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Chapter 922 The Dessert – III

Davis kissed her fair white nape before he started to move in and out of her slowly. During this time, he was concentrated in dropping more kisses on her nape and the sides of her neck while fondling her b.r.e.a.s.t.s with his palm, with his fingers twisting, rubbing, and teasing her pink buds rather than pounding her with his rock-hard member.

He took it slow and steadily pleasured her body.

Evelynn cooed in pleasure as she simultaneously gasped on being pleasured at three sensitive places. Plus, with him embracing her from behind, it made her feel as if she was within his protection, and perhaps control, making her feel wild and womanly at the same time.

She wanted more of it. She wanted more of his touch, thrusts, and love.

She turned her head to see what his expression was, and looking at him desiring her body and intimately kiss her back, a burst of satisfaction blossomed on her face.

Davis left a deep mark on her neck before he caught her looking at him from the corner of his eyes. He moved his head and caught her lips as he kissed.

*Pa!~* *Pa!~* *Pa!~*

He gradually started to speed up his thrusts as the sound of flesh hitting rang out, making her moan into his mouth. Her cries were rapturous, and her body was voluptuous, making him feel as if he were going to melt in her while he slid in and out of her tight walls that kept trying to keep him in for eternity.

Davis let go of her mouth and b.r.e.a.s.t.s and knelt straight before he placed his hands on her waist, pinching it.


Evelynn reacted as she felt a palm filled with pleasure. She wanted to look back, but she felt herself be abruptly pulled back as their flesh produced a smacking sound. Her eyes went to the back of her head as she felt his rock-hard member deep inside her, slightly stretching into the opening of her womb.


It filled her with both pain and pleasure that she started to s.h.i.+ver as her lips twitched.

Davis felt like he could let out his yang essence at this moment. It felt so good inside her that he wanted to bury himself in her completely. Feeling that he would really o.r.g.a.s.m if he kept this up, he slowly slid his rock-hard member out of her, feeling a s.h.i.+ver over his back in pleasure.

Evelynn heaved a sigh of pleasure and turned to look back at him with her lazy eyes. Her expression was deeply alluring as it screamed seductive to Davis.

“Do you want to say something?” Davis asked with a teasing expression on his face.

Evelynn blinked before she shook her head. It looked like she suddenly became conscious of something.

Davis frowned as he felt like this was something important through his Heart Intent. It greatly affected Evelynn actually to get her out of their s.e.xual trance.

Davis bent his body again as his head neared hers. He reached out to her left side and kissed her lips before patting her head with his right hand.

“What’s bothering you?”

Evelynn shook her head as she turned her head away, “Forget it…”

Davis blinked before he wrapped held her chin, directing her gaze at him as he moved her head.

“You tell me right now, and if it’s something I can fulfill or something that you want that is within my means to obtain, I would definitely do or get it. So, never hesitate to ask me anything, alright?”

Evelynn looked into his sapphire eyes as she heard his words, her eyes becoming moist before she blurted out, “I want your child.”

Davis became visibly stunned at hearing her words. He already knew about this want of hers but didn’t think that she would choose this timing to ask. He thought that she was going to ask for something new since it was enough to remove her s.e.xual tension but to think it was her same old wish of wanting to bear his child.

“Ahh!” Evelynn panicked, “I know that I’m pushy… And I’ve asked you something burdening again… Forget what I said, and let’s… continue? Okay?”

She moved her face of her own volition and caught his lips into a kiss. She extended her tongue out, trying to invite him. However, Davis did not reciprocate as he held her chin back.

“This wish… I’ll try to grant it….” Davis moved his lips with determination flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

“Eh?” Evelynn let out a sound of confusion.

“I mean… You do understand that the probability of you bearing my child has become less with our increase in our Body Tempering Cultivation Base, right?”

“Furthermore, since we both have the blood of the Earth Dragon Immortal, it would be even more difficult for you to conceive with my child. It is the same with Princess Isabella, so don’t worry as if it is your own condition.”

“You…” Evelynn asked with disbelief etched on her face, “Are you okay with this?”

Davis pursed his lips as he blinked. Even after explaining all this, it seemed that she did not believe him, or perhaps, it didn’t even register in her consciousness. Him accepting to father and rear a child suddenly out of proportions for Evelynn’s mind?

Davis harrumphed and straightened his back again while he captured her waist, and this time, he didn’t hesitate. He started to bang her with renewed vigor. He tightly held her waists as he swung her front and back on his rock-hard member, their flesh clapping rhythmically.

*Pa!~* *Pa!~* *Pa!~*

Evelynn’s body shook along with his thrusts as if she was a boat that danced along with the waves. Her bosoms that were plunging towards the surface of the bed rocked back and forth.

“Ah!!~ Auh!~ Mmnn!~”

She continuously moaned, unable to bear his rapid thrusts. She could feel his intent to ravage her. His actions of wanting to make her a mess further incited her to shake her b.u.t.t along with his thrusts of her own volition!

Davis let go of her waists and captured her arm. He pulled it towards him, letting her hang as he thrust into her tight hole. Evelynn twisted her wrists and caught his arm for support. The sound of their flesh banging continuously echoed while she started to shake her head from feeling overwhelming pleasure.

She didn’t know what was happening anymore as her mind became chaotic.

Davis felt that he was nearing his limit. He pulled her arm and captured her body into his embrace as he wrapped his arms around her. He started to violently thrusts at her insides, gouging her cave out with his rock-hard member!

“Get pregnant!”

Davis tightly held her with his arms wrapped around her supple body while his d.i.c.k throbbed inside her cave, letting loads and loads of yang essence into her. It throbbed once, twice, nine times as it filled her womb with his yang essence. It was clear that it would overflow out of her if he were to remove his member, but he possessed no thought like that.

Today, he was determined to let out at least ten times inside her before leaving her alone.

Evelynn’s eyes were nowhere to be seen as she continuously shuddered in extreme and euphoric pleasure. She was unaware that she has to go through this nine more times in the next few hours.


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