Daphne, if it weren’t for your father being the right-hand man of another ranking expert, I would have taken you in as a maid long ago. As for the matter you mentioned, don’t you know that they have already left?

“To tell you the truth, even if this guy wasn’t here today, my original purpose was to rape you when your father isn’t here!

“When the time comes, just tell your father to look for me. But it’d be too late. Hahaha!”

Rubinan’s tone changed. His face revealed a crazed look, as if his evil plan was about to succeed.

“What?! When did my father go out?!” Daphne’s face immediately turned pale with fear.

As a movie star before the end of the world, the reason why she could live so peacefully here was largely that she had a strong father.

Her father’s superior happened to be one of the experts on the ranking list in Manhattan. He was also one of the experts who established this stronghold.

With this ident.i.ty, no one dared to provoke her in this stronghold after the apocalypse.

And this Rubinan’s brother, Lucas, was also a figure on the ranking list like his father’s superior.

Even his father might not be able to stop him from doing what he wanted to do, let alone Daphne herself!

“Alright, I’ll give you three seconds to hand over the fragment, or else you can prepare to die. Oh no! I suddenly feel… it’s more cruel to cripple You!”

Rubinan held back his laughter.

Meanwhile, his subordinates were approaching Stark step by step

When the surrounding crowd saw that it was Rubinan, they couldn’t avoid him in time.

“Stark, run quickly. I’ll hold him off. As long as my father returns, everything will be fine!”

Daphne suddenly wanted to push Stark away and face all of this on her own.

However, as soon as she touched Stark’s chest, her hand was held in the palm of a strong hand.

“Make me escape? He is not qualified.”

Stark smiled faintly. He then pulled the hand that was holding Daphne behind him.

“It seems that I can only choose the second choice!”

Stark opened his mouth and sneered at Rubinan.

“The second choice?” Rubinan was stunned and said, “What the h.e.l.l are you thinking about? You only have one choice. Hand over the fragment and die!”

However, before he could finish his sentence, Stark’s voice had already sounded.

“Hehe, the second choice is that all of you will die!”

Stark smiled coldly. With a move of his hand, lightning and thunder instantly surged out.

“Lightning Chain!”


The electric current hit Rubinan and the others, instantly connecting them together. Under the strong click, they rolled their eyes and twitched.

However, perhaps it was because they were of a higher level and had better equipment on them, Rubinan was only restrained by the electric current for a moment. He immediately struggled free.

“d.a.m.n, how is this lightning skill so strong?!” Rubinan was dumbfounded after he truly felt the terror of the lightning just now.

However, he subconsciously thought that that was Stark’s final move in order to directly kill them.

“Alright, kid. Since you’ve used up your killer move, then f*cking die for me!”

Rubinan gave a cold shout and raised his saber to slash at Stark.

However, a cruel smile appeared on the corner of Stark’s mouth. “Hehe, that’s all you’ve got?”


The saber light flashed past his eyes.

Starlight flashed on Stark’s body, and he appeared in front of the group of underlings behind Rubinan.

He did not bother with Rubinan. He started to harvest the people around him.

Killing those bound by the Lightning Chain was naturally the first choice!

“Chi la!”

“Chi la!”

“Chi la!”

The sounds of the blade tearing the flesh could be heard continuously.

Rubinan’s lackeys were all turned into flesh pieces under Starck’s merciless slash with the Sword of G.o.d in his hand.

Even their teeth were locked tightly due to the numbness.

They could only watch as Stark approached and slashed his blade at their necks. They did not even have the chance to scream as they died in extreme pain.

In just a few blinks of an eye, this group of men was all killed by Stark!

“What!” Rubinan, who had missed his strike, turned around to look at Stark and was instantly stunned!

Just what kind of freak was this?

In a few blinks of an eye, he had actually killed all of his subordinates!

These hooligans were only so-so.

But his brother was an expert on the leaderboard. He also had a rare occupation, A Seal Master!

“It’s over. Could this fellow be on the leaderboard as well?” Rubinan’s forehead immediately broke out in cold sweat. He wanted to escape!

“Want to leave? But can you?!

“Starsoul Flash!”

Stark’s figure flashed once again, and he disappeared from the spot.

When Stark appeared, he had already flashed in front of Rubinan!

“So fast. Are you also a rare cla.s.s?!” Rubinan’s face was pale!

Stark ignored him. The Sword of G.o.d directly slashed out.

However, just as the Sword of G.o.d was about to land on Rubinan’s body.

“Hum!” It was as if he had sensed something.

A talisman paper rushed out of Rubinan’s body.


Stark slashed the talisman paper with his sword. There was a sound of metal colliding, but it did not break.

The talisman paper left by Rubinan’s brother had saved Rubinan once again.

However, Stark wasn’t surprised that his attack didn’t succeed. This was just a casual attack from him.

“You think you can stop me with just this?”

“Die… Dragon Roar slash!!”

Stark suddenly exerted strength in his hand, and the Sword of G.o.d slashed out with a dragon roar. The talisman was instantly shattered.

Following that, the sword appeared at Rubinan’s shoulder.

There was a sizzling sound, then a blood-curdling scream.

Rubinan’s entire body was torn apart from his shoulder!

The corpse that had been split into two halves was sent flying far away with fresh blood.

This scene caused the beautiful eyes of Daphne, who had been watching from not far away, to widen slightly. She was stunned!


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