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1,400,000,000 Low-Level Spirit Stones…

A staggering amount that initially left him wide-eyed when counted along with the Blood Arc Mercenary Leader’s spatial ring, it came to 1,460,000,000 Low-Level Spirit Stones.

When he combined it with the Low-Level Spirit Stones he possessed, the sum reached a total of 1,523,800,000 Low-Level Spirit Stones! He finally possessed more than a billion Low-Level Spirit Stones in liquidity!

Davis nodded his head and continued to slowly taste every bit of wealth he gained from this ‘tribute’.

35,000,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones…

‘Okay, that’s a lot…’ Davis inwardly blinked.

The Blood Arc Mercenary Leader’s spatial ring had 5,000,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones, so that added to 40,000,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones.

Combined with his own, it totaled to the sum of 40,105,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones.

48,000 Mid-Level Fire Attributed Spirit Stones…

These were kind of Spirit Stones he gave to his mother when obtained from Blood Arc Mercenary Leader’s spatial ring. Now additionally, he saw these many attributed spirit stones, leading to his astonishment!

He didn’t need Fire Attributed Spirit Stones, hence, he felt like he could give it all to his mother… However, a figure with blazing red hair flashed past his eyes…

‘Princess s.h.i.+rley… I wonder where she is…’

Davis’s eyes shook but his disturbed thoughts once again sank to the five spatial rings.

40 Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments…

Davis’s eyes widened! Not because of these 40 Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments, but…

A Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Source!

With this Vein Source and 40 Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments, he could essentially set up a Spirit Stone Mine in the Grand Sea Continent and witness the re-emergence of Sixth Stage Cultivators!

However, why would he do something stupid like that?

He’d rather plant the Spirit Stone Mine below the Loret Empire and have the other Empires rely on them for these Mid-Level Spirit Stones.

One Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragment would generate 10,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones a year with the help of an undamaged Vein Source.

That meant that this Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Source and Vein Fragments would generate 400,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones per year! This was more than enough to make 40 Cultivators within the Fifth Stage to reach the Sixth Stage in a decade!

Such an extravagant action would become possible for him yearly!

‘Phew…’ Davis couldn’t help but shake his head.

If he played Empire, he would do these things but the Loret Empire was his father’s responsibility, so he felt like giving this to his father. However, that was if he didn’t have uses for this Mid-Level Spirit Stone Vein Source in the future.

If it helped his father directly in his cultivation? Sure. However, why would he give it to his father to help the Loret Empire grow? He had just one and perhaps if he had more, he might think about it.

Treasures that were kept protected for a long time and not used were useless treasures. He would rather use all of them to further enhance his and his family’s progress as much as he could!

He then cast his senses towards the Spirit Stones that would help increase the Law Dominion Stage Cultivation of a Cultivator.

150,000 High-Level Spirit Stones…

Four Low-Level Law Sea Stage Experts possessed this much of High-Level Spirit Stones when counted together! Combined with the Blood Arc Mercenary Leader’s wealth, it reached a whopping account of 230,000 High-Level Spirit Stones!

‘Mhm? The Blood Arc Mercenary Leader has more when compared with at least a single one of the four Royal Protectors? I find this highly suspicious!’ Davis narrowed his eyes but then suddenly remembered.

‘Oh, right… Didn’t he keep hunting Peak-Level Lord Beast Stage Magical Beasts and Low-Level King Beast Stage Magical Beast for the Emperor Kaiser Ethren’s birthday feast on behalf of Keith Ethren?’

Now that he thought like this, Davis instantly uncovered why the Blood Arc Mercenary Leader possessed more High-Level Spirit Stones.

In any case, they both were dead, so who cared!

He instead looked at the High-Level Spirit Stones and added it to his current wealth.

‘The amount reaches 426,345 High-Level Spirit Stones!’

Davis couldn’t believe this at all! This was four times the amount he had gained from clearing the Immortal Grade Trial of the Earth Dragon Immortal!

However, he calmed down when he thought that his rewards were rather downplayed. For clearing the Immortal Grade Trial, he should’ve been in all right, given access to the Immortal Grade Treasury where he felt that there would be Peak-Level Spirit Stones.

But, the Earth Dragon Immortal found fault with his soul and compromised to award three times the usual amount in Emperor Grade Treasury, gaining him nine chances. Although this irked him to an endless degree, it was fair since he was abnormal to begin with!

If he had been the Earth Dragon Immortal, even he wouldn’t have given himself the treasures on the account of fairness and kicked himself out.

Davis pursed his lips and moved on…

7 High-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments appeared in his senses. The Blood Arc Mercenary Leader had none, so combined with his one High-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragment which was ‘gifted’ by his maternal grandfather, he totally had 8 High-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments!

That meant he additionally had 80,000 High-Level Spirit Stones when weighed in terms of unrefined energy. However, High-Level Spirit Stone Vein Fragments were incredibly in demand because of their usage.

It helps a Law Sea Stage Cultivator increase their cultivation! The same as Peak-Level Spirit Stones!

And speaking about Peak-Level Spirit Stones…

140 Peak-Level Spirit Stones…

The four Royal Protectors had 140 Peak-Level Spirit Stones! However, the Blood Arc Mercenary Leader only possessed 2 Peak-Level Spirit Stones.

Nevertheless, Davis didn’t laugh at the Blood Arc Mercenary Leader.

Because, most 2 Peak-Level Spirit Stones equaled 2,000 High-Level Spirit Stones, 2,000,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones, and 2,000,000,000 Low-Level Spirit Stones in terms of unrefined energy!

Peak-Level Spirit Stones! Hundred and forty-two of them in his grasp!

Davis felt that he could even reach for the heavens are this point. However, it was just a momentary delusion as he quickly came out of it.

Peak-Level Spirit Stones were incredibly scarce that even the medium-sized Territories scrambled to fight for it, so having 142 of them with him could be said to be his fortune.

If he was willing to sell these 142 Peak-Level Spirit Stones and someone was willing to buy it in Low-Level Spirit Stones, he would at least gain 142,000,000,000 Low-Level Spirit Stones!

That amount can be multiplied from 10 to 30 times because of the scarcity and supply! That would reach for trillions!

However, what was the use of using trillion Low-Level Spirit Stones? It would not equal to the efficiency, purity, capacity of the Peak-Level Spirit Stones.

In short, only a fool would sell his Peak-Level Spirit Stones for Low-Level Spirit Stones, unless of course, that someone got a grand plan of conquering the world by using Low-Level Spirit Stones which of impossible in the first place.

Davis sighed and looked at the other treasures which caught fire eyes.

Peak-Level King Grade Cultivation Manual, Astra Flaming Sky Manual.

There were at least four copies of it, each from the four Royal Protectors.

It seemed as if it were the Ethren Empire’s main cultivation manual. The Second Prince, Keith Ethren seemed to have trained in fire laws, and considering that all these Royal Protectors possessed fire attributed Spirit Stones, it became clear that this was their main Essence Gathering Cultivation Manual.

However, they only had copies until the Peak-Level King Grade section. The Low-Level Emperor Grade part was left out, perhaps placed only in their deepest part of their Royal Library or Treasury.


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